Monday, May 12, 2008

Is King Lying About What He Knew About Fossella?

King has said that "I'm certainly pretty close to Vito. I had never heard of Laura Fay. I certainly didn't know anything about the child. We would be with each other a lot. I never saw him drink too much, I never heard him talk about other women, I never heard him say anything but positive things about his family."


The NY Daily News is reporting that Vito's romance was not a big secret
"They were spending a lot of time together, and they had just met," a source who traveled with them said. ". . . . All of a sudden, they were inseparable."

The source said their attraction was obvious, and they soon become more daring, sneaking off together in the after-hours and skipping official functions when the delegation moved on to Italy and finally Portugal."

It was in Granada, Spain, the last stop of the trip, that the lovers began flaunting their affair, sources said.

Several top congressional officials first noticed the couple snuggling and kissing there, according to a source who was on the trip, once again led by Hastert.

"We had a weekend in Granada at the end of the trip," the source said. "That's when people began to notice Vito and Laura acting very affectionately.

"They showed up late together for a tour of the [Moorish fortress of] Alhambra, and they were walking together," the source said.

Word about the affair spread, and Republican officials soon became concerned, fearing it would be exposed, sources said."

Oh and here is the "good guy" as King calls him... "Fossella repeatedly lied to Fay, telling her he had separated from his wife, Mary Pat, his former high school sweetheart and the mother of his three children in Staten Island, a source said.

Fay only realized the extent of his deception when he confessed to fathering a love child last week, but made no mention of leaving his wife."

Is King lying to cover for his pal Vito?
Was King covering for Vito for years?

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Levinsucks said...

Is anyone going to do anything about this amazing hypocrite, will anyone run against him?