Monday, April 03, 2006

King Having Nun of That

Sundays Newsday article is quite possibly the best insight into Kings on-going instability and shows that the emotional and psychological issues reach back into his childhood.
Those of us who attended parochial school and were under the tutelage of a nun would agree with King that some of them (not all) could be overbearing and abusive. Most of us have been able to move on with our lives. King can't.
King is blaming his recent outbursts against the catholic church on bad experiences with Nuns.
When he was a child.
50 years ago.
"I saw the nun standing behind her grab her by the hair and smash her face into the blackboard. Her nose was bleeding and the nun started talking about the family's tragedy, belittling her, telling the kid, 'Is that the best you can do? Is that the best you can do?'"
King, who co-sponsored the hard-edged border protection bill that passed the House in December, uses such stories to express his long-simmering anger at the church - and to explain why he's so disgusted with Catholic clerics who have condemned his immigration plan as inhumane."

"King says the "hundreds" of violent incidents he witnessed as a student are never far from his mind when discussing the church, even when he's talking about the seemingly disconnected topic of immigration reform.
There was the incident when King, then 12, said he watched a nun slam a yardstick across the face of a friend because the boy had a speech impediment that reduced most of his sentences to what King calls "baby talk." A few years later, King himself was slapped in the face by a nun for what he says was no apparent reason as he walked the hallway of St. Paschal High School in St. Albans.
He connects those bitter school experiences with the condemnation of his immigration stance, saying they are part of a continuum of church "arrogance ... an overbearing and oppressive sense that everything they do is right."

King is as we have been saying increasingly unstable and this little peek into his psyche just validates what we've been saying.

In his attack on the church leaders, King is using the word "arrogance." Funny that in the same article King says "Maybe it shows that God's on my side" and in a previous article King said "Stopping alien smuggling gangs is doing God's work."
This isn't arrogant?

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