Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peter King Wanted McCain to Bring Up Ayers; Let's talk About King and his Terrorist Friends.

Thank you, Peter. Thank You. Thank You. Thank you.
In a Newsday story about tonight's debate at Hofstra, we get his gem "Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) said he believes McCain shouldn't shy away from raising the Ayers connection, to raise questions about Obama's judgment."
Obama barely knew William Ayers and was 8 years old when Ayers was involved with the Weather Underground.
Let's talk about "judgement" and REAL paling around with terrorists shall we?
Peter King is an unrepentant supporter of IRA terrorism. He tried topublically step back from his terrorist past after 9/11 but he always comes back to who he really is.
Let's go over some of Peter King's greatest hits.
Most recently he wants an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT and IRA gunman who escaped from a British prison 25 years ago to be allowed to stay. Is that AMNESTY? For a criminal? The Department of Homeland Security wants to deport him.
Then there are his past statements in FULL SUPPORT of the IRA "King was not so much an appeaser of terrorism, but an active aider and abetter. In 1982 he told a pro-IRA rally, "We must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry." Two years later what he called this "legitimate guerilla army" came close to successfully assassinating Margaret Thatcher."
And he makes excuses for the MURDER of civilians by his terrorist friends "And while there were murders, atrocities and human-rights violations on all sides, the security forces and the loyalist paramilitaries caused more civilian casualties than did the IRA."
Here is King from a BBC interview:
"King: To me terrorism is always wrong, but I think the IRA was a legitimate force that had to be dealt with.

BBC: A legitimate force? It wasn't a terrorist group trying to bomb and blow-up the democratically elected government of a sovereign state? That wasn't terrorism?

King: No, I would say it was a legitimate fight going on in Northern Ireland. Any time a civilian was targeted that was wrong. If you look back over the record, there was probably a greater number of, percentage wise, of civilians killed by the security forces in the world by the IRA. …To me terrorism is if you target civilians.

BBC: That's not the definition of terrorism. Terrorism is using violence to gain political ends."

According to the NY Sun "In 1984, the Secret Service listed him as a threat when President Reagan made a trip to Nassau County to watch a Special Olympics event."
"He forged links with leaders of the IRA and Sinn Fein in Ireland, and in America he hooked up with Irish Northern Aid, known as Noraid, a New York based group that the American, British, and Irish governments often accused of funneling guns and money to the IRA. At a time when the IRA's murder of Lord Mountbatten and its fierce bombing campaign in Britain and Ireland persuaded most American politicians to shun IRA-support groups, Mr. King displayed no such inhibitions. He spoke regularly at Noraid protests and became close to the group's publicity director, the Bronx lawyer Martin Galvin, a figure reviled by the British.
Mr. King's support for the IRA was unequivocal. In 1982, for instance, he told a pro-IRA rally in Nassau County: "We must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry."
By the mid-1980s, the authorities on both sides of the Atlantic were openly hostile to Mr. King. On one occasion, a judge threw him out of a Belfast courtroom during the murder trial of IRA men because, in the judge's view, "he was an obvious collaborator with the IRA." When he attended other trials, the police singled him out for thorough body searches."

And just to make a real connection with terrorists who targeted Americans, King's terrorist buddies were supplied with weapons from Libya. Yes, Libya.
It is well-known and documented that the IRA got weapons from the terrorist-lead nation of Libya.
Libya was behind the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 which killed 259 people of which 180 were US Citizens. Gaddafi also paid for multiple bombings around the world that killed US servicemembers.

So let's talk about connections to terrorists, Peter.
Let's make sure every voter in your district knows you are a supporter of terrorism.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More on King, Rangel and Palin

The kerkuffle over Rangel calling Palin "disabled" is really a little stupid.
Interviewed by Marcia Kramer of WCBS-NY, Rangel said "You got to be kind to the disabled" and followed up with "There's no question about it politically. It's a nightmare to think that a person's foreign policy is based on their ability to look at Russia from where they live."
Clearly Rangel was saying there is something wrong with Palin for saying proximity to a foreign country makes you an expert on foreign policy.
That didn't stop King from jumping all over the statement when Kramer raced to his Massapequa Park to show it to him "We should be sensitive to her or any woman who has a child or family member who has any affliction at all. And so to use the word disabled in the context of a female candidate for vice president who has a child who is disabled really is wrong. Charlie owes her and the entire disabled community and apology."

No Peter, the CONTEXT was Palin making a ridiculous claim. It has nothing to do with her child.
Maybe Rangel needed to be a little more politically correct (he didn't call Palin retarded which is good) but his point is vaild.
Maybe he should have called Palin a dumb-ass. But that would have brought the ire of King too since he belongs to a political party full of dumb-asses and he suffers from that affliction himself.

Rangel shot back at King and his detractors "Governor Palin is an obviously healthy person who in no way fits the description of disabled. I meant to say then, and I am saying now, that she entered the campaign with a disadvantage in the area of foreign policy."
"Any inference that my words were in any connected to her son, Trig, who was born with Down syndrome, is a real stretch -- and, I would have to think -- a way to make political points out of my poor choice of words."

Of course King is the very last person to demand apologies. King has no problem verbally attacking people.
Kinda like when he attacked opponents of privitization of social security. He said of a Rabbi, a Quaker and a leader of The Long Island Council of Churches "I base my decision on facts, reason and informed social conscious and not left-wing pseudo-theology."
Is the Quaker belief a "
left-wing pseudo-theology?"
Is Judism?
King never apologized for that.
And let's not forget Kings assault on The Islamic Center of Long Island and saying there are too many mosques in this country.

