Friday, May 12, 2006

More Talk of Suozzi Entering Race

But the people talking aren't him or his campaign. Yet.
There seems to be a growing number of Democrats across the 3rd CD who believe Suozzi should make the run.
What do you think? Comments section is open.

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Ben D said...

Mate stop teasing is he running or not. If you are thinking of starting a draft suozzi campaign then start it.

Anonymous said...

Suozzi is debating Spitzer 7/25. That means there's no way he gets into the 3rd CD race before the end of July. When is the filing deadline? If he stays in the Gubernatorial race all the way through the primary can he still get into the general vs. King if no other Dem steps in?

MajorFlaw said...

Not. Gonna. Happen.