Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How Does King Vote on Issues for Disabled Veterans?

Peter King has a 25% score from the Disabled American Veterans.

Letter in New York Times

To the Editor:
Robin Finn seems amused in describing Jewish-Muslim comity at the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury (“
Terrorist Nest? Or an Oasis of Tolerance?,” The Island column, Oct. 15), while quoting Representative Peter T. King’s view that the joint Sukkot-Ramadan celebration was “a great inter-religious con-game.”
Mr. King has been making the same tired “extremist” charges about the Islamic Center since early 2004, but has never produced one shred of substantive evidence to support them.
Nevertheless, his ferocious charges, and echoes of anti-Muslim sentiment in some local media, led one Muslim friend to tell me she fears worshipping at the Islamic Center because of potential violence or persecution against its members.
The New York Times is supposed to be a great investigative newspaper. When a prominent New York congressman states that Long Island’s pre-eminent mosque is a hotbed of potential terrorism in our midst, what will it take for The Times to investigate whether what he says is true or not?
Frederick A. Smith

Garden City

Happy Halloween

Keep your kids safe today.

And if you want a real scare, check out the picture of King the NYPost used today.

King Ad Uses Article by Fake Terrorism Expert

In Kings ad, he uses a graphic from the NYPost article 'THE JIHAD ON KING' by Steven Emerson.
Emerson is a self-styled "expert" who in 1995 immediatley following e Oklahoma City bombing proclaimed on CBS News "This was done with the intent to inflict as many casualties as possible. That is a Middle Eastern trait."
And that the first WTC bombing in 1993 was carried out by "bomber or bombers may be from one of the former Yugoslav republics."

Somebody get Peter King and His Followers a WHAAAAA-mbulance

What is this with the victim-hood being played up by King and his minions?
"I have a lot of money and I'm covering all the bases," King said, insisting he isn't worried about coming up short on Election Day. "Quite frankly, I don't know what you guys at Newsday are going to do."
"On all of the gut issues today, I'm on the other side of the media," said King, who dismissed Mejias as "not making that much of a difference" in this contest. "It's much more of a open war with the media."
Mike Barry in the Anton Newspapers chimes in "Newsday even took a shot at Rep. King last week in its online 'Spin Cycle' political column, saying that he (Rep. King), "seems to be basing his campaign on the theory that Long Island is the jihadi center of the western hemisphere ready to be overrun for terrorists but for him."
Just out of curiosity, I entered into the 'Spin Cycle' search database the names of Reps. Bishop, Israel, McCarthy and Ackerman. Not one of them had been mentioned in Newsday's online political column since the summer."

King cries like a baby that Newsday is out to get him but uses positive Newsday quotes in his mailings and has been ENDORSED by Newsday the last few times.

And the big-bad LIBERAL!!!!!!!!!! New York Times endorsed Mejias this year but endorsed King in the past.

King Running Scared Pt. 2

King says his internal polling has him up 23 points and that has been consistant for 7 months.
So what candidate up 23 points in a district gerrymandered for republicans drops half a million dollars on advertising the last two weeks of the campaign?
A candidate who is not confident that the 23 points is a real number.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stolen Signs

From the front lawn of my house.

And it wasn't the wind.

Republicans are real classy.

King Running Scared

We knew about the half million dollar ad buy by King this past week and Newsday is reporting on it.

"A closer look at King's campaign apparatus belies the congressman's professed confidence. As chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, he has access to a reservoir of political donations from lobbyists. He is expected to share those with other Republican candidates. But in a year in which the GOP is playing defense across the country in a desperate attempt to hold on to their majority in Congress, King plans to spend what is left of his $1.59-million war chest on his own bid.
Last week, King went on network television with a purported $450,000 media buy - a bold and normally cost-prohibitive move in New York, the nation's most expensive and saturated media market. Such as ad blitz is generally reserved for the most competitive races, and the clearest sign that Mejias' challenge is gaining steam, said political professionals from both parties.
Beyond saturating the airwaves with at least three different spots, King said he intended to swamp voters with 10 or 11 pieces of mail, which would mean one piece every other day.
"I have a lot of money and I'm covering all the bases," King said, insisting he isn't worried about coming up short on Election Day. "Quite frankly, I don't know what you guys at Newsday are going to do."

King has NEVER spent money like this. He doesn't even campaign but this year he is going out shaking hands at supermarkets. "Basically, you don't do this for votes - mainly for intelligence-gathering to pick up what people are saying," King said as he campaigned outside the Super Stop & Shop on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown Wednesday. "You do it to get a sense of whether things are starting to go against you."
King doesn't hold townhall meetings, avoids any real interaction with constituents and would rather spend his time speeaking to groups that would endorse him and/or give him money.

The long and short is that King has to do what he hasn't done before because Mejias is running an effective campaign.

The question we have is how will King pay his car payments, cell phone bills and steak dinners if he empties his campaign fund?

Video: Dave Mejias on WABC

Baghdad is JUST Like Manhattan

Via Atrios...