The long and short of it is that King is full of fake outrage and what Rangel said was not politically correct.
Palin is a dumb-ass for her silly resume padding. That can't be argued.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Peter "Chicken Little" King

Congress Daily reports "House Republicans and Homeland Security officials sounded alarm bells Wednesday about the prospect of the Homeland Security Department operating under a continuing resolution in the new fiscal year, citing the impact that such a move would have on several programs."
"Without an appropriations bill, DHS can't move forward on plans for the border, new cybersecurity programs, grants for states and locals [and] the list goes on," King said in a statement. "It's unacceptable to have DHS in a holding pattern just because Democrats can't get their act together."

Well, that isn't exactly true now is it, Peter?
"But after the hearing, the department was unable to provide a list of specific programs that could not be started or would be seriously disrupted if the department has to operate under a CR."

Right, so it's a crisis but no specifics.
Sounds like DHS to me.

"The only effort the official could cite that might be affected is the department's ability to begin construction on a new headquarters facility in Washington, D.C."

Who is Running For President, Peter?

King went off spouting on WCBS-TV about Rep. Charlie Rangel's comment about Sarah Palin and said "This is just another liberal Democrat who can't accept an independent woman running for president."
Well.... Sarah Palin is running for VICE-President.
And...ummm.... "liberal Democrats" were behind Hillary Clinton for President to the tune of 18million votes.

What Democrats and most intelligent people can't accept is that the serial liar Sarah Palin could be vice-president.

King Suddenly Concerned About "Privacy"

The hacking of VP candidates Sarah Palins private e-mail account need to be investigated and the "anonymous" hackers need to be prosecuted.
That being said, I had a chuckle from King's remarks to the NYPost about this "Hacking strikes at the heart of our democracy. You can't go invading someone's privacy that way."
Yes, "hackers" can't invade someones privacy by the government can according to King.
King supports warrentless wiretaps. He believes that the government does not need to follow the law and have just cause to listen in on your phone calls. King also supports provisions in the so-called "Patriot" Act which allows the government to find out what library books you check out.

What "strikes at the heart of our democracy" Peter is the attack on the constitution in the name of "homeland security." An attack you fully support. Don't talk about "privacy" when you have shown little regard for it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

King Voted Against Unemployment Insurance

How do King's union supporters feel about King voting against the "Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008"?

The Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act would provide economic relief for Americans looking for work.
Extends Unemployment Insurance for 13 weeks nationwide and for 26 weeks in high unemployment states - those with 6% unemployment or higher.
According to the Congressional Budget Office, this would provide relief for 3.8 million Americans.
49,000 American jobs were lost in May, the fifth straight month of job losses.

The vote was 279 For, 144 Against.

King doesn't think the little people need help.
It's great to be the King when you use campaign funds to pay for your car. Everyone else has to pay for their own cars out of their own pockets.

Monday, September 15, 2008

King's Campaign HQ 2008

It's right across the street from last years HQ on N. Broadway in N. Massapequa.

King HQ

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Republicans Politicize 9/11 at Convention as King Stands By Silently

During last weeks republican convention, just minutes before McCain was to accept his parties nomination a "Video Tribute" to 9/11 was played. Far from being a "tribute", it was the most disgusting use of 9/11 for political purposes to date.
The New York Delegation to the convention which included Peter King did not raise one objection to the video and that is a testimony to who they really are.
As we remember the victims tomorrow, let's also remember that playing politics with tragedy is dirty business.
Here is MSNBC's Keith Olberman's "Special Comment" from his show this evening....

King on Hardball

King was on MSNBC's Hardball Tuesday night. He faced off with Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who got him all riled up. Host Chris Matthews even tried to get King to tell the truth but King would have none of that.
I'll have the transcript up and video clips of choice comments shortly.
In the meantime, here is the entire segment...

Ptere King WIns Primary


ROBERT PREVIDI .............................491
PETER T KING ...................................4,976

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Primary Day for Peter King

Perennial republican primary candidate Robert Previdi challenges King once again.
And I thought I was tenacious.

Here are the past King vs. Previdi Primary results
King 7,345
Previdi 979


King 6,521
Previdi 1,819


King - 8,651
Previdi - 2,495


King - 22,696
Previdi - 6,442


King - 6,642
Previdi - 918

Peter King: 10620
Robert Previdi 2064

Monday, September 08, 2008

King Calls Presidential Candidate "Self-righteous"

And it's not Senator Barack Obama.
From The Hill newspaper in 1997, "He has a tremendous sense of self-righteousness and moral superiority."
King said that about John McCain.
McCain responded "I have never met a single other Republican who felt that Mr. King spoke for the party or for any Republican other than himself. Indeed, the only 'Republican' organization I have ever noticed Mr. King represent is the Irish Republican Army."
"... there is little in Mr. King’s singularly unimpressive legislative record to suggest that he is motivated by anything other than a compulsion to utter provocative sound bites."

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Update: Appeals Court uphold IRA Terrorist being Held Without Bail

We reported back in July that King was trying to get an IRA thug out of jail on bail. This guy escaped from a British prison 25 years ago and was caught and is to be deported by the Department of Homeland Security finds a friend in Peter King.
The Belfast Telegraph reports "An American immigration appeals court has upheld Maze escapee Pol Brennan's bail denial, just weeks after three US Congressman wrote to the Department of Homeland Security calling for the Ballymurphy native be freed on bond.

In its ruling this week, the Board of Immigration Appeals in Falls Church, Virginia, agreed with a Texan judge's April ruling that Brennan is a danger to society.

The court said his 1984 entry into America using an alias, and his subsequent purchase of a targeting pistol using the alias, proved that he has criminal tendencies. The court also cited his 2005 misdemeanor assault conviction after a builder allegedly refused to pay Brennan $1,000 in back wages."

The guy was here ILLEGALLY back in 1984.

I thought King opposed amnesty.

