Saturday, July 08, 2006

Selective Outrage, Big Hypocrisy.

When is a leak a good leak?
When it helps the Bush administration.
That's why King hasn't called for an investigation into the New York Daily News for disclosing a terror plot involving the tunnels leading to Manhattan.
The story cites unnamed officials and says that the investigation is ongoing. "The News has learned that at the request of U.S. officials, authorities in Beirut arrested one of the alleged conspirators, identified as Amir Andalousli, in recent months. Agents were scrambling yesterday to try to nab other suspects, sources said.
"This is an ongoing operation," one source said.
"FBI and New York City Police Department officials would not comment yesterday about the investigation, which has been kept under wraps for months."

So the News exposed an ongoing investigation where more suspects are sought and King hasn't called this treason yet?
The Associated Press story also said that this investigation was still ongoing "A federal law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, said investigators believe that an attack on a PATH tunnel, unlike the Holland Tunnel, could have achieved that goal. The official said the suspects, five of whom remained at large, hoped to inflict damage on the U.S. economy."
Why doesn't this get attacked by King? The NYTimes got slammed for doing a story on the terror financial transactions that was known by the public already.
All King had to say to Newsday was "I can confirm that for the last nine to 10 months I have been aware of a plot to attack the New York transit system and Lower Manhattan,"
King hasn't gone after the Daily News for exposing an ongoing terror plot investigation because stopping terror plots refelcts well on Bush.
King and other Bush supporters will point to this and say "See, Bush is handling anti-terrorism very well." But the Times story didn't reflect well on Bush and in Kings eyes deserved to be attacked.
We're not calling for the Daily News to be charged with treason, we're just looking for King to have some consistancy and principles.
And still, King still has his own leak to deal with.

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