Over there:

* FALLUJA - Police found four bodies bearing signs of torture and bullet wounds in a deserted area near Falluja, 50 km (32 miles) west of Baghdad, police said. The bullet-riddled body of a kidnapped policeman was found, dumped in the town.

BAGHDAD - Police found 25 bodies with signs of torture and bullet wounds in different parts of Baghdad over the last 24 hours, Interior Ministry sources said.

BAGHDAD - A sports presenter at the state television station Iraqiya was killed with her driver in Baghdad, police said. The bodies were among six found in different parts of the city.

BAGHDAD - A bodyguard of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was shot and wounded in a government car on Saturday in Baghdad, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said. Maliki was absent. Gunmen in a car also killed two policemen in central Baghdad.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Peter King Gets an 'F' on Middle Class Issues

King likes to tout himself as a middle/working-class hero. The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy graded the House and Senate members on their 2005 votes.
King gets a big fat 'F'

On every issue that would affect the middle class, King voted against the middle class.
This shouldn't come as a suprise to anyone. King gets a 35% lifetime rating with the AFL-CIO.
King is weak on issues that affect the people he represents.

Check the chart and the votes here.

Kings Inch Deep Union Support

Trying to get the video of an interesting incident at the Mejias v. King debate. A reporter was asking a union member why he was there to support King and the union members response was "Because I was told to."

King has the support of Union official, not the rank and file membership. When it came to a floor vote at the AFL-CIO, Mejias won and King lost.

Mejias Added to Democratic Party 'Red to Blue' List

Red to Blue Page

Red to Blue Fundraising Page for Dave Mejias

An 80 Year Old Constiuent Sent This Letter to King

I had to post the whole thing....
here's the link to the original

A Letter To Congressman Peter King

October 23, 2006

Hon. Peter T. King
Member of Congress
1003 Park Boulevard
Massapequa Park, New York 11762

Dear Congressman King:

I've received two recorded telephone calls from your campaign in recent days. One was from Ed Koch, who urged me to vote for you ("I love the guy!" he said). Why you thought that such words of endearment from a blowhard like Koch would influence my vote, I have no idea. But one has to assume it reflects your opinion of the intellectual level of the people in your district. Me included, I guess.

The other was your taped voice, informing me I should vote for you because you are "leading the fight in Washington to protect us from Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration."

You added, so that I would understand how patriotic you are and how vigorously you are watching out for my security, that you support profiling for Muslim terrorists at our airports and making English our official language.

You invited me - and presumably all the others who received your unsolicited and intrusive calls - to submit any ideas or suggestions to your office.

O.K., here's one.

Next time, save the money and effort.

Perhaps you could donate any savings, not to your Gulotta-inspired political machine, but to your bosom, Air Force One sharing friend whose occupancy of the White House you have said helps you sleep at night, and suggest that it be earmarked (forgive the expression) to help reduce our national debt or buy body armor.

There is as much chance of this constituent voting for you as there is for you to fly to Louisiana or Baghdad or Mosul or anywhere, with or without flight suit, absent a photographer on hand to take pictures of you "meeting with" the local luminaries, presumably earning your soon-to-be-increased Congressional salary.

Not that you'll miss my vote. Ed Koch's sincerity-dripping blessing will surely sway at least two heretofore uncertain voters to more than make up for it.

And if that doesn't work, certainly you should gain some mileage from the endorsement, if one can call it that, of the mother of a 9/11 victim - she says she's your neighbor - who thinks you did something heroic after that event. What, I'm not sure and she doesn't tell us. But I do know your literature includes a photo of you at Ground Zero after 9/11, holding a cell phone to your ear, looking for all the world as if you were doing something other than avoiding getting in the way of people who were actually working at the site.

Apparently, anything in politics goes, Congressman, no matter how tasteless or exploitative. Shame is for wimps.

I have one or two more ideas, as long as you've asked. But first, a question.

Why is your campaign for reelection suddenly silent on the carnage in Iraq?

Wasn't that one of your signature issues? No recent pictures of you "conferring" with military leaders or hobnobbing with your acquired National Guard buddies on your junkets to Iraq? Wasn't this what you said it was all about - our need to invade a country where Islamic terrorism was being nurtured, where at Qaeda held sway and all those weapons of mass destruction were hidden, the deadly weapons aimed at the United States that somehow clever Hussein was able to make disappear?

What happened? Doesn't Iraq count anymore? Aren't our men and women still fighting there? Or is it that the mounting toll of dead and wounded has, at long last, gotten too embarrassing?

Could it be that you realize - and would just as soon others not realize - that you have no solution to the mess created by the lies and incompetence of your cowboy buddy in the White House and his tough talking compadres, Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rove, that you actually have no clue as to how to extricate our unprotected and targeted military personnel, no alternative to the continued killing and maiming other than more floundering and suffering in what is now a civil war? It's easy to say that we should "stay the course," so long as you're not the one being shot at.