Never Forget Peter King is a Terrorist Supporter

Don't be fooled by Peter King's tough anti-terrorism talk.
Don't let him talk his way out of it.
From the Sunday Times March 2, 1997 "Here, on the one hand, was a Republican congressman on record as supporting terrorists. After the IRA killed nine police officers in
Newry in February 1985, King issued this statement: "I support the IRA, though I do not support everything they do. Politically, it would be safer for me to simply criticise the vices of the British security forces. But if I am to be true to my conscience, I have to say that I am a supporter of the IRA."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

King at the Convention: Dumb and Dumber Part 1

King is so wrong so many times it's hard to keep up. He had this gem about the choice of Palin as reported by the Daily News "She will tap in to a lot of the disaffected Hillary Clinton voters who are still angry about how she was treated by the Democratic Party."

WHAT???? Can King be that dumb or is he just shoveling more of his usual BS.
I'm trying to figure out how Hillary voters who are pro-choice, pro-gun control, pro-equal rights, and support just about every Democratic liberal platform would vote for Palin who is anti-choice, pro-guns, anti-gay, and just about every far right position you can take.
Yeah, they'll flock to Palin.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Got Me Some McCain/Palin Swag

And you can have some too....


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Katrina Redux

So Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on the Gulf States the week of the GOP convention. Today was John McCain's 72nd birthday and the anniversary of Bush and McCain sharing birthday cake in Arizona while an American city drowned.
With Gustav poised to make an impact on the GOP convention, King had this to say "
If it does work out well, it will probably be a small plus for us," said New York Rep. Peter King, top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, which oversees federal disaster response operations. "Obviously, if it doesn't work out well, then the Republicans are going to have a problem."

Here is a post from this site post-Katrina about King and his committee chairmanship "From 9/16/06: What the FEMA is up with Peter King?
We've been going over King wanting to be the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee during the past few weeks here at King Watch Central and with each passing day, more questions arise about his qualification. Right now, he is Chairman of the
Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Science, and Technology.
Notice the words "Emergency Preparedness."

What just recently occured that showed us we are NOT prepared? A devasting hurricane.
Before we go any further though, we have to throw some history in here...
Back in the day - before Bush - FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was made a Cabinet level position by President Clinton. Clinton appointed James Lee Witt, a man with a decade of Emergency Management experience, as head of FEMA.
After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security was created and Bush drop-kicked FEMA out of the Cabinet and into DHS. Bush then took a man with no emergency management experience and put him on charge of FEMA. Director Micheal Brown is a political hack with a patronage job
Back to today... DHS and FEMA are answerable to congress. The Homeland Security Committee has oversight of the department. FEMA is now deep in the bowels of a department created to protect us from terrorism.
Do you see the emerging problem?
FEMA which deals with all sorts of crisis from natural to man-made disasters is placed under the control of a department charged dealing with only man-made disasters.
So where are we going with this and what does King have it do with it?
King's sub-commitee over-sees "Emergency Preparedness."
BUT the problem seems to be the focus is only on terrorism. From the sub-commitees website:"Preparedness for and collective response to terrorism, including federal support to first responders; terrorism-related incident management and response; consequence mitigation; Department of Homeland Security-administered homeland security grants to first responders; conduct and coordination of exercises and training relating to mitigating the effects of and responding to terrorist attacks (including nuclear, biological, radiological, and chemical attacks on civilian populations); federal government coordination of terrorism-related emergency preparedness and response with and among state and local governments, the private sector, and the public; research, development and deployment of technology for combating terrorism; adaptation of existing technologies to homeland security prevention priorities; coordination and enhancement of Department of Homeland Security interaction on science and technology matters with the private sector, federally funded research and development centers, educational institutions, the National Laboratories, and other scientific resources; Department of Homeland Security-based science and technology entities and initiatives; conducting relevant oversight; and other matters referred to the Subcommittee by the Chairman."
See the many uses of the words "terrorism" and nothing about "natural disasters?"
That is a big issue.What is the sub-commitees role in over-seeing FEMA and natural disaster preparedness?
Go through the full commitee website and the stated mission for each sub-commitee is all about "terrorism."
Now King's sub-commitee should be dealing with the over-sight of FEMA disaster plans right?
What exactly was the sub-commitee's role in making sure FEMA natural disaster planes were up to snuff?

If King wants to be chairman of the full Homeland Security Commitee he needs to show he was an effective sub-commitee chairman."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back from Vacation

Much on Peter "Archie Bunker" King coming right up.

The King of Forgetfullness

King spoke to Newsday about declining republican fortunes and says “I think they’re two separate [problems] that came together at the same time,” King said yesterday. “There were local issues, going back to the late 1990s, in Nassau County with its budget problems. And Suffolk has had a disunited Republican party. Even just taking the congressional seats on Long Island, we didn’t lose any of them due to national issues,” he said, as some local losses came in otherwise flush GOP years."

Just in case King forgot, Carolyn McCarthy ran on Gun Control which is a national issue and she won and keeps winning.

And FYI Peter, the Nassau County budget problems existed in the early 1990's when YOU were the County Comptroller.

King Forgets Who He Supported for President, Takes Completely Opposite Position

I think it is because King likes to hear himself talk that most times he just says dumb things. In a comment to the NYSun about Senator Joe Lieberman being picked as McCain's VP, King says Lieberman is the right choice "Rep. Peter King, a Long Island Republican, said social conservatives are making a mistake by opposing Mr. Lieberman, arguing that the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee could help deliver Mr. McCain the election in November. While ardent abortion foes have said the "pro-life" principle is too important to give up for the sake of political pragmatism, Mr. King turned the argument on its head, saying that electing an anti-abortion president in Mr. McCain outweighs the risk of a more conservative vice presidential pick that would ultimately lose to Senator Obama in November.
""They would be the ones morally responsible for electing a pro-choice president," Mr. King said of Mr. Lieberman's right-wing critics in an interview with The New York Sun yesterday."

