Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kings Ethnic Profiling Reactions Around the Web

"Peter King's Profile Must Go
Newsday reports today:
House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King has endorsed requiring people of "Middle Eastern and South Asian" descent to undergo additional security checks because of their ethnicity and religion.
NY NAACP president Hazel Dukes calls it right:
"We are all concerned about safety but to target any group for nationality or religion is unconstitutional. African-Americans understand racial profiling. We won't support any targeting of a group. The practice is just un-American."
It's time for Congressman King to go.

Long Islanders have a choice. His name is Dave Mejias. "
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"If We Have Ethnic Profiling at Airports, Can I Cheat?
I read with a thrill that House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King has endorsed requiring people of "Middle Eastern and South Asian" descent to undergo additional security checks because of their ethnicity and religion.
The question is, will you need special ID to get selected as a special ethnic or religious type.
Frankly most of the flights I get on are loaded with typical Americans. There are some blacks, some Latin looking people, but they’re clearly Americans. I don’t think I get on one flight in ten where there’s a guy in a white robe with three to four women in burkas behind him."
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"I have been thinking about this idea for a week now (even before King spoke out) and I fully support it. I think we should single out all arabs, middle eastern looking people, and South Asians. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing and if we play our cards right we can greatly benefit from it. The “Macaca line,” as it were, might actually move faster and more efficiently than the “American line” since brownish looking people are still a small minority in America (unless you count the Mexicans too). We could even lobby for a door to door airport shuttle that was guaranteed to be explosives free and would have dogs on board that we could pet and play with on the way to the airport (once they were done sniffing us). All of our tickets would be stamped with SSSS to ensure 4S service (“S” is like the new “Star”). We would have curbside check-in and our bags would all go through more advanced machinery (the kind airports can only afford one of). So that we wouldn’t get germs from the other passengers, our security screening area could be completely walled off. It seems that every time I travel I catch a cold, and so this would definitely be a perk. The other people would never even have to see us.

I already know what some of you are going to say to all of this (haters):

“You can’t tell a Muslim by the color of their skin or their appearance. There are black muslims, Asian muslims, and white muslims. How are we going to figure out who is Muslim so that we can give them this VIP treatment if they don’t want their identities revealed?”

Here are some concrete steps that I think all airports can take in order to make sure that no one slips by these more rigorous security checkpoints:

1) All TSA employees must be female virgins and there must be at least 50 of them at each TSA security line. Everyone knows that terrorists always wage their terror in order to be with virgins in the afterlife. This will draw them out of the general populace like flies toward warm sweet honey."
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"OK, Mr. King, let's take that to its logical outcome, shall we?

Mr. King...that's an...Irish name, is it not? OK, Mr. King, the Irish Republican Army is a terrorist group. It has bombed in London, just like Al Qaeda operatives and sympathizers did.

So by your logic, all Irishmen, including yourself, should be singled out for additional security checks. I can't wait to see the looks you'll get from Ted Kennedy at Dulles as his fleshy mounds are poked and prodded and wanded."

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Anonymous said...

News12 Poll

Long Island Results

Do you agree with Congressman King that people of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent should undergo additional screening at airports?

(525 Responses) 88%

75 Responses) 12%

Post your comments

WOW!!! 88% in favor of King. And those numbers are coming from everyday News12 viewers. Unlike your comments which come from liberals with an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean the INTERNET poll which is not a scientific poll and alloes multiple responses from one person???

Ray Kelly, NYPD commisioner and other law enforcemnet experts all agree that ethnic profiling doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Its not so much ethnic profiling. Like King has said is more common sense. Don't you think it makes more sense to ask additional questions (not badgering)to a young middle eastern or south asian man then it does to a white or black grandmother? All King is saying is to give the TSA more discretion when it comes to screening. It could be ethnic profiling or could be behavioral profiling. Whatever works to keep me and my family safe.

Anonymous said...

Who really believes an 80 year old grandmother is going to pose a threat on airplanes. You cannot fight statistics. And what statistics have to say is that all recent terrorist attacks have been committed by individuals (mostly men) from a Middle-Eastern descent who are Muslim. You cannot fight that. When a 90 year old grandmother of 20 and mother of 5 attempts to blow up a national landmark, then we'll start to put old women on the list of potential terrorist suspects. Do you honestly believe that will happen? When a majority of New Yorkers agree on profiling, you can just imagine how the rest of "red" America will feel. The only state where this might be questioned would be in Massachusetts. Peter King is just saying what everyone is thinking. Just look at the list of terrorist suspects arrested in England. The names and faces (and religion and ethnicity) speak for themselves. I'm not saying to drag everyone of Muslim, Middle-Eastern or South-East Asian decent off the boarding line and do a full body search. I just believe that when a security officer sees a grandmother with her grandchildren and a Muslim man in his 40s, and that officer only had the choice of picking one person for a security check, everyone in their right mind would pick the latter individual.

J said...

Who really believes a 38 year old Belgian woman (white) would be a suicide bomber?
Well, it happend.
So much for racial profiling.
How about Jose Padilla?
Not middle-eastern.
How about John Walker-Lindh?
White suburban kid.

Law enforcemnet experts would rather rely on behavior than ethnic looks since behavior is a better indicator.

Lets look at our home grown terrorists.
All the white guys blowing up clinics, shooting doctors...
How about the 96 Olympic park bombing?
White guy.

The Chechnya female bombers are showing that middle-eastern, brown-skinned men aren't the only ones that can kill.

And can 80 year old grandmothers kill?
Sure they can.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has the possibility of killing, but what I am saying is that all recent terrorist attacks against the United States have been committed by Muslim men of Middle Eastern descent. While female, white, Chechnyan terrorists do pose a threat, when was the last time they proved a threat to the United States. The United States isn't here to quell the constant feuding between Chechnya and Russia. John Walker Lindh was not a terrorist. He was fighting for a foreign authoritarian body. Look at his picture anyway and the new name he goes by... Hamza Walker Lindh. If I worked for an airline that would set off my suspicions. Jose Padilla, or should I say Abdullah al-Muhajir. Every one of these people is from a Middle-Eastern, Muslim descent. You cannot deny that. When I start calling myself Ilmajid bin-Hamad sporting a nice head scarf with a long beard, I would not fault airlines and security for giving me a second look. Most terrorist-related deaths are caused by Muslim, Middle-Eastern men. There is simply no way around that.
Sure, there is the possibility of being mauled down by gunfire from a right-wing extremist. I hardly believe that even that would cross your mind every now and then. What would cross your mind would be when you fly in a plane, and hope that security officers did everything in their power to make you safe.
There is also a difference between defending yourself against a grandmother-terrorist, then if you had to defend yourself against a 30 year old, male terrorist.
This is common knowledge, and I just cannot understand how people can go against such practice of profiling if it would prevent a catastrophe in the future.
When Chechnyan female terrorists start attacking American interests, both domestic and abroad, then I will be happy to take a second look at profiling. I won't hold my breath though.

TimJ said...

One thing you have to keep in mind and something King can't seem to comprehend is just because we are dealing with some very evil people in the terrorists does not mean we are dealing with a bunch of idiots. They know we are going to pay extra attention to middle eastern & South Asian looking men, well then they will get those who don't fit that physical description to carry out the attacks. Shave the beards, dress a different way, use people who don't have that "ethnic" type of look. yes looking at an 80 year old grandmother is a bit silly, but themost important thing is to look at behaviors, because if we start looking at more & more towards race & ethnicity the terrorists will use that against us, and use those who don't fit the descritption to carry out the attacks