Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Peter King is Truly the King of Hypocrites

It's simply amazing that someone like Peter King with his past ties to terrorists and his almost innate ability to speak out of both sides of his mouth gets elected.
King writes an op-ed for the New York Post today going way off the rails in his defense of his buddy Vito Fossella.
Lets start with the simple fact that King was the first out of the gates attacking Eliot Spitzer and calling for him to resign. With Vito the drunk driver, King wanted everyone to shut up and give Vito some space.
King writes in the Post "... it's time to examine how the media conducted themselves during this entire matter."
So it's the medias fault for Fossellas legal and moral problems???
King always LOVES to blame the media.

did Fossella's transgressions really warrant endless days of front-page coverage with color photos? Was this saga that much more newsworthy than the more than 100,000 innocent people who were killed in Myanmar or whatever number of New Yorkers who were murdered, raped or robbed during this time?"

Yes Peter, it did. A member of congress who is "Mr. Family Values", Fossella turns out to be a drunk driver and the father of his girlfriends child.
That's not news?
You bet it's news and FYI, the local papers DID cover Myanmar and other news.

King says of the DWI "The DWI charge against him, though a first offense, is a serious matter and must be dealt with by the courts."

I'm going to go with "first time he got caught." It is highly unlikely that Vito one day decides to get smashed and beyond recognition and then drive. He has undoubtedly done it before and would have done it again if not caught.

King rails at the media "Objective journalists would look at the entire person and not present a trivialized, prurient caricature."
Kinda like how King treated Spitzer???

And King tries to be a character witness "... I went with Vito and his wife Mary Pat to a low-income Catholic neighborhood in West Belfast, where we met with a bunch of Irish kids who'd never before encountered a guy called Vito. He couldn't have been more gracious or cordial - talking, smiling and posing for pictures with kid after kid."

A few years later, Vito went on taxpayer-funded trips with his girlfriend and got her pregnant.
And isn't a little insulting to say that the West Belfast kids are so backwards, the name "Vito" is something to marvel at?
But seriously, what does this paragraph mean?

King concludes this the only way he knows how: Arrogant Hubris with a HUGE helping of Hypocricy.
"Bottom line: Vito Fossella is a good man - and far better than many of his self-right- eous detractors."

No Peter, Vito Fossella cheated on his wife, lied to his girlfriend, was not going to ever publically acknowledge his daughter and used taxpayers funded trips for romantic getaways.
Fossella is not better than anyone else and he certainly is not a "good man."
And neither are you.


Anonymous said...

Peter King is with the Irish Terrorists. What did Feeto Fosmella think? That Haris Saladjic was the only foreigner in his district? There are plenty of Orthodox Christians who will punish him and his mentor Gallagher for what they did to us in Yugoslavia and Ukraine. We want results in Cyprus, Epirus, Nagorno and Balkans, now, before we vote. Wait until you hear about McCain's heroin fundraiser Dioguardi! If 9/11 was Yugo blowback the first time, what do we get from Talal's Pontifical Fatima Medal?

Anonymous said...

Giuliani corralled protesters against 1999 Serb cathedral midnight Easter while McCain told airmen to write Happy Easter on bombs, because Joe Dioguardi's heroin lobby paid them. Orthodox average one and a half graduate degrees while you popecrawlers are dropouts, needing unions to show you around. You may have th evoting carcasses but we have the brains and money and are sending your jobs to India where they know how to fight muslims.