Now that we can't use "Mission Accomplished" anymore, how do you suggest we identify the victory we've been promised? And when do we start celebrating?

Wasn't it three years ago this fall that you reported that "95% of Iraq is stable and secure," that "every school and hospital is open, electricity and power are at higher levels than before the war" and that "tens of thousands of Iraqis have been trained as police and soldiers and are working closely with American forces..."? So why are we still there and our men and women being killed?

I can sympathize, Congressman. If I were you, I'd probably be tempted to cover up this expanding chink in my armor, too. Well, not exactly armor - more like a battle jacket kept in the car for such a purpose, complete with American flag pin, that I'd sport ostentatiously to give people the idea I was a rugged, ready to fight, Oliver North-type guy. Nothing like being tough - or posing as tough to inflate one's ego and impress the voters back home. That's what photo ops are for, right?

When was the last time you saw active duty in a war zone?

Let's not forget Afghanistan where we continue to be bogged down, struggling to cope with the resurgence of the Taliban, the internecine killings and the bumper crops of poppies - or Osama bin Laden, dead or alive or, what's the word now, degraded? Wherever he and his video tape recorder are.

No, it is far easier, Congressman - and a hell of a lot safer - to rail against all the homegrown Muslims who threaten downtown Massapequa Park. Never mind that your facts are wrong. Throw out the idea that Islamic mosques are disguised breeding grounds for terrorists and that "Middle Eastern and South Asian" people need to be profiled at airports and bingo, a few more votes! We can relax. Except, perhaps, for the nagging thought that the real threat is coming from those ready-to-die terrorists throughout the world whose hatred we've managed to inflame, the conversion of our country into a new home front, polarized and perpetually on color-coded alert, the expenditure of billions of dollars on war and more useless arms, the loss of life and the uncertainty of our children's future. Other than those irritations, we should be able to sleep well, too.

Samuel Johnson wrote, " That man is little to be envied whose patriotism would not gain force upon the plain of Marathon..."

Translation: put your money where your militaristic mouth is.

Johnson, as you recall, was also the one who observed that "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." But maybe we'd better not go there... right, Congressman?

So... we're safer because we're going after all those homegrown Muslim terrorists who, while they're pretending to pray, may really be plotting to blow up strategic targets on Park Boulevard. (Now maybe it's understandable that you had your sign removed from the building directory (perhaps the only member of Congress in the country to do so) - to throw them off track and keep your photo file safe?)

But wait, as the infomercials urge, there's more.

We have also the threat to our national security from illegal immigrants, don't we? Solution: keep the bomb carrying wetbacks out by building a 700-mile fence to cover a 2,000 mile border. (That figures, doesn't it?) It'll cost only a little over a billion dollars - mere pocket change in Congressional spending. If we keep the soccer playing invaders out and send the 11 million already here illegally back to Mexico (perhaps you'll tell us how), it should cut down on the noise pollution from all those leaf blowers, open up the space in front of the 7-11's and prevent all that money earned here from being sent home to feed the workers' families.

But let's see. Congress appropriated only enough money to construct half the fence, didn't it? And there's no indication as to when or whether more money will be forthcoming to build the rest. Could we be missing something? (Perhaps the failure, also, to seal the porous, twice as long border to the north?)

Never mind that on these two issues alone - our reckless, unilateral, self-serving invasion of Iraq (Pope John Paul called it "an unjust" war) and immigration - your position is contrary to that of your church, as I understand your allegiance. (Want other examples?) That's your business, of course. Like the rest of us, you can pick and choose what you want to believe and ignore the rest. There's no need to be consistent. (Or should we expect a difference between politics and religion?)

And last, let's not fail to note that most potent weapon in our armament against those who would threaten our national security, governmental stability, economic vitality, educational progress and cultural values - the once and for all, courageous designation, preferably by Constitutional amendment (yes, that Constitution, the same one that we thought guaranteed the right of habeas corpus) of... (ready?) English as our official language, a plan you have long espoused. How's that for being bold and creative? We do have a good, solid reason (read wedge issue) to send a hardworking Congressman back to Washington and his free medical care after all, don't we? Chavez and the folks in Farmingville should be thrilled.

Now for a couple of suggestions. (Remember, this was your idea.)

Tomorrow morning, after your good night's sleep (you are still sleeping soundly, aren't you?) stand in front of the bathroom mirror and say to yourself, "Pete, let's face it, posing for pictures and all that has been fun, but I really don't belong in Washington - not as a Congressman, anyway. Nobody ever pointed out that the job called for vision, insight, judgment, ability to work with others and a readiness to serve the interests of all the people, that it was more than acting tough and pandering to the xenophobes."

But then your reflection will complain, "But I don't know anything else to do, I've been on a government payroll too long. I really don't want to be a Congressional page (not under the circumstances and I'm too old, anyway) or a tour guide," and your answer will be, "Not to worry. You can always work one of the corners at Golden Gloves bouts or write more racy potboilers, get them to put Ann Coulter on the cover and hope they sell. Or, since all the landscapers will soon be gone, you can hire yourself out to do yard work. God knows, you're fit enough. If all else fails, you can become a lobbyist, like the others. Why not? You've deserved it.

