Monday, May 08, 2006

King Gets a Republican Opponent

And this year it's not Robert Previdi.
Since 1996, King has had to fend off a primary challenge from Manhasset resident and fellow republican Robert Previdi.
The primary is a mere formality for King but with such a low turnout, it's possible that a motivated candidate with money to spend can upset King. It would take alot for that to happen though. King got his highest numbers in the 2002 primary which of course was the first national election after 9/11. It was also the highest numbers Previdi got. The numbers are at the end of this post.
We don't know if Previdi is stepping into the breach once again this year but there is a Rocco Calise from West Babylon who has filed papers with the FEC to run as a republican. His first filing listed Independence Party as affiliation which was changed to Republican in an amendment. We don't know much about Calise yet except that his campaign treasurer is Rose Calise.
Can Rocco Calise do what Robert Previdi could not? Will Previdi also run to make it a three-way primary?
It;s only May and things are getting interesting. Let's see where Calise for Congress is going.

King vs. Previdi Primary Numbers
King 7,345
Previdi 979
King 6,521
Previdi 1,819
King - 8,651
Previdi - 2,495
King - 22,696

Previdi - 6,442
King - 6,642
Previdi - 918

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