Sunday, May 07, 2006

Abusing 9/11

The tragedy of 9/11 lives in all NYers. You can probably ask any stranger on the street and they could tell you they knew someone who died in the attacks. That's why when someone like Peter King uses 9/11 to give himself some cover it is just that more disgusting.
We have been talking about port security here and how nothing has been done in the 5 years since 9/11 and how the new proposed legislation isn't enough.
King very readily envokes 9/11 and he is doing it again. In the immigration debate, King brings up 9/11 and how terrorists can cross the "southern border" (no mention of northern border) and kill us.
The fact is, the terrorists who carried out the attacks didn't enter via Mexico swimming across the Rio Grande, they flew in legally. Will building a wall across the US-Mexico border stop terrorists from entering the country? Not at all. As long as the terrorist entering via airliners have a clean record to get a visa, they are in.
Look at the "shoe bomber" Richard Reid. He was flying to the US and no red flags were raised when he boarded the plane in England.
When it comes to apprehension of non-Mexicans entering the US, "the Border Patrol reported capturing a total of 946 persons from the seven nations attempting to enter illegally. However, only 320 of those were caught at the Mexican border, where the ad's sponsors want to build a fence. Nearly twice as many were caught coming in from Canada and other points. In all, 472 were apprehended at the Canadian border, and 154 were apprehended in the Miami, New Orleans and Puerto Rico regions of the Border Patrol."
So the northern border is more dangerous than the southern border. Where is the call for a wall to protect us from Canada?
We need real debate on immigration reform and border security without the cheap abuse of the 9/11 tragedy. King hopes that no one remembers that our border with Mexico and illegal immigration had nothing to do with 9/11.

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