Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Take Off, You Hoser! King Heads to Canada

King is trekking to the Great White North to check out th elongest border with the US.
The Toronto Star reports "There are two borders," King said yesterday. "Obviously 85 per cent of illegal immigration comes from the southern border (with Mexico), but I also think we should not ignore the Canadian border, especially in view of the terrorist ring that was broken up in Canada."
But we reported this back in May "When it comes to apprehension of non-Mexicans entering the US, "the Border Patrol reported capturing a total of 946 persons from the seven nations attempting to enter illegally. However, only 320 of those were caught at the Mexican border, where the ad's sponsors want to build a fence. Nearly twice as many were caught coming in from Canada and other points. In all, 472 were apprehended at the Canadian border, and 154 were apprehended in the Miami, New Orleans and Puerto Rico regions of the Border Patrol."

The Canadians are very vigilent at the border and thier security measures are very good. King says "I think it's a disproportionate number of Al Qaeda in Canada because of their very liberal immigration laws, because of how political asylum is granted so easily,"

BUT, King is still giving the longest border a bye "King said he hadn't decided whether he supports a delay in strict new border identification measures that the Senate is pushing. While he doesn't think National Guard troops are necessary at the Canadian border, he supports investigating the idea of a fence, whether it's an actual barrier or a virtual wall with sensors and other equipment.
Asked yesterday if the House legislation needs to be amended in some way to address the Canadian border, King said: "I don't want to prejudge."
"I wouldn't say so at this time, but I want to see myself and talk to the people at the border."

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