Sunday, May 25, 2008

Peter King for Vice-President?????

Thankfully I wasn't drinking anything when I read this.
The National Review Online blog 'The Corner' has this from contributor John J. Miller:

"I recently asked a prominent House Republican who should be McCain's running mate. His answer, without a moment of hesitation: Rep. Pete King of NY. The idea is that the election will hinge on Midwestern Catholic blue-collar voters of the type who reject Obama, are willing to vote for Hillary, and are of mixed mind about McCain. They'd love King, a 64-year-old pro-lifer who would connect with them far better than just about anybody else who is likely to end up on either ticket. He also supported McCain in 2000 and McCain values loyalty. So that's the theory. I'm not saying I'm for it or against it. But it was the most interesting veep suggestion I've heard in a while."

Why do I get the feeling that the "prominent House Republican" was Peter King in glasses and a fake mustache?

When the Midwestern Catholic blue-collar voters find out King was a supporter of terrorism for years prior to 9/11 there won't be any 'love."

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