But just in case you waver in your determination to hang up your gloves, so to speak, let me make another suggestion that might reinforce the wisdom of leaving your day job.

Make a "I was wrong (what was I thinking?)" list, tape it to the front of the bathroom mirror and look at it every morning and evening.

Need help? Sure. How about...

I was wrong not to acknowledge at some point, even when the reality should have been obvious to a six-year old, that the Administration's deceptions and ambitions have grounded us in a senseless war that has already cost us almost 2,800 American lives, and God knows how many physically and emotionally wounded, caused the death of anywhere from (pick a number) 30,000 to 600,000 plus Iraqis, and alienated and isolated us from half the world.

I was wrong to covet and eagerly seize the job of Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee when, now that I have it (as I continually remind everybody), what has happened is that our country is less secure, billions of dollars (why is it always billions?) are being spent haphazardly and politically (check out "high risk" North Dakota and Indiana), while our airports, shipyards, chemical plants, industries, atomic energy installations, bridges and tunnels, transportation systems, schools and public gathering places remain tragically vulnerable to terrorist attack.

I was wrong to buy into the notion that bluster, slogans and sheer force are a "strategy" that can make and keep us secure and that ideas, negotiations and diplomacy are for "cut and run," white flag waving defeatists like Colin Powell and John Warner (with whom at one time I was glad to have my picture taken). Odd how those guys could actually have served in time of war and still feel this way.

I was wrong to be an enthusiastic supporter of an administration that has squandered an inherited surplus, increased our debt enormously, saddled our children and grandchildren with an astronomical deficit and placed us under obligation to unsavory nations that have bought our bonds and created a leverage that could spell economic disaster any time they might choose to pull out.

I was wrong to endorse a misdirected tax "reform" scheme that reduces the burden on the wealthy but leaves the folks in high tax Long Beach and Glen Cove to fend for themselves, wrong to sit by while good jobs escape overseas, to be replaced with Walmart-type jobs, and wrong to oppose an increase in the minimum wage, while quite happy to accept an increase for myself.

I was wrong, morally and scientifically, to oppose federally funding for embryonic stem cell research, wrong to appear to place a higher value on discarded cells than on the human lives that could be saved.

I was wrong not to express my outrage at the torture perpetrated at abu Ghraib and the deprivation of liberty and human rights of those held without trials or even charges at Guantanamo Bay. How I can continue to shut my eyes to these assaults upon our national honor and still maintain we are fighting for American values surprises even me.

I was wrong and am still wrong in my failure to give a high enough priority to curbing the poisoning of our environment, including the air breathed by children and older persons in Hicksville, Farmingdale and Babylon, and by my reluctance to challenge industrial interests by seriously reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. I don't know what happened to my tough, stand up for the little guy image.

I was wrong to back the President's plan (shelved conveniently until after the election) to privatize Social Security, risking the economic protection this most cost effective and successful government plan ever provides for the retired, disabled, widows and dependents, and, again catering to special interests, wrong to oppose competitive bidding for drugs under Medicare Part C, enabling the powerful pharmaceutical companies to make obscene amounts of money, while seniors pay higher drug costs than they should have to.

For that matter, I was and continue to be wrong in my opposition to a single payer health plan for all Americans, a plan that would save money and help meet urgent medical needs and even save lives among the 46,000,000 uninsured Americans, including many in the 3rd Congressional District.

But enough, Congressman.

There is much more to be said, as I suspect you, in your heart, know. But I hesitate to take up more time of whichever assistant or intern it is whose job is to read letters from your constituents and decide which ones to show you. I'm sure he or she realizes, especially at this late hour, that there are higher priorities for office staff.

Like sending out flyers.

But look, why not make it easy for everybody, including yourself? Take a break, Congressman. If the voters don't do it for you, resign. After - what is it, fourteen years? - in a dysfunctional House of Representatives, you're due a rest and the time to pull up crabgrass, like your Seaford neighbors. I'm sure you'll still be invited to Little League games and American Legion meetings and, with any luck, someone will still take your picture.

And your staff members, shouldn't they have the opportunity to find jobs they can be proud of? Think of the enriching experience they've had in Washington and Massapequa Park - loading film, handling calls from Dennis Hastert and watching their boss on Bill O'Reilly. You can send them off with reference letters written on your Congressional letterhead - while the supply and the franking privilege last.

I just hope they have health insurance. And no loved ones in Iraq.



The Curious Case of Sean King and Homeland Security Contracts Part 3

Alaska Structures Homeland Security Contracts

Alaska Structures paid Park Strategies $240,000 in 2005 to lobby Congress.