So, King is OPPOSED to elected a pro-choice president.
So why did he support Guiliani for president. Rudy has always been pro-choice.
King wants his party that has very few principles give up on it's remaining principle just like King does just to get elected.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

King Supports Off-Shore Oil Drilling.. on Long Island

I knew King supported off-shore drilling but like his support for Nuclear Power plants, I figured he'd be against it here.
Surprise, surprise.
King supports drilling in the waters off Long Island.
He appeared Friday on FOX News' 'Your World with Neil Cavuto.' Here is King in his own words:
"ASMAN: Let me ask you specifically, personally, there's the NIMBY factor here, not in my back yard. Are you even for drilling off the coast of New York?

KING: Absolutely.

And, listen, we can't be saying somebody else always has to do it. I have absolutely no problem at all, because today's drilling is so environmentally sensitive and safe, and what's at stake here is far too important.
We're talking about, really, taking on Islamic terrorism. We can't allow ourselves to be held hostage to countries which could become enemies tomorrow."

Yeah, today's drilling is so "environmentally sensitive and safe." Just ask Norway which had it's second worst spill in history a few months ago; "...the spill was estimated at 3,840 cubic meters of oil, which corresponds to 24,154 barrels of oil."


Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July and 'Why I Do This"

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.

I am often attacked and derided by those I post about on my websites. They don't like that I am watching what they are doing and letting others know how their elected officials are doing or not doing the people's work.
To those who believe that Freedom of Speech should not extend to factual criticism of the government, I will continue like The Albany Project and Daily Kos and so many others do and use my voice and my right to speak up.

I offer the poem 'First they came...' written by Pastor Martin Niemöller:

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

Monday, June 23, 2008

King Gets Hypocritical on Illegal Irish ex-IRA fugitive

King is all about protecting the borders, no amnesty for illegals and taking a hardline on law-breakers... unless of course they are ex-IRA gunmen here in the US.
The Brownsville Texas Herald reports that IRA fugitive from justice Pol Brennan was arrested at the Sarita checkpoint. Border Patrol agents caught him with an expired work permit. He was denied bail and held at a detention facility.
King comes to Brennan's defense "My experience dealing with (Irish) republicans is that they don't jump bail in this country. They honor their commitments. Based on my experience, and also the republican movement's commitment to the peace process, I think he should get bail."

Brennan already proved himself untrustworthy when he BROKE OUT OF PRISON 25 years ago!!!!!
Exactly what "committment" did Brennan "honor" then?????

And what does the peace process in Ireland have to do with a former IRA gunman here on an expired work visa?
Brennan "had been serving a 23-year sentence at the prison after being convicted of possessing a bomb and a firearm." when he broke out of prison 25 years ago.
Just an innocent Irish lad trying to get by in this world right Peter?

Why was Brennan allowed to stay here in the first place? He was a terrorist.
Why is King once again defending a terrorist?

"In April, Texas immigration judge Howard Achtsam rejected Brennan's bail petition because he deemed Brennan a flight risk and a danger to society."

More background from the article "For much of the 1980s and ‘90s, while being pursued by British authorities, Brennan lived quietly under the name Pol Morgan, and worked in the construction industry throughout the United States. He was arrested in 1994, and fought a lengthy battle against extradition. During the fight, he spent three years in Bay Area prisons.
But in 2000, the British government withdrew requests for Brennan and other participants of the 1983 Maze prison break as a part of the Belfast Agreement. The agreement normalized relations between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom."

The Belfast Telegraph reports "US authorities have known about Brennan’s whereabouts since the FBI arrested him in Berkley, California in 1993.
Although Britain dropped its seven-year drive to have Brennan extradited in 2000, Department of Homeland Security prosecutors now want him deported because he entered the US using a phony name months after the escape."

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Peter King is Lying to You... Again and Again

This is really getting old. King seems to have a running battle with the truth.
In his new "Special Report from Washington" mailing, King writes about him fighting "gas price increases." In this he just plain lies to his constituents that got the mailing last week.
King writes "Drill for oil in Alaska. This can be done without damaging the environment and would provide us with as many barrels of oil as we currently buy from Saudi Arabia."

First lets start with the fact that it would take a few years before we see any oil from Alaska with new drilling. This does nothing to gas prices.
Second, and most importantly the lie, King wants you to believe that the drilling will provide the same amount of oil as we get from the Saudi's. That of course is completely false.
The US uses about 20 million barrels per day at current usage levels. Drilling in Alaska would yield about 2 million barrels per day and provide ZERO barrels in less than 25 years at that level. Increase production and the window shrinks.

King also wants off-shore drilling. How would you feel with an oil platform off the coast of Long Island?

Oh and for a point of fact, we get a larger percentage of oil from Canada than we do Saudi Arabia.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

King Gets Beat Up in the Post Letters Page

Last week King wrote a delusional attack on the media for reporting on Vito Fossella.
The letters page in the Post is usually far-right friendly. Not this time.
May 23, 2008 -- THE ISSUE: How the media covered the Fossella scandal and news that he won't run for reelection.

'Do you mean to tell me that Mark Foley, David Vitter and Larry Craig shouldn't have gotten strict press scrutiny ("Vito Fossella and the Press," Peter King Post Opinion, May 21)?

They all violated a sacred trust.

Leading a duplicitous second life, Vito Fossella has embarrassed his poor wife and family.

Peter King, ever the lawyer, tries to mitigate the damage Fossella has done by blaming the press.

Maybe if his friend had acted like an honorable human being, King's article wouldn't have been necessary.

Bob Jennings


'Is King for real? Does he honestly expect the public to feel his pain because his good friend, Fossella, was not only busted with a DUI but also had a spare family stashed away in Virginia?

King whines about unfair media coverage, but he was quite vocal in expressing his displeasure when Eliot Spitzer and Bill Clinton's extra-marital shenanigans dominated the headlines for weeks on end.

If Fossella had been a Democrat, King would be demanding his head on a plate.

Sharon Rutman
Far Rockaway'


'The Post and the other newspapers are covering this story because it's news, and people are interested.

Build a bridge and get over it.

William Beran
Norwalk, Conn."

