Monday, April 03, 2006

Throwing His Friends Under a Bus

King is nothing but an opportunist in every way. He is willing to turn on people or organizations when it suits him.
King is always touting his "close friendship" with President Clinton to innoculate himself against attacks from Dems but then turns around and blames Clinton for 9/11 "... and 'cause Bill Clinton put it off for eight years, and that's why we had the twin towers on 9/11."
Recently the "devout catholic" who expects support from catholics and the church because he is "anti-abortion" went on a tirade against the church because they dared criticize his new legislation.
Even NYC isn't immune. When then White House Budget Director Randy Daniels said "New Yorkers treat [post-9/11 reconstruction funding] as a little money-grubbing game" just five months after 9/11 and it looked like the new Bush budget wasn't going to live up to its promise of $20billion in aid to the city, King wrote to Newsday to defend Daniels and Bush decrying the paper as being "partisan." No defense of the money for NYC. Daniels apologized and days later, Bush made sure the $20billion was in the budget.
Right after 9/11, King stopped going to Ireland and started condemning the IRA which he supported whole-heartledly for decades. And he has even thrown the whole of Ireland under the bus so he can make excuses for Bush.
When Bush was met with thousands of protestors in Belfast in 2003 and when he went to Dublin in 2004 and 10,000 protesters showed up, King said of the Irish "I don't buy that it's just anti-Bush. There's a certain unpleasant trait that the Irish have, and it's begrudgery ... and resentment towards the Americans,"
'Cause when President Clinton went to Ireland, he was greeted by tens of thousands of cheering Irish. There's even "The William Jefferson Clinton International Peace Centre."
And it's not a Democrat-Republican thing because Reagan was similarly welcomed.
The Irish have always welcomed Americans with open arms and have a high regard for this country. Irish-US relations have always been strong.
Why did King have to malign the people he supposedly champions?
Because he needed to help Bush.

The lesson here is 'never trust Peter King.'

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