Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Outrage Over Kings "Bigot" Remark

From the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC)

Crazy Rhetoric From Peter King... and the RJC

Peter King (RI -- Long Island)
says, "King said the Connecticut primary has no bearing on his re-election race because "fortunately, the Third District is not composed of the left-wing bigots who went after Joe Lieberman.'"
Peter King is being ridiculous. One can vote against a Jewish candidate and not be a bigot, just as those who voted for
Jewish candidate Steve Cohen (a Tennessee Democrat who won a primary last week in a majority-minority Memphis district) were not racists for preferring him over his African-American opponents.
Republican response to the Connecticut primary has been nearly as reprehensible as it has been hypocritical -- and let's keep in mind, that's saying a lot, as the hypocrisy is of epic proportions.
Let's consider the horrifying ad the Republican Jewish Coalition will be flooding the country with next week, about which NJDC issued
this statement:
National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) Executive Director Ira Forman issued the following statement in response to the Republican Jewish Coalition's (RJC) announced ad campaign suggesting that Senator Joe Lieberman's loss in the Connecticut Senate primary election is an indication that Democrats are soft on Israel.
"I'm absolutely astonished by the RJC ad campaign. American Jews need to know that the Republican Jewish Coalition is no friend of Joe Lieberman, and it certainly isn't an advocate for the issues of importance to the mainstream of the Jewish community.
"For years, the RJC has criticized Joe Lieberman. Now they want to use his good name for their own political purposes. These guys have no shame.
"The Connecticut Senate primary was not about Israel or the Jewish community. Joe Lieberman's record on Israel is impeccable. Ned Lamont's pro-Israel position is commendable. Connecticut will have a pro-Israel senator if either Democrat is elected. Any suggestion otherwise is a distortion of the truth."


Anonymous said...

This article should be posted on a Joe Lieberman blog. It has no use here, when the main focus is Joe Lieberman not Congressman King. But since you bought up the "bigot" comment, let's begin and end with that. The common definition of a bigot is someone who has zero tolerance for another persons "opinions, lifestyles, or identities." Any person who has an opinion and believes another person's opinion is wrong is practicing as a bigot. Let's step away from the Archie Bunker attitude that bigotry only stems around a person's race, gender, or religion. Bigotry encompasses any type of opinion, and Congressman King is correct in asserting that Democratic voters in Connecticut were bigots when they cast their vote for Lamont. Extreme left-wingers were intolerant of Lieberman's position on war, and hence they were bigots who voted against the Senator's opinions.

Anonymous said...

Well, since it is about Peter King this would be the perfect place for it.
The fact of the matter is, its not the "extreme left wing" that opposes teh war but a clear majority of americans.
The american people oppose the war and oppose George W. Bush and the republican congress.