[Park Strategies]new client is Alaska Structures, which manufactures high-tech tents used by the military in Iraq. The company, which was run out of a van near Anchorage in the 1970s, recently won a military contract worth $120 million." (The New York Post, D'amato Rakes In Spoils Of War Biz, March 27, 2006)

"The former senator's firm [Park Strategies] received several large loobying [sic] payments from firms looking for anti-terror contracts from the government for homeland security or the war in Iraq. For instance, he was paid $240,000 by Alaska Structures, which provides tents to the military, and signed on as a lobbyist for defense contractor Lockheed Martin." (Newsday, Amato spreading the News Corp., May 30, 2006)

Alaska Industrial Resources manufactures portable, modular, fabric structures. Alaska Structures and Blue-Med Response Systems are both subsidiaries of Alaska Industrial Resources. Alaska Structures manufactures modular fabric buildings for a multitude of purposes. (Alaska Structures Web Site, http://www.alaskastructures.com)

Blue-Med manufactures modular, fabric medical facilities. According to their web site:

“BLU-MED Response Systems' state-of-the-art, climate-controlled fabric structures have become the shelter of choice for meeting medical and management needs of the US military in extreme conditions around the world. Now ready for the homeland, BLU-MED portable facilities can be rapidly deployed to the scene of a disaster or WMD event to support medical and emergency management services." (Alaska Structures Web Site, http://www.alaskastructures.com/products_government_mobile.html)
Blu-Med Tried to Meet With FEMA During Hurricane Katrina

The day Hurricane Katrina made landfall, FEMA director Mike Brown received an email from a former lawmaker-turned lobbyist Sen. Tim Hutchinson, R-Ark, asking if he could set up a meeting between Brown and Blu-Med President Gerritt Boyle. The documents do not indicate that Mike Brown responded to Hutchinson's request. Hutchinson's email said,

"I apologize for bothering you at this critical time and for going directly to you about this... I would yery (sic) much appreciate being able to bring the President of Blu-Med Response Systems, Gerritt Boyle, in to meet with you as soon as your schedule permits." (Associated Press Online, E-Mails Show Brown Disputed Levee Breach May 10, 2006)
King Had Oversight Over Homeland Security Dept. Spending / Procurement - Alaska Structure Received Two FEMA Contracts Worth over $1 Million During Hurricanes Rita and Katrina

Alaska Structures was awarded one contract for $487,467 and another for $603,570 after Hurricane Rita and Katrina. (Order Number: HHSP233200500508G) FEMA assigned responsibility for relief operations in the area of public health and medical services to the Department of Health and Human Services. While an audit by the Office of Inspector General of DHHS concluded that federal officials complied with Federal acquisition requirements, it did not review contract performance or the acceptance and inspection of goods and services received. (DHHS, Office of Inspector General Report, Emergency Response To hurricanes Katrina And Rita: Audit Of Program Support center’s Procurement Process For Contract Action Hhsp233200500508g With Alaska Structures, Inc., June 2006)
Blu-Med President Instrumental in Establishing 4 Regional Stockpiles of Emergency Disaster Medical Facilities Worth $20M

“Recently, Mr. Boyle has been instrumental in developing an "on call" response capability offered by BLU-MED, along wit [sic] establishing 4 regional stockpiles across the country with (10) 50-bed Disaster Medical Facilities and enough emergency shelters to house up to 10,000 persons, at an approximate value of $20M." (Blu-Med Website, Biography of President Gerrit Boyle, http://www.blu-med.com/team.html)

Alaska Structures Received $2 Million Contract in FY 2007 Defense Appropriation Act

“The bills, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Appropriations Act for FY2007 and the Department of Defense Appropriations Act for FY2007 will go to the President for his expected signature. The FY 2007 Defense Appropriations Bill (H.R. 5631), includes the following provisions requested by and fought for by Senator Salazar: million for Combat Support Hospital tents, to be produced by Alaska Structures in Delta, CO, which provide state-of-the-art field medical hospitals." (US Fed News, SEN. SALAZAR TO VOTE FOR SECURE BORDERS, IMPROVED HOMELAND SECURITY, NATION'S MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM, September 29, 2006)
Alaska Structures Had $52.5 Million in Gov’t Contracts in FY2003

According to a federal procurement report for FY 2003, Alaska contracts secured over $52.5 million dollars in government contracts. (Federal Procurement Report FY 2003, http://www.fpdsng.com/fpr_reports_fy_03.html)
Alaska Structures Claimed To Be Largest Supplier of Portable Shelters to US Military

Alaska Structures claimed it has provided 30,000 portable shelters to soldiers, researchers and various businesses in 40 countries since the 1970's. They also claim they are the largest supplier of shelter systems for the United States military and that they have garnered top scores from the military for two years in a row. The company has eight offices in the U.S. and one in Europe. (Alaska Journal of Commerce, Alaska shelter company began in a Volkswagen van, November 14, 2004)

Peter King Hypocritical Statements on Homeland Security Spending

Peter King Said He Didn't Believe in Pork Barrel Politics Regarding Homeland Security Money

Prior to becoming the House Homeland Security Chairman, King said he didn't believe that homeland security should be used for pork barrel spending.

