Monday, April 03, 2006

Pugilist - Politician - Prophet?

Peter King gets on his high horse over the immigration bill and does his usual bob and weave while throwing wild punches. He can't deal with the issue at hand so he lashes out. The recent attacks on the catholic church and the bishops opposed to a provision in the bill are just a smoke-screen for someone who cannot face opposition.
King does nothing without making sure he can make out somehow, King weighs in in Newsday that "I consider myself a blue-collar Catholic, and we're kind of a silent majority." King pulls the blue-collar, working-class card as he always does. He doesn't expalin what a "blue-collar catholic" means.
King continues "It's quite possible this could end up helping me politically."
And how is that? King will of course get the anti-catholic vote (which I'm not sure he really wants) and he'll get the vote of people who think his tough talk really amounts to anything.
And the prophet emerges "Maybe it shows that God's on my side."
Yes, god is on the side of the intolerant and slanderers... and the outragously arrogant.

Kings buddy, former NYFD union boss Jimmy Doyle chimes in trying to help "Pete doesn't mean the church any harm, but he's definitely fed up with them getting on their high horse and distorting his positions....Peter gets very sensitive about this stuff because he feels the church should be more understanding of him, given his opposition to abortion and his support of basic Catholic tenets."

Yes, darn them for getting on their "high horse" and standing by thier "basic catholic tenets" of taking care of the less fortunate and those in need.
The church should cut King some slack because he opposes abortion. Why is that when he won't cut the church some slack about the immigration bill?
King proves himself a hypocrite in the Newsday article "And despite his anger at Catholic leaders who attack his immigration bill, King doesn't mind every church foray into politics. He supports the right of priests to deny communion to elected officials favoring abortion rights."
So if it hurts a pro-choice Dem, its okay for the catholic church to speak out and act but when it affects him, they should shut up.
What a hypocrite.

King trotted out the abuse scandal when the church spoke out against the torture at Abu Gharib prision in Iraq. He just can't help himself.
Now where was King when his best friend former Nassau District Attorney Dennis Dillon did his best to cover for that same heirarchy?
Dillon was very slow in rooting out the crimes and even "suggested the focus on the Church for pedophilia may not be warranted"

Here is the best reason why Kings attacks are just a smoke screen. The catholic church isn't the only denomination opposed to the provision. Methodist, Episcopalian, and Jewish groups are among the cross-section of religious groups speaking out.
What does King have to say about them?
And that shows he is ignoring the other religious opposition and focusing his attacks on the catholic church because they do have the stain if the abuse scandal on them and that gives him his smoke screen.

The long and short of it is not about the church abuse scandal which should be dealt with in a serious manner and not used for political stunts but its about Peter King not being able to deal with an issue like an adult.

In the end, Kings bill is DOA and a compromise bill from the Senate will do away with the provision that the religious leaders opposed. Now more people are seeing King for what he is; a person unsuited for congress.
This could have all been a non-issue but the increasingly unstable congressman picked a fight when there shouldn't have been one.

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Anonymous said...

King's fight with the Church is a nothing issue. His constituents do however appreciate that he has brought this very serious issue of immigration to the forefront. You might not agree with his bill, but at least he is trying to fix a broken immigration system. Which is a lot more than I can say for the rest of the absentee LI Congressional delegation.