Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New York Times Protest Follies

Tuesday at 5pm saw a 100 person protest in front of the Times building. King wasn't there but like-minded folks were.
I LOVE this guy...
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Do you see the last line?
"Times, why don't you publish a NYC Subway system map for AL-Qaeda?"

For readers outside NYC, let me say that the Metropolitan Transit Authority which runs the NYC subway plus other commuter rail has been publishing detailed maps and timetables of the system since it was built.
And if "AL-Qaeda" can't get to the city to get a copy, they can go online and print out an updated (March 2006) version of the system map. Basically the MTA has been providing aid and comfort to the enemy!
Bless this protesters heart, he really did try.

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Anonymous said...

The guy in the picture looks like the kind of ignoramous who would vote for neo cons like King.