"A lot of guys on both sides of the aisle only care about getting money for their districts," complains Republican representative Peter King, whose Long Island constituents include thousands of daily commuters to New York City. "I come from Nassau County, I worked with Alfonse D'Amato, I understand pork-barrel spending," he says. "But this shouldn't be the case when it comes to homeland security." (National Review, Introducing Pork-Barrel Homeland Security: A little here, a lot there, August 11, 2003)

Peter King Secured $2 million dollars for North Shore/LIJ to Strengthen Emergency Preparedness

After becoming Homeland Security chairman, Peter King had few qualms about using his influence to secure homeland security funding for Long Island.

“The defense authorization bill signed recently by President Bush includes $2 million for the North Shore-Long Island Jewish (LIJ) Health System to further strengthen the public health infrastructure needed for the mass casualties that could result from a terrorist attack, natural disaster or other large-scale emergency. The grant, made possible by U.S. Rep. Peter King, R-Massapequa, will enable North Shore-LIJ to expand emergency preparedness training it has already provided to more than 4,000 first responders, and better prepare physicians to identify and treat illnesses that may be linked to bioterrorism. In addition, funds will be used to develop a back-up communications system that will preserve emergency services in the event of large-scale power, telephone and satellite outages. “Congressman King has been a long-time supporter of North Shore-'s emergency preparedness efforts, both before and after Sept. 11, 2001," said Michael J. Dowling, president and CEO of the North Shore-LIJ Health System. "This grant will strengthen and extend North Shore-'s intensive emergency resources, which are available to healthcare facilities throughout the New York area." (North Shore / LIJ Press Release, http://www.northshorelij.com/body.cfm?id=204&actionfiltered=detail&ref=646)

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's Sad Yet Funny in a Weird Way

I was going to leave it alone but since Newsday's Spincycle blog picked it up, I will discuss a "counter blog" Mejias Watch set up a couple of days ago.
And yes, the blog is set up in response to this blog. "Welcome to Mejias Watch, a counter-blog to Peter King Watch, who is the Republican incumbent in New York's 3rd Congressional District. While I won't spend my entire life revolved around a blog, I think it's necessary to have some open dialogue with less than two weeks to go before Election Day."
I was in Staten Island all day at a wedding so I missed when Micheal Rothfield published his Spincycle post.
Needless to say, the other site is fairly ill-informed and seems fated to go the way of a couple other Long Island blogs that made a "grand" enterance but died shortly after.
I don't want to clutter this site with junk from the other site so tune in to Mejias Watch Watch the next few days for some fun.

In response to Rothfields post, (hey Micheal, give me a call I have no problem going on the record) I am hardly anonymous and if the facts are "smears" then King is doing something he shouldn't be.


Video: New Mejias Commercial

King Partisans Resort to Theft and Vandalism

The King campaign is so desperate from the incredible number of signs they are putting up to King admitting he needs to spend all of his $1.6million to win re-election, they have now resorted to theft and vandalism.
Newsday reports "Vandals took a large sign for congressional candidate David Mejias from his mother's lawn in Farmingdale Wednesday night and then plastered Elsa Mejias' car with bumper stickers for incumbent Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford), according to Nassau County police. Mejias, a Nassau County legislator from North Massapequa, said, "I've been in some pretty brutal campaigns but this is ridiculous."

In a statement King said, "Obviously no one in my campaign would have been involved in any act of vandalism. For all we know, it could have been contrived by a desperate Mejias campaign, which knows it can always get cheap and easy coverage in Newsday."

The problem is that republicans stealing and vandalizing around election time is a well-known activity.
In local races last year we reported and had pictures of vandalism and a republican committee-man caught red-handed stealing signs from private property and signs being stolen from candidates homes.
The cameras are out again this year and the republican thugs WILL be caught.

I do know of a Heller for Assembly sign that was removed and replaced by a King sign on Hicksville Road.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mejias v. King Race Added to The Democratic Party's 'Red to Blue' List

The Democratic party considers this race winnable.
The party blog 'The Stakeholder' made the announcement to be followed by a press release.

More info to come...

We Made Hungarian News!!??!!?????

Can anyone translate? I know this has to do with the "google bombing" but this blog wasn't mentioned anywhere in reference to it except in Hungary.

USA: új kampánytaktika a Google-találatok befolyásolása

"Liberális bloggerek akciója
Liberális bloggerek kifinomult Google-bombázási kampányba kezdtek annak érdekében, hogy befolyásolják a világ első számú keresőjének algoritmusát. Bizonyos republikánus kongresszusi jelöltek neveit hivatkozásokkal és negatív cikkekre mutató keresztutalásokkal árasztják el. Az eredmény a liberális bloggerek számára kedvező esetben az, hogy ha valaki a jelöltek nevére rákeres, akkor a negatív cikkek a keresés eredményei között az elsők között szerepelnek.
Az újraválasztásért küzdő John Kyl arizonai szenátor nevére a Google például kidob egy olyan cikket, amely szerint a politikus ideje nagy részét azzal tölti Washingtonban, hogy hajbókol a Bush-kormánynak, sokszor Arizona érdekei ellenében. Peter King Long Island-i republikánus képviselő pedig a
keresőn felhozott egyik blog szerint az etnikai megkülönböztetés híve."

