Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More Fundraising Q2 2006 and Mejias numbers

Dave Mejias got a late start declaring his candidacy in early June. Since then he has done fairly well with fundraising.

Total Contributions - $210,406.84
Total Expenditures - $7,000
Cash on Hand - $228,506.84
Contributions from Individuals - $195,711.00
Contributions from PACs - $14,695.84

In one month, Mejias raised almost as much as King has since April:
King - $248,527
Mejias - $210,406.84

Not a bad start at all.

Of course, Mejias still needs more money and you can contribute to the campaign through Act- Blue.

In Newsday today, Mejias says "A lot of people are interested in this race.. People want to take back Congress because they don't like the direction our country is going. ... We're going to be raising a lot of money and [King] should be worried."
King says "I take every race seriously; that said, I've been outspent two to one and four to one and I always win... I'm very confident going in, but I take every race seriously."

First, King doesn't campaign and looking at past campaign filings, spends very little money on his campaigns compared to what he raises. We'll get more into that later.

When King says he has been "outspent," he's only talking about 1992 when he was first elected.
In that race against Steve Orlins, Orlins had $1,127,239 and King had $263,345.
That was the first and last time he was "outspent."
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, these are the numbers:
King - $516,548
Grill - $415, 561
King - $655,058
LaMagna - $425,561
King - $278,908 (raised $547,910)
Langberg - $157,934
King - $455,110 (raised $791,415)
LaMagna - $285,966
King - $468,474 (raised $599,034)
Finz - $137,472
King - $536,345 (raised $610,412)
Mathies - $212,580

Since 1998, King has raised more than he has spent and outspent each opponent almost 2-1. In 1994 and 1996 King outspent both opponents.
So where is he being outspent so much as he says?
Just one time in 1992 and he barely won that race in a republican-dominated district.


Anonymous said...

The newspaper of record calls the 3rd CD a safe Republican Seat. King 61-39.

Anonymous said...

The newspaper of record calls the 3rd CD a safe Republican Seat. King 61-39.