Monday, July 10, 2006

Powerless Peter Admits To It

Remember when King said regarding his ascension to chairman of the Homeland Security Commitee "It has to be good for New York if I do my job because I strongly believe that all funding for homeland security has to be based on threat..... So to that extent, New York will be represented at the highest levels of the homeland security table."
Well, King now admits "Who is chairman or not doesn't matter to these bureaucrats,"
How about that.


Anonymous said...

I hope Mejias puts that on all his posters. Oh wait, does he even have money to buy posters?

Anonymous said...

Where is Mejias? Hey John can you start posting some stuff about what he is doing?? His campaign website does not seem to do that and it is fairly obvious that the Nassau County Dem. Party will not be giving him any money because Suozzi has sucked it all up to play candidate for another couple of months.