Tuesday, July 18, 2006

King Fundraising 2nd Quarter '06

King continues to rake on the dough. We'll have more on what people get for giving but for now here are the numbers...

Total Contributions - $248,527
Total Expenditures - $26,099.31
Cash on Hand - $1,494,329.65

Contributions from Individuals - $154,027
Contributions from PACs - $94,500

The cash on hand number looks daunting but King doesn't spend much on campaigning so he has alot left over from election cycle to election cycle.

Here are a few of his contributors this quarter:
GE PAC - $500.00
AMEX - $5000.00
Pfizer PAC - $1000.00
Boeing - $1000.00
Honeywell - $1000.00
Morgan Stanley - $1000.00
L-3 Communications - $2000.00
American Crystal Sugar - $2000.00
Keyspan - $1000.00
Unisys - $5000.00
AT&T - $2000.00
Verizon - $1000.00

Where is King spending his campaign contributions?

Bar Harbor Gallery - $1228.48
Cablevision - $346.46
Cathy Blaney and Associates - $8481.06 (Fundraising and Consulting firm)
Evergreen Printing - $3391.05
Ford Motor Credit - $1515 (Car Payments????)

Massapequa Park Postmaster - $1950.00
Rogers Development Corp. - $1416.54 (Real Estate)

Rudy's A-1 Auto Shop - $500.00
Spencer Tucker - $1956.40 (Photographer)


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that someone that makes $160,000 can't pay for their own car. He drives an 8 cylinder gas guzzler. If you look at other reports you'll also see that he doesn't pay for his own gas.

Anonymous said...

He drives a Crown Victoria which is ALLOWED to be paid for by campaign contributions which goes for state legislators as well. The legislators are allowed to use campaign dough for payments and gas payments. If traveling to Albany, the taxpayer picks up the tab.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's ALLOWED because he voted for it. He has done nothing to change campaign finance laws. Members of Congress use their campaign funds as a slush fund for themselves and their families.