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The Curious Case of Sean King and Homeland Security Contracts Part 2

From Guest Blogger JH

Read Part 1 First Here..

L-3 Communications Homeland Security Contracts
L-3 is Fourth Largest Recipient of Homeland Security Contracts, $5.42 Billion

According to Forbes.com, L-3 is the fourth largest recipient of Homeland Security contracts. L-3’s annual revenue is $9.44 billion and as of August 2006 had received $5.42 billion dollars worth of Homeland Security contracts.

“L-3 is a major supplier of airport bomb screening devices for the Transportation Security Administration. L-3 will also provide technical support for the U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (VISIT) program, including biometric scanning stations to identity immigrants entering and leaving the U.S.” (Forbes.com, Big Time Security, August 3, 2006)

L-3 Communications is a New York based company. A company press release indicated that:
“L-3 Communications is a leading provider of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems, secure communications systems, aircraft modernization, training and government services. The company is a leading merchant supplier of a broad array of high technology products, including guidance and navigation, sensors, scanners, fuzes, data links, propulsion systems, simulators, avionics, electro optics, satellite communications, electrical power equipment, encryption, signal intelligence, antennas and microwave components. L-3 also supports a variety of Homeland Security initiatives with products and services. Its customers include the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, selected U.S. Government intelligence agencies and aerospace prime contractors.” (L-3 Press Release, August 9, 2006, http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/index.jsp?epi-)

L-3 Communications Won $350M Homeland Security Contract, D’Amato Said He Was Pleased With Park Strategies Success

“Another new client is a division of Manhattan-based L-3 Communications. The company won a $350 million Homeland Security contract last month to run security exercises for the feds. D'Amato said in a statement through Siracuse that, "We are very happy with the progress that Park Strategies is making in our D.C. office, and we hope to continue to grow."” (The New York Post, D'AMATO RAKES IN SPOILS OF WAR BIZ, March 27, 2006)

General Atomics Homeland Security Contracts

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary of General Atomics, which paid Park Strategies $120,000 in 2005 to represent their interests before Congress.

“The company [General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.] has made significant gains in two major market segments and has continued its operational and developmental successes in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and weapons delivery capabilities. “GA-ASI received two key contracts in 2005 that could significantly increase its footprint in the unmanned aerial systems market,” said Frost & Sullivan research analyst Kathy Ellwood….

The second award comes from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (DHS/CBP). So far, one Predator B serves as a surveillance platform in support of the Border Patrol and another has been ordered; both will conduct missions along the southern border of the United States. This award is historically significant because it is the first procurement of a UAS from CBP in support of a homeland security mission. Predator B will provide additional surveillance in tracking illegal crossings, drug trafficking and potential terrorist activity. “These awards are similar in that successful operations in the next several years could develop into future contracts for both agencies,” noted Ellwood. “Operational successes in the Army and Department of Homeland Security could provide further momentum to enter additional markets such as maritime surveillance and additional commercial and international sales.””(General Atomics Press Release, April 27, 2006 http://www.ga.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1146168439&archive=&start_from=&ucat=1&
Peter King Sponsored Legislation Supporting Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Other Military Technology To Secure US Border

Title: To establish operational control over the international land and maritime borders of the United States.
Rep King, Peter T. [NY-3] (introduced 9/13/2006) Cosponsors (42)
Related Bills:
Latest Major Action: 9/29/2006 Cleared for White House.
9/29/2006--Passed Senate, without amendment. (There are 2
other summaries)

Secure Fence Act of 2006 - Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security, within 18 months of enactment of this Act, to take appropriate actions to achieve operational control over U.S. international land and maritime borders, including: (1) systematic border surveillance through more effective use of personnel and technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, ground-based sensors, satellites, radar coverage, and cameras; and (2) physical infrastructure enhancements to prevent unlawful border entry and facilitate border access by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, such as additional checkpoints, all weather access roads, and vehicle barriers.
Peter King’s Quotes On Use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles To Protect Borders

“New House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King (R-N.Y.) believes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are “underutilized” by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and should play a larger role in border security operations. “I see a very, very real role for UAVs. We need to treat the border as a quasi-war […] King says UAVs should play “much, much more” of a role along borders, where they could track immigrants coming into the country as well as possible illicit activities, such as drug smuggling. “They are not at all being used to the extent that they should be,” he adds.” (Canadian Unmanned Vehicle Systems Community, New Homeland Security Chairman Sees Larger Role for UAVs in Border Security, October 20th, 2005, http://uvscanada.org/blog/?p=62)
King on Use of Military Technology

