Wednesday, August 09, 2006

King Hearts Lieberman, Calls Dem Voters "Bigots"

King had an interesting take on the Connecticut Democratic primary last night. When Mejias brings up the fact that King is as much a Bush-Iraq supporter as Lieberman is, King tells Newsday "fortunately, the Third District is not composed of the left-wing bigots who went after Joe Lieberman."
Hmm.. "left-wing bigots."
What exactly is King implying here?
Of course the Democratic voters in a Democratic primary would be pretty much "left-wing" but what is with the "BIGOTS"???
Is King suggesting that Lieberman lost was because he is jewish?
In the 3rd CD which voted overwhelmingly for Bill Clinton and Al Gore, King had best be careful. The scare tactics of 9/11 won't work anymore.
King tries to use it in the Newsday article by saying "Unlike the left wing of his party, Joe Lieberman stands for a strong national defense. The attacks against him have been disgraceful."
Isn't it the "left-wing" of the party that pushed for more homeland security money and King voted against the increase.
Maybe by "strong national defense," King means the Bush-Iraq War. He won't say it of course.
On Long Island, in the 3rd Congressional District just like all across the nation, the American people are opposed to Bushs misadventure in Iraq.
King has tied his horse to Bush with Iraq and should expect to feel the consequences. Mainstream america opposes Bush and his policies. King supports them.

King is getting his marching orders/talking points from GOP head Ken Mehlman
"Ken Mehlman, the Republican National Committee chairman, is planning to give a speech in Columbus, Ohio this morning in which he will use Mr. Lamont’s victory to portray Democrats as a party weak on national defense, and his affiliation with blogs to present the Democrats as captive to the extreme wing of the party, Republican aides said.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort. Personally I'd like to see the Republican party go down, never to return. What a wasteland of dementia.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite amusing how the Republican party has always been in the forefront of America's most important issues. Slavery in this nation is no more... thanks to Republicans. Rights for African Americans were instituted... thanks to Republicans. Japanese-American citizens were put into camps... thanks to Democrats. Cherokee Indians were exiled... thanks to Democrats. Need I say more? Republicans can balance the need for freedom and order. Democrats just want to give more, and more, and more even when there is nothing else to give.

Anonymous said...

gee, that sure is a nostalgic paen to a party that has long since ceased to represent those virtues you offer. who has led us into a quagmire of epic proportions, based on a failed and simplistic notion of deporting 'democracy at gunpoint'? the republicans, that's who. Democrats only want to give working people their fare share, and to protect families from being swindled by the corporate powers that fund and run the republican party.
pull the american flag from your eyes for two seconds and you'll realize the republicans' professed vigor for democracy, abroad at least, represents not much more than a costly brand of mercantilism.
on their own shores, the republicans in power prefer the gilded life of a plutocracy for them and their corporate interest greed mongers.
Me, I prefer real, working people, and that's why I'm a progressive Democrat.

Anonymous said...

You idea of elitism and corporatism in America is highly skewed. Of course, you have your share of Republicans who are tied closely to the corporate America that the public has come to view (good or bad). Need I even discuss the many Democrats who are the epitome of elitism and nepotism in this country. All I need to say is Senators Kennedy and Kerry. Senator Kennedy especially! I love how he supports affirmative action in this country when he never had to worry about getting into America's premier educational institutions. The Kennedy boys go Harvard all the way. Anyone whose never been effected by affirmative action can easily support such a system. He would be whistling a different tune if Harvard mailed him a rejection in place of an acceptance letter.

Yes, that is true Democrats want to give to everyone within the country. The problem is they only care that EVERYONE gets the same, even if some do not deserve anything. It's socialism put into a different democratic perspective. Do you really want to give away taxpayers' money to an individual who hasn't worked a day in his/her life just because he/she doesn't "feel like working?" We reward those who only deserve to be rewarded. The United States government isn't a candy machine for everyone to use at his or her convenience.

America was founded on a free-market system. Democracy, as an idea and as a institution, has been in existence for more than 2000 years. It is the unification of this institution, the belief in a free-market, and the foundation of natural rights that has made America so unique in the world. If you want to complain about the profits these big companies are making (BASED ON OUR FREE-MARKET SYSTEM), then go to the Judiciary. It is impossible, however, to fault the "big corporation" just because they've created a business that has become extremely successful. We do not punish success. We do not take away from the successful in order to give to the less successful. You're brand of politics is more for China and the Soviet Union, or, if you live in a fictional world as I believe you do, then maybe Sherwood Forest in merry-ole England.

Anonymous said...

Peter King would know bigots. Peter King believes Muslims are the enemy amongst us. Peter King thinks Catholic parishes are full of child molesters. Peter King believes that clergy's that help poor immigrants should be imprisoned. Peter king believes illegal immigrants should be made felons as long as they're not Irish.

Peter King knows bigots. He sees one in the mirror every day.

Anonymous said...

Bigots? What the hell is King talking about???? Would love to see his dumbass go down in flames alone with LIEberman!