Peter King for Vice-President?????

Thankfully I wasn't drinking anything when I read this.
The National Review Online blog 'The Corner' has this from contributor John J. Miller:

"I recently asked a prominent House Republican who should be McCain's running mate. His answer, without a moment of hesitation: Rep. Pete King of NY. The idea is that the election will hinge on Midwestern Catholic blue-collar voters of the type who reject Obama, are willing to vote for Hillary, and are of mixed mind about McCain. They'd love King, a 64-year-old pro-lifer who would connect with them far better than just about anybody else who is likely to end up on either ticket. He also supported McCain in 2000 and McCain values loyalty. So that's the theory. I'm not saying I'm for it or against it. But it was the most interesting veep suggestion I've heard in a while."

Why do I get the feeling that the "prominent House Republican" was Peter King in glasses and a fake mustache?

When the Midwestern Catholic blue-collar voters find out King was a supporter of terrorism for years prior to 9/11 there won't be any 'love."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Peter King is Truly the King of Hypocrites

It's simply amazing that someone like Peter King with his past ties to terrorists and his almost innate ability to speak out of both sides of his mouth gets elected.
King writes an op-ed for the New York Post today going way off the rails in his defense of his buddy Vito Fossella.
Lets start with the simple fact that King was the first out of the gates attacking Eliot Spitzer and calling for him to resign. With Vito the drunk driver, King wanted everyone to shut up and give Vito some space.
King writes in the Post "... it's time to examine how the media conducted themselves during this entire matter."
So it's the medias fault for Fossellas legal and moral problems???
King always LOVES to blame the media.

did Fossella's transgressions really warrant endless days of front-page coverage with color photos? Was this saga that much more newsworthy than the more than 100,000 innocent people who were killed in Myanmar or whatever number of New Yorkers who were murdered, raped or robbed during this time?"

Yes Peter, it did. A member of congress who is "Mr. Family Values", Fossella turns out to be a drunk driver and the father of his girlfriends child.
That's not news?
You bet it's news and FYI, the local papers DID cover Myanmar and other news.

King says of the DWI "The DWI charge against him, though a first offense, is a serious matter and must be dealt with by the courts."

I'm going to go with "first time he got caught." It is highly unlikely that Vito one day decides to get smashed and beyond recognition and then drive. He has undoubtedly done it before and would have done it again if not caught.

King rails at the media "Objective journalists would look at the entire person and not present a trivialized, prurient caricature."
Kinda like how King treated Spitzer???

And King tries to be a character witness "... I went with Vito and his wife Mary Pat to a low-income Catholic neighborhood in West Belfast, where we met with a bunch of Irish kids who'd never before encountered a guy called Vito. He couldn't have been more gracious or cordial - talking, smiling and posing for pictures with kid after kid."

A few years later, Vito went on taxpayer-funded trips with his girlfriend and got her pregnant.
And isn't a little insulting to say that the West Belfast kids are so backwards, the name "Vito" is something to marvel at?
But seriously, what does this paragraph mean?

King concludes this the only way he knows how: Arrogant Hubris with a HUGE helping of Hypocricy.
"Bottom line: Vito Fossella is a good man - and far better than many of his self-right- eous detractors."

No Peter, Vito Fossella cheated on his wife, lied to his girlfriend, was not going to ever publically acknowledge his daughter and used taxpayers funded trips for romantic getaways.
Fossella is not better than anyone else and he certainly is not a "good man."
And neither are you.

Monday, May 19, 2008

King's Drunk Driving Buddy Fossella Will Not Seek Re-Election

Fossella has decided not to seek re-election.
This is still a far cry from resigning like King demanded Spitzer do.

From the Staten Island Advance..
"May 20, 2008
To the Constituents of the 13th Congressional District:

After a great deal of consideration, I have made the decision not to
seek re-election to the United States House of Representatives this
November. This choice was an extremely difficult one, balanced
between my dedication to service to our great nation and the need to
concentrate on healing the wounds that I have caused to my wife and

For over 10 years, I have had the distinct privilege of representing
the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn. I have been humbled by their
support and honored to represent them in Congress. Over the years, we
have achieved many great things that have helped make our community
and this country a better place to live - from closing the Fresh Kills
Landfill, to saving Fort Hamilton, to helping New York cope with the
pain and recover from the 9/11 attacks. I am extremely proud of these
and other achievements and the fact that our work has made a positive
difference in the lives of so many people.

It is for this reason that I will continue to serve you and our
community for the duration of my term, which will expire on January 3,

Despite the personal mistakes I have made, I am touched by the
outpouring of support and encouragement I have received from so many
people. Their kind words and prayers during this difficult time mean
more to me than I can express. And while many have urged me to run for
re-election, I believe this course of action is best for my family and
our community.

Representing the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn has been the
most rewarding professional experience of my life. I am forever
grateful to all those I have had the honor to serve.


Vito J. Fossella
Member of Congress"

Gee, I guess to Vito his daughter is now a "mistake." He's in the running for Father of the Year.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is King Playing Stupid about Fossella's Girlfriend?

King tells the Staten Island Advance "No one knew anything about this child or this woman."

That kinda contradicts the NY Post story "Rep. Vito Fossella's Air Force mistress was so distracted by their affair that she couldn't perform her official duties on a junket they attended - so the top aide to then-House Speaker Dennis Hastert reported her to the Pentagon, he claims."
"At the end of the trip, it became obvious that . . . they were doing something more than briefing each other," said another staffer on the trip."

And Vito's best-buddy Peter knew absolutely nothing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Is King Lying About What He Knew About Fossella?

King has said that "I'm certainly pretty close to Vito. I had never heard of Laura Fay. I certainly didn't know anything about the child. We would be with each other a lot. I never saw him drink too much, I never heard him talk about other women, I never heard him say anything but positive things about his family."


