Saturday, June 21, 2008

Peter King is Lying to You... Again and Again

This is really getting old. King seems to have a running battle with the truth.
In his new "Special Report from Washington" mailing, King writes about him fighting "gas price increases." In this he just plain lies to his constituents that got the mailing last week.
King writes "Drill for oil in Alaska. This can be done without damaging the environment and would provide us with as many barrels of oil as we currently buy from Saudi Arabia."

First lets start with the fact that it would take a few years before we see any oil from Alaska with new drilling. This does nothing to gas prices.
Second, and most importantly the lie, King wants you to believe that the drilling will provide the same amount of oil as we get from the Saudi's. That of course is completely false.
The US uses about 20 million barrels per day at current usage levels. Drilling in Alaska would yield about 2 million barrels per day and provide ZERO barrels in less than 25 years at that level. Increase production and the window shrinks.

King also wants off-shore drilling. How would you feel with an oil platform off the coast of Long Island?

Oh and for a point of fact, we get a larger percentage of oil from Canada than we do Saudi Arabia.

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