Sunday, May 14, 2006


I got a funny call this past week. One had not been expecting. It came from - as my Caller ID showed - US Government Office. It was a 516 number.
The call came from Peter King. It wasn't him personally of course because the call wasn't a string of curses. I would expect my number to be on a black-list.
The call was an automated "robo-call" from King talking about his stance on immigration and singing the national anthem in english.
This is the first time King has done something like this and it came a day after Dave Denenberg announced his intention to run for congress.
What can we make of this?
King tells Newsday "Congressmen have an obligation to communicate with their constituents. This is especially true on Long Island, where despite dwindling circulation, Newsday has a near monopoly on news reporting and is intellectually and morally incapable of providing honest coverage on issues such as illegal immigration... I will never allow an iron curtain of censorship between me and my constituents."
What a whiner.
King has been on every cable new channel and he is quoted in Newsday on this issue everytime they do a story. Is King saying that Newsday is distorting his direct quotes? Why doesn't he make an issue of that? The fact is, Kings position is clear and just because he gets some flack doesn't mean the LIBERAL!!!!!! media is out to get him.
When has Newsday censored King? I'd love to see examples of that.
The "intellectually and morally incapable" bit is classic King. All righteous anger and bluster followed by a whole lotta nothing.
Lets not forget that every couple of months at taxpayers expense, King sends his "Special Report from Washington" newsletter full of pictures of him and a few captions. This mailing of a glossy, full-color newsletter is more of a "Look at me and who I'm in a picture with" than really communicating what is going on. The cost of such a mailing district-wide isn't cheap. Why doesn't King use his direct-mail piece to communicate his positions better?
Back to the call....
The call came from Kings office 516- 541-4225 and asks that we call that number to give King our opinion.
Who paid for the call? Was it Kings congressional office budget?
If it was paid for by his campaign money calling from a government-owned line, that's a big no-no.
And why did King need to make the call?
He assured Deborah Orin from the New York Post a two weeks ago that "phone calls are 99-1 favorable and he's getting even more calls on this issue than on the failed Dubai ports deal." and he tells Newsday the same thing "My phone was ringing off the hook yesterday, and 99 percent of the callers were against the demonstrators,"
What is making King nervous?
He was so confident with that 99% number but then needs to run a robo-call to find out what his district is thinking?

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