Friday, April 07, 2006

Newsday gets Letters

One letter writer points out Kings ludicrous evasion tactic..

It was only once, Rep. King

Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) attended Catholic schools 19 years and was slapped in the face once ["LI Congressman: a controversial stance," News, April 2]. Apparently, he is still traumatized. Get over it, Congressman. There are more important things you should be concerned about.

The fact is what the nuns and priests did for Catholic kids like you and me is give us a good education fixed in moral principles, which, had you listened, would have given you pause to engage in defending your position on immigration reform.

Robert Patrick Grant

And another gives him a lesson in humility..

You reported that Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) said, "It's quite possible this could end up helping me politically. Maybe it shows that God's on my side." The congressman would do well to remember Lincoln's view that the important question is not whether God is on your side, but whether you are on God's side.

Juan Carlos Alicea


Anonymous said...

I'm sure King really cares when neither one of the authors of the letters lives in his congressional district.

J said...

The sad part is, King wouldn't care if they did live in his district. As long as he can fool enough people to vote for him, he wil happily ignore them for 2 more years.

Anonymous said...

Actually what this shows is that his constituents are very happy with him. You know that if one of his constituents wrote a letter to Newsday criticizing him they would print it in a second.

TimJ said...

Believe me King's constituents are not happy with him. Being right on the Dubai deal doesn't make up for all the other disasterous things King has supported (not to mention not supporting additional funding to securing our ports) right after the Dubai deal went south