The NY Daily News is reporting that Vito's romance was not a big secret
"They were spending a lot of time together, and they had just met," a source who traveled with them said. ". . . . All of a sudden, they were inseparable."

The source said their attraction was obvious, and they soon become more daring, sneaking off together in the after-hours and skipping official functions when the delegation moved on to Italy and finally Portugal."

It was in Granada, Spain, the last stop of the trip, that the lovers began flaunting their affair, sources said.

Several top congressional officials first noticed the couple snuggling and kissing there, according to a source who was on the trip, once again led by Hastert.

"We had a weekend in Granada at the end of the trip," the source said. "That's when people began to notice Vito and Laura acting very affectionately.

"They showed up late together for a tour of the [Moorish fortress of] Alhambra, and they were walking together," the source said.

Word about the affair spread, and Republican officials soon became concerned, fearing it would be exposed, sources said."

Oh and here is the "good guy" as King calls him... "Fossella repeatedly lied to Fay, telling her he had separated from his wife, Mary Pat, his former high school sweetheart and the mother of his three children in Staten Island, a source said.

Fay only realized the extent of his deception when he confessed to fathering a love child last week, but made no mention of leaving his wife."

Is King lying to cover for his pal Vito?
Was King covering for Vito for years?

King the Hypocrite Just Keeps Going - Support for Fossella Sends King Over the Edge

It's just amazing what comes out of Kings mouth. In the Washington Post, King comes out swinging against the media for reporting the story "The media in New York has become Vito's enemy," he said, singling out the New York Daily News and the New York Post. He says while he acknowledges there are serious issues, they "don't warrant eleven days of front-page stories with color pictures of his kids and his wife."

Drunk driving, mistress, hidden child is not worth eleven days of stories? What is he kidding?
Fossella was a moralizing asshole, standing atop the "family values" soapbox attacking others lifestyles. Of course this is news.

And King's reasoning for Vito not resigning? "despite all that's swirling around him right now...Vito could win in November. He's extremely popular there. He has to decide what that could do to his family."

I guess King is missing the bigger story now where it looks like Vito and his goomah went on taxpayer paid trips together. "Democratic and GOP congressional officials are scrutinizing Rep. Vito Fossella's mysterious and pricey January 2003 trip to France, the Daily News has learned.
He was the sole lawmaker authorized to go - and his mistress is suspected of joining him. The
Staten Island Republican visited La Hague, France, supposedly on a "fact-finding" mission."

When it all comes down to it, I think King doth protest too much.
If you know what I mean.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

King Stands Behind Fossella the DWI Adulterer

It was no suprise that King would come out and demand the resignation of DEMOCRAT Eliot Spitzer but support REPUBLICAN Vito Fossella.
King was up in arms over Spitzer and was one of the more vocal and vicious attackers. Now with Fossella, he is in a very forgiving mood. King is even angry that other republicans are ready to cut Vito loose... "
To me, it's putting a knife in the back of a good guy who's made a mistake."
Yeah, "a mistake."
Which "mistake" is King talking about?
1) Drunk Driving with a .17 BAC
2) Adultery
3) Out of wedlock child

King who was relentless about Spitzer is a big cuddly bear about Fossella "King said Republicans "who are supposed to be his friends" should be giving the Staten Island-Brooklyn Republican "the time and opportunity to make that decision" -- whether to resign, to serve out his term but leave afterward or to stay in office and seek another term -- "himself."

"He's entitled to an interval of decency without having this constant pressure coming from his own party," King said of his friend charged with drunken driving in a Virginia suburb."

King has been trying to split hairs saying Spitzer "broke the law" by hiring a prostitute... so what exactly is blowing a .17 BAC? Oh yeah, "a mistake."
And FYI, Adultery is illegal in Virginia.
And how is Vito a "good guy" when he cheated on his wife and had a child with his girlfriend?
Where was Vito going to be when the child grows up? Would he have been a part of her life? Would he ever have publically acknowledged her as his daughter?
No Peter, Fossella has not been a "good guy." And I doubt if he hadn't been caught, he would never have been a "good guy" to his daughter.

Remember, Fossella whole-heartedly supported the Defense of Marriage Act and then voted for a Constitutional Amendment that would enshrine anti-gay legislation denying same-sex couples from getting married. Because, you know, he wants to defend the "sanctity of marriage" and all that.

King tells NewsRadio880 "When he is trying to put things back together, trying to alleviate some of the pain, there is no need for people in his own party to be adding to that. He doesn't need them to tell him he has to make a decision. He knows he has to make a decision,"
What is the "pain?" That he now has to acknowledge his child?
And last week, he was feeling no pain as he partied hard and decided he was okay to drive.

And King's defense of Vito on WCBS "
I'm certainly pretty close to Vito. I had never heard of Laura Fay. I certainly didn't know anything about the child. We would be with each other a lot. I never saw him drink too much, I never heard him talk about other women, I never heard him say anything but positive things about his family."

So what we get from this is that either King is lying or Fossella spent no time with his daughter and one night last week decided for the first time ever that after drinking all night he would drive drunk.

King is also saying that Rep. John Boehner, the republican leader in the House is suddenly NOT not supporting Fossella "He goes, 'no, no, I didn't,' " King said, referring to Boehner. He said Boehner added: "That's not at all what I meant."

In the end, King can't even say if he has an opinion on his DWI friend "I probably do but I'm not going to say it now."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

King Votes Against Mothers

So much for Happy Mothers Day from Peter King and the House Republicans..

H RES 1113 Celebrating the role of mothers in the United States and supporting the goals and ideals of Mother’s Day

House Vote #275 --- May 7, 2008

Ayes: 237 (55%)
Nays: 178 (41%)

Nay King, Peter [R]

Thursday, May 08, 2008

King is Being a Hypocrite... Again.

