Wednesday, August 09, 2006

King's Seat Not Solid Republican Anymore

According to Charlie Cook at the Cook Political Report, King has moved from the "Solid Republican" column to "Likely Republican." (opens a .pdf).
"Likely Republican: is defined by Cook as "

Sure, it's a small move but a significant one that shows King is vulnerable in a district dominated by republicans. For a race King has walked away with in recent years, things are tightening up.
Mejias is doing an outstanding job even with his late start.


Anonymous said...

The New York Times still has Congressman King's seat as safe Republican. This week's events only boosts his support through the district. He will be pushing 60% come November 7.

tim said...

That sure is some wishful thinking, especially since a majority of americans now trust democrats more than republicans to handle the war on terror.
Beyond that, King's support is only going to erode as Mejias gets his name id up throughout the district. he's been a rubber stamp to bush, plain and simple, and the cows will come home to roost.

Anonymous said...

How is terrorism a good thing for King or republicans? Republicans including Bush are responsible for the greatest security failure in US history.

If 3000 dead americans makes you strong on terrorism, I can't imagine what being weak on terrorism is.

The airline bomber situation proves that Peter King and republicans are wrong on terrorism. The terrorists were caught without having to listen to Americans phone calls or read their emails. And where did the terrorists learn to make those bombs? Iraq.

Peter King has his lips so tightly affixed to Bush's ass, that I think he's in for quite a ride.

Peter King said it himself. He thanks God every day that George Bush is his president. Do the voters of the 3rd feel the same way?

Anonymous said...

Mejias - $200,000 and begging people for more.

King - $1.7M+ and he has some big 'raisers coming up.

Mejias will need to get his name out on television and as of now, he can't afford that, so he's going to have a big problem. Doing daily mass mailers to registered Democrats a week before the Election may work when you're running for County legislature, but won't work when you're running for Congress. Wake up Dave, you're in the big leagues now, time to start acting like it.

KnotIookin in Bklym said...

NY 03 needs a KISS FLOAT of its drive home the point that Peter is a compromised incumbant who cares more about whats good for Team Bush then whats good for NY

I suggest the float consist of Peter bending over with a smirking Bush standing right behind him

HEY it worked in CT :)

TimJ said...


The $200,000 figure was as of June 30th, and that was after Mejias being in the race for only 5 weeks. About 6 weeks later I'm sure that figure is quite a bit higher than $200k, especially now that Mejias has contributions that can be made directly though his website (which was something that could not be done during his first 5 weeks in which he raised $200k).

King no question still has a strong $$ advantage, and the race still leans in King's favor, but lets not fool ourselves here, Mejias is BY FAR King;s strongest opponent, and this is the weakest year for the GOP. this race will be quite competitive and Mejias can win