Wednesday, August 24, 2005

King Attacks Religious Leaders

King is getting increasingly unstable in his public comments. The heat is on King for his position on privitization of Social Security and King is having a problem dealing with his constituents. From the nasty letters to avoiding town hall meetings, King continues to cower from answering questions.
According to Newsday "About a half-dozen Long Island religious leaders prayed outside the Massapequa Park office of Rep. Peter King yesterday, asking the congressman to oppose efforts to privatize Social Security."
"It's our duty as Christians to take care of the elderly, widows, orphans and persons with disabilities and Mr. King knows that," said Mary Dewar, of the Long Island Council of Churches. "It is this deep moral concern for maintaining and building a compassionate society that brings us together."
Rabbi Michael Kramer, of Temple Judea in Massapequa, said Social Security is a "covenant that one generation has with the next to take care of those in need."
"Richard Goodman, a member of Religious Society of Friends in Westbury, also called Quakers, said government should "provide for the common good. Privatize Social Security and the people will become selfish."
How does King respond?
"God forgive them for they know not what they do. I base my decision on facts, reason and informed social conscious and not left-wing pseudo-theology."

How dare King use a religous allusion to respond to these people.
King has continualy LIED about Social Security in letters to constituents and has yet to meet with his constituents to to answer thier questions.
And "left-wing pseudo-theology?" I don't know Rabbi Kramer or the other leaders quoted in the article but I don't think they or their congregations like their faiths being dengrated like that.
King has no shame what-so-ever. Each time he opens his mouth he insults decent, caring people and proves over and over that he should not be our representative in the US Congress.
King needs to apologize immediately and resign.

Monday, August 08, 2005

August is a slow month

With Congress in recess until after labor day, we'll be playing catch-up with old stuff we've wanted to get more in-depth with and add new stuff as it comes along. We're not on vacation so we'll be updating through the recess.
We're keeping an eye on King's attempt to become the Homeland Security Committee Chairman and will be updating on that shortly.
Check out our archives if you haven't already.