Wednesday, January 28, 2004


It's official. Weapons Inspector David Kay is reporting to congress that there are no have not been any WMD's in Iraq since the early 90's.
What does Peter King have to say about that?

Friday, January 16, 2004

King and Iraqi WMD's

In and April 22, 2003 CBC news story on Iraq, Hans Blix the chief UN weapons inspector suggested that "Washington falsified evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify invading the country." and "Blix said weapons inspectors had "no great difficulty" proving documents that passed U.S. and U.K. intelligence were fake. "Who falsifies this?" asked Blix."
According to the CBC "He also accused Washington of undermining the efforts of the weapons inspectors in order to gain support for the war."

Enter Pete King "U.S. Republican Congressman Peter King flatly dismissed Blix's allegations and accused him of manipulating evidence."

What do we know. There were falsified documents, Bush lied during his SOTU regarding WMD's and the Bushies used intelligence the CIA said was wrong. All this to go to war.

And where are the WMD's? There are none.

Pete King: Wrong Again. Wrong for New York.