Monday, February 25, 2008

Kings Border Fence is Very Popular in Conservative Texas.. Oh Wait, It's Not.

Controversial border fence hot issue in Texas primary

"Environmentalists, farmers and elected officials have been complaining about the project, and allegedly heavy-handed tactics by the Bush Administration, for months. The US Department of Homeland Security has filed lawsuits aimed at expropriating land from dozens of landowners up and down the border.
Even the University of Texas at Brownsville could lose access to buildings and grounds on the other side of the fence and is facing a potential legal battle after refusing to allow authorities on campus to survey the land.
The Loop family has also refused to sign a release allowing the government to survey their farm.
Ray Loop and his brothers are fourth-generation Texas farmers, growing produce and grain on a 2,000 hectare (5,000 acre) spread along the banks of the Rio Grande.
He's prepared to leave it all behind if the fence goes up as planned, as the bulk of his land will be a dangerous swath of riverfront property on the Mexican side of the barrier.
That could make him a target of smugglers and drug traffickers, he said.
"That's just not a risk I'm willing to take," said Loop, who has three young daughters.
It's a heart-breaking scenario for his father. Leonard Loop, 70, never had the money to buy the soil his family tilled as tenant farmers, but his boys finally did a few years ago.
"Every time I think of this stupid fence going up out there and ruining this place, it just makes me sick," the elder Loop said as he looked out across his soon-to-be worthless farm"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

King Ignores Bush Budget Failures That Affect Your Taxes

I know that Peter King could really care less about education so this comes as no suprise. The new Bush Budget short-changes New York State by $955million by underfunding the No Child Left Behind mandates.
So what does King do? He praises the "good things" in the budget. From Newsday: "While acknowledging Bush's budget needs work, Rep. Peter King (R-
Seaford) said funding increases - such as $219 million for the East Side Access Project, a mass transit link between Queens and Manhattan - shouldn't be ignored.
"Gov. Spitzer hurts himself by not acknowledging that there are some positive benefits for New York in the president's proposal," King said. "I don't think it helps to be blindly partisan and condemn the whole budget."

The missing $955million directly affects taxpayers in Kings district. Because of the unfunded mandates from the worthless No Child Left Behind, our local school taxes will go up again.
The East Side Access Project isn't as important as education. Maybe King should be fighting for the young people and taxpayers in his district to get NCLB fully funded.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where in the World is Osama?

I doubt Peter King cares.