A few months ago when news broke that NY Governor Eliot Spitzer hired a call-girl, King was one of the first out of the gates with a call for resignation. "He's going to have to resign...At one level, it has to do with his integrity and his personal morality, but I don't even want to go into that. Without even touching on that, he has to resign.
One of the reasons "To leave himself open to blackmail — putting himself and the state in a compromised position like that — it's just awful."

Today after we learn that Fossella not only had a BAC of .17 double the legal limit, drove almost 10 miles drunk, and lied to the police officers but he was headed to the home of the mother of his child. That mother not being his wife.
What does King say about Fossella? "
Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), who said he was one of Fossella’s closest friends in Congress, said the political future of his New York colleague can be dealt with in due time. “What happens politically can be decided later,” King said. “Right now all we should be thinking about is what is best for him and his family.”

How very forgiving of King. Another line of attack on Spitzer from King was that Spitzer was "self-righteous or unforgiving."

Here is Vito on his support for President Clintons impeachment "
. . Earlier today, one of my colleagues said that this would be the most divisive issue since the Vietnam War. While he may believe that to be true, I take strong exception with that, and I'll tell you why. Men and women were sent overseas like every other war or military conflict since our nation's birth, to defend the rule of law, the notions of personal freedom and individual liberty.

And in the case before us today, we're asking a simple question: "Did the president of the United States violate any of those rules of law that we cherish and that so many men and women have died for and are willing to die for at every point around the globe?"

I don't want to be here today, like so many of my colleagues. But the generations of Americans yet unborn must look back on this day in this matter, in this situation, and see this as our finest hour. . . . Reluctantly, I am here. I proudly, though, support this resolution."

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Governor King..... wait for it... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Okay, I've been hugely remiss in updating this site. I'm way behind on some stories I'm working on but starting tonight this blog will be updated regularly.
The somewhat big news is that King is interested in running for Governor... the problem for him is that he's in the minority of people who believe he should run in 2010.
Here is a new Marist poll on a possible 2010 gubernatorial race...

Question Wording: If the 2010 election for New York state governor were held today, whom would you support if the candidates are: [Questions and choices were rotated]

Registered Voters
Paterson (D)....59%
King (R)..... 23%
Undecided 18%
Cuomo (D).....59%
King (R).....31%

So basically, King would get his ass handed to him by HUGE margins.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kings Border Fence is Very Popular in Conservative Texas.. Oh Wait, It's Not.

Controversial border fence hot issue in Texas primary

"Environmentalists, farmers and elected officials have been complaining about the project, and allegedly heavy-handed tactics by the Bush Administration, for months. The US Department of Homeland Security has filed lawsuits aimed at expropriating land from dozens of landowners up and down the border.
Even the University of Texas at Brownsville could lose access to buildings and grounds on the other side of the fence and is facing a potential legal battle after refusing to allow authorities on campus to survey the land.
The Loop family has also refused to sign a release allowing the government to survey their farm.
Ray Loop and his brothers are fourth-generation Texas farmers, growing produce and grain on a 2,000 hectare (5,000 acre) spread along the banks of the Rio Grande.
He's prepared to leave it all behind if the fence goes up as planned, as the bulk of his land will be a dangerous swath of riverfront property on the Mexican side of the barrier.
That could make him a target of smugglers and drug traffickers, he said.
"That's just not a risk I'm willing to take," said Loop, who has three young daughters.
It's a heart-breaking scenario for his father. Leonard Loop, 70, never had the money to buy the soil his family tilled as tenant farmers, but his boys finally did a few years ago.
"Every time I think of this stupid fence going up out there and ruining this place, it just makes me sick," the elder Loop said as he looked out across his soon-to-be worthless farm"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

King Ignores Bush Budget Failures That Affect Your Taxes

I know that Peter King could really care less about education so this comes as no suprise. The new Bush Budget short-changes New York State by $955million by underfunding the No Child Left Behind mandates.
So what does King do? He praises the "good things" in the budget. From Newsday: "While acknowledging Bush's budget needs work, Rep. Peter King (R-
Seaford) said funding increases - such as $219 million for the East Side Access Project, a mass transit link between Queens and Manhattan - shouldn't be ignored.
"Gov. Spitzer hurts himself by not acknowledging that there are some positive benefits for New York in the president's proposal," King said. "I don't think it helps to be blindly partisan and condemn the whole budget."

The missing $955million directly affects taxpayers in Kings district. Because of the unfunded mandates from the worthless No Child Left Behind, our local school taxes will go up again.
The East Side Access Project isn't as important as education. Maybe King should be fighting for the young people and taxpayers in his district to get NCLB fully funded.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where in the World is Osama?

I doubt Peter King cares.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Maybe No Endorsement of McCain from King?

Well, McCain did say in the past that King was just a blow-hard making provacative statements so Kings recent statement about McCain isn't suprising. But how does King suck it up if McCain is the nominee?
Here is King attacking McCain on torture - "The way Senator McCain has equated waterboarding with torture, the way he seems to equate it with what was done to him in the Hanoi Hilton - to me, it hurts us in the eyes of the world... It shows, really, a lack of familiarity with just how tough this enemy is.”
“I strongly supported John McCain in 2000,” adds the House Homeland Security Committee's ranking Republican. But “what John McCain has said about Guantanamo and waterboarding made me stand with Rudy Giuliani.”

Nice. Tell a guy who was tortured that he doesn't know much about torture and what can be done with torture.
Is King saying that the terrorists (lumping them all in as one) can withstand waterboarding?
If waterboarding is no big deal, maybe King should be strapped down and have water poured into his mouth and then tell us that it isn't torture.

King is far removed from reality and needs to be kicked out of office.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How Does King Spin the HUGE Giuliani Loss in Florida

So far it looks like most republican voters want "America's mayor" to just be the ex-mayor of NYC.
Giuliani losses Florida big tonight after King and his other minions praised the strategy to concentrate on Florida. How will King explain this away? We'll see later tonight or tomorrow morning.
So for now it's Bye, Bye Rudy.
I guess King goes to his old nemesis John McCain who once said of King "..there is little in Mr. King’s singularly unimpressive legislative record to suggest that he is motivated by anything other than a compulsion to utter provocative sound bites... "
"...Indeed, the only ‘Republican’ organization I have ever noticed Mr. King represent is the Irish Republican Army."

