Sunday, May 14, 2006

And We Come Full Circle Again to Dave Mejias

Remember back in the end of last year and the early days of this year when we were looking at the possibility of Legislator Dave Mejias running against King?
A Challenge to the King
King Opponent Emerging
That ended rather abruptly as Dave Denenberg picked up the torch and eventually put it back down.
In the past week we've heard rumblings of a "Draft Suozzi" campaign which we also brought up here.
Word is that Suozzi has no plans whatsoever to leave the New York governors race and is not entertaining the idea.
Is that a bad thing? Sure, Suozzi would be a formidable opponent of King.
Does that mean a "Draft" campaign is over? No.
Which brings us back to Dave Mejias.
The long and short of it is that each of the almost-candidates Bishop, Mejias and Denenberg would have made great candidates against King. Beating Peter King was and still is real.
Yes, it looks sloppy to be still looking for a candidate this late in the year but it's better than rushing to line up behind a candidate who won't be the right person.
And again back to Dave Mejias.
Here is a legislator who has a proven track record.
The battle is to get the national Democratic party to see that King will be beat and get Dave Mejias back in the race as soon as possible.
Want Dave Mejias in the race?
Call him at (516)571-6214
email Dave at
Want the DNC to pay attention to the 3rd CD?
Call 202-863-1500

We're still raising money through ACT BLUE for the race and whoever takes the nomination.


Anonymous said...

Mejias should get back into the race. Heck, he should never have left!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did Mejias drop out? Did he leave because Denenberg was getting in? Is he really the right choice in a district which has a relatively non-existent minority population? Why did Bishop drop out? (especially once he had polling info showing
King is vulnerable...)

TimJ said...

Bishop wasn't going to get the funding. I don't think mejias being hispanic will hurt him either. Other than a small sliver in parts of East Massapequa his LD is very white as well. Why Mejias left the race in the 1st place, again similar to Bishop I think it had to do with funnding. though I'm not sure if he ever actually said no. He thought about it, and $$$ was obviously a major factor, andwhile he was delaying making a decision because of the $$$ factor could have been when Denenberg jumped in. Any challenge to King, needs $$. Its an expensive market, and King has $$$. Mejias insn't going to run for the sake of running. If he can't get the $$ that is needed their is no reason for him to run, and that at this point is the biggest stumbling block. Its going to be hard to knock off King, even with the $$$, but it can be done. What we need is a strong candidate, Suozzi would obviously be the strongest candidate, but we know how unlikely that is. Mejias, howeevr while not being Suozzi is still a strong candidate, much stronger than anyone King has faced recently and would offer him a tough challenege. However, for him to get in/ back in he needs the funds in order to do it. We need the funds, and then use those funds to tie King to Bush and the far right of the GOP. Something we have failed misreably at in the past, but with the funds its possible, pointing out that pointing to a couple issues that you differ from the President on doesn't mean your Independent from him, when you agree with the President on 90% of everything else.

Bush is about as popular as the plague right now, and showing that King is a blind follower to Bush on the vast majority of the issues is a must. Along with that we need a strong candidate (which we could have if Mejias jumps in) and the funds to get that message out (the most difficult part)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cogent and informative post, timj. While I understand that Mejias has done well despite less than favorable demographics at the County level, with King playing up his anti-Bush stance on immigration, my guess is this isn't the best time for a Hispanic candidate to be running in the 3rd.

Here's a quote from a prominent poller/Political Scientist: "I agree that King is
vulnerable but you can't beat somebody with nobody."

Bishop is not in.
Mejias is not in.
Denenberg is not in.
Suozzi is not in.

At what point do the people of the NY-3rd get sick of these County level career pols who are afraid of taking King and his huge warchest on and destroying their political careers by becoming roadkill in a huge media campaign against him?

TimJ said...

All King does with his immigration stance is show how far to the right he really is. Yes its the most GOP district on Long Island, yes its about 86% white. However this isn't Mississippi its Long Island. Its not exactly a friendly area for conservatives (look at the infiighting in the NY GOP especially regarding the Faso Weld race. Especially what has been going on in recent days with some state oparty officials leaning towards Wels over Faso. Reason they know anyone as conservative as Faso will get obliterated on Long Island and the Long Island State Senate which is all GOP will be no more. Trust me King trying to show that he is independent from Bush by running to the right of Bush. The immigration issue is quite split here, and King's House proposal isn't nearly as populr as the crap he spits out about it makes you think... Bottom line King has been succesful because he has been able to position himself as a moderate around election time. Trying to distance himself from the massivley unpopular Bush by running to the right of Bush won't accomplish that. I still think King will win at this point, but he is going to have a real tough race on his hands, by far the toughest he as had to face and he is no like by any stretch of the imagination. At this point last year Dillon was thought to be a lock and no one knew who kathleen Rice even was. King is still the clear favorite no question, but he is facing his toughest opponent, he is close to the unpopular President, he is in a Democratic trending area, in a very bad GOP year, with two Dem landslides at the top of the ticket. This will be interesting.


Anonymous said:
QUOTE with King playing up his anti-Bush stance on immigration, my guess is this isn't the best time for a Hispanic candidate to be running in the 3rd.

... and couldn't be more wrong.

For one thing: in the 3rd CD, the past 5 years has seen the growth of a large, prosperous, involved Latino community of its own.

For another: As a County Legis. David Mejias' electoral strength comes from Levittown ... a part of the Island generally thought of as an "Archie Bunker" lower-middle class white ethnic enclave.

If there ever was an issue about being "hispanic" -- the guy engaged and overcame it a dozen years ago!