BFF for sure.

Monday, January 28, 2008

King in Florida to Help Giuliani Lose Republican Primary

From the NY Observer Politicker:
"Rudy Giuliani's heavy hitters have arrived to help his make-or-break effort to win the Florida primary.

Getting off the plane here, I just ran into Representative Peter King of Long Island and Giuliani inner-sanctum stalwarts Randy Levine and Denny Young."

King Makes List of Top Ten Mailers

According to the Quarterly Statement of Disbursements of the House for 2006 Congress sends mail to the tune of $20.3 million in 2006 alone.
We've all gotten the glossy full-color PR photo-op mailing from Peter King. King spent $164,156 taxpayer dollars on 733,005 pieces of junk mail to constituents.
That's alot of mailings.
To be fair, Rep. Tim Bishop from Suffolk spent $131,979 but sent out 26,000 more pieces than King.
How is Bishop getting more for less?
So much for King the fiscal watchdog.
Rep. Virginia Foxx, of North Carolina got 52,000 more pieces of mail for the same price of King's mailings.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kool-Aid Kid King Spins Guiliani

After getting his ass handed to him in the first couple of rounds of the primary season, King insists that Rudy is "well positioned" to win in Florida and that it is a smart move to concentrate on Florida.
I'm not sure what King means because Guiliani is slipping in the polls all over the place. Including Florida. Guiliani has been alone on Florida for a couple of weeks but a recent poll puts him in 2nd behind McCain.
If the rationale is that there are alot of New York transplants in Florida to boost Rudy, then he will definately lose. New Yorkers who left for Florida don't like Rudy much.

Here is the video of King spinning wildly..

King and Guiliani Co-Chair Two Peas in a Archie Bunker Pod

Remember when King said that there are too many Mosques in this country? Well, he has found his soul-mate in John Deady, co-chair of 'New Hampshire Veterans for Rudy Giuliani, who wants to "get rid of" Muslims.
Deady doesn't stop there "We need to...keep pressing these people until we defeat or chase them back to their caves or in other words get rid of them." (video here via TPM)
Oh wait, he could just be talking about the terrorists right?
"I am talking about the Muslims in general. I don’t subscribe to the principle that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims. They’re all Muslims."
"When I say get rid of them, I wasn't necessarily referring to genocide,"
Well thank goodness for small favors.
Although the "wasn't necessarily" isn't a complete disqualifier.

King Gets called Out by Fellow Republican

King went after an amendment by Texas Sen. Hutchison that would give residents and local law enforcement a voice in where the fence is needed.
From the Star-Telegram.. "In an uncharacteristic display of public frustration with party colleagues, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on Friday sharply criticized two Republican congressmen who accused her of a stealth effort to derail the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Conservative blogs and pundits have attacked Hutchison since Reps. Peter King of New York and Duncan Hunter of California accused the Texas Republican of essentially repealing Congress' mandate to build 700 miles of fencing. "This was a midnight massacre," King said of an amendment Hutchison shepherded into law last month. "It was absolutely disgraceful."
After being labeled "Panderer to the Criminal Invader" and called a traitor to border security, Hutchison fought back Friday.
"There is misinformation, and I think the congressmen who should know better exactly what has happened have been a little loose with the facts," she said in an interview."

What the new law does, Hutchison said, is require that the government consult with landowners and local elected officials, many of whom have felt bulldozed and ignored by the federal government.

The Department of Homeland Security echoed Hutchison's view that her language does not put the fence in jeopardy. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's pledge to build 370 miles by year's end is "full steam ahead," spokeswoman Laura Keehner said."

Hutchison tells the San Antonio Express-News "Border patrol agents reported that coyotes and drug-runners were altering their routes as fencing was deployed, so the amendment gives our agents discretion to locate the fence where necessary to achieve operational control of our border,"

An editorial from the Houston Chronicle "In attacking Hutchison, conservative U.S. Reps. Peter King of New York and Duncan Hunter of California have joined columnist Michelle Malkin in misstating the facts. Rather than gutting the border fence, the amendment maintains a requirement for 700 miles of barrier, but allows law enforcement to decide what works best and where.
Rather than being slipped in the back door and catching lawmakers unaware, the legislation was approved in four different votes in the Senate and is backed by the eight senators who represent the four border states. In fact, before Democrats won control of the House in 2006, then-Speaker Dennis Hastert sent four committee chairmen, including King, a letter explaining that an amendment was necessary to provide more flexibility and discussion with locals in constructing the fence.
According to a statement from Hutchison's office, the senator found it troubling and unsettling that King claimed to be unfamiliar with language in the omnibus bill for which he voted. Hutchison told the Chronicle, "I think the congressmen who should know better exactly what has happened have been a little loose with the facts."
The original legislation was a billion-dollar boondoggle that would have taken decision-making authority from border security officials and stifled input from local authorities and landowners.
The fence legislation still has major flaws, but it is a much better law because of Hutchison's efforts."

So King once again gets exposed for lying. It's too bad we don't hear about all his actions in our local news.

The so-called border fence is a contentious issue for the country but a more important issue for land-owners and residents in South Texas. I covered the Texan response to Kings wall here.
Yes there is a need for real border security but the idea of a wall along our southern border being effective is a pipe dream. The Berlin Wall was only 96 miles in length. On that 96 miles, there were 302 watchtowers and 20 bunkers. That is one watchtower every half mile. Plus there were roaming patrols, land mines and traps. With all that, almost 5000 determined East Germans escaped. The fence King wants is 700 miles long. The southern border is 1,950 miles long. What I am saying is that the fence will be about as secure as the Maginot Line.