“Before we can address the overall immigration problem, we have to first show and convince the American people that we can control our borders. We're going to be for the first time using military technology on the borders. We are calling for construction or whatever is necessary along the southern border to close off the border, whether it's walls, fences, infrastructure, lasers, technology, border patrol.” (CNN, Lou Dobbs, December 15, 2005)

Lockheed Martin Homeland Security Contracts
Lockheed Martin Has a $20 Billion Contract To Upgrade Coast Guard Ships

Integrated Coast Guard Systems is a company formed by Lockheed Martin and Northup Grumman to manage a multi-year program to modernize and replace the Coast Guard's aging ships and aircraft, and improve command and control and logistics systems. The program is called the Deepwater project. It is the largest acquisition in the history of the Coast Guard. Integrated Coast Guard Systems (ICGS) was awarded the contract in June, 2002.

The Deepwater program is a 20- to 25-year, $19- to $24-billion acquisition program to replace or modernize 93 Coast Guard ships and 207 Coast Guard aircraft. The Coast Guard's FY2006 budget requests $966 million for the program. On March 25, 2005, the Coast Guard submitted to Congress a revised implementation plan for the program. Some Members of Congress have criticized the plan on several grounds. The House version of H.R. 2360, the FY2006 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations bill, reduces the FY2006 Deepwater funding request to $500 million; the Senate version reduces it to $905.6 million. ((LMT), Raytheon (RTN), Boeing (BA), Northrop Grumman (NOC) and wireless-equipment provider Ericsson (ERIC).
Two years ago, another big corporation, Accenture, won potentially the largest contract in the Department of Homeland Security's short history.” (USA Today, Homeland security generates multibillion dollar business, 9/10/2006)
Lockheed Martin is #1 Defense Contractor

“According to the Arms Trade Resource Center, Lockheed Martin gets $105 from each U.S. taxpayer and $228 from each U.S. household. In 2002 the company was effectively taxed at 7.7% compared to an average tax rate for individuals of 21-33%.” (http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?list=type&type=9)
Homeland Security Consultant Said DHS Provided Inadequate Oversight Of Large Contractors

“Consultant Doug Laird, who worked for the U.S. Secret Service and was Northwest Airlines' security director, criticizes the Department of Homeland Security for awarding so many contracts to large corporations. In general, he says, the contractors oversell the security value of their goods and services. Further, he says, the government exercises inadequate oversight. "The DHS has pretty much given them an open check to supply products and services," he says.
Often, the large corporations "have no idea about" the work that needs to be done, Laird says. "In my opinion, it's a total rip-off."” (USA Today, Homeland security generates multibillion dollar business, 9/10/2006)

October Surprises

From Guest Blogger Paco in Glen Cove

So far as October surprises are concerned, we should not be surprised that once again the Republicans have trotted out Osama Bin Laden to grab a little more spotlight that they haven't yet given him. (SEE VIDEO)
Watch that commercial very carefully, and what do you notice? I notice that out of five quotes attributed to the terrorists, four of those statements were uttered AFTER 9/11. Now, bringing up 80% of Osama and Al-Zawahiri's post 9/11 speeches, isn't exactly something to brag about, in fact it reeks of failure. After all, these people who masterminded the mass murder of Americans, have put out more videos than Britany Spears in the past five years.
I know that is acceptable to Peter King but it should always be remembered that a choice was made in 2001-02. A choice between going after the terrorists or overthrowing Saddam and we all know which choice was made. The fact is that today they have drug us into an unnecessary war in Iraq with no end in sight, when we had bin Laden cornered in Afghanistan... And let him go.
Sadly, the tactic of this video will work for some voters. The only way that it can happen at this point, is if we the people allow ourselves to be so frightened to vote for or against a particular candidate. So as a matter of fairness, we should also point out the Democrat video that was actually made a couple of months ago quoting "The Decider" saying “I truly am not that concerned about him.[Bin Laden]” (
Isn't it funny that Peter King and his Republican Party are only concerned about Bin Laden around election time?

Video: Peter King Calls AARP and NAACP "Radical" Organizations

King will say anything to defend himself.

The Curious Case of Sean King and Homeland Security Contracts Part 1

Part 1 in an eye-opening multiple series from guest blogger JH

As Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Peter King has tremendous influence over legislation related to Homeland Security, appropriations related to Homeland Security, and the decisions made by the Department of Homeland Security.

Peter King’s son, Sean King is a vice-president at Park Strategies, a New York and Washington based lobby firm that has recently become influential in the defense and homeland security business in Washington, D.C. Sean King is not a registered lobbyist, which complicates the relationship between Sean King, his responsibilities at Park Strategies, and his familial relationship with the Chairman of the Homeland Security committee.

The House Committee on Government Reform in July 2006 released a report that chronicled billions of dollars in homeland security contracts riddled with waste, abuse and mismanagement. In addition, a multitude of news reports have, for the past three years, enumerated a pattern questionable relationships between the Homeland Security/Defense industry and Bush administration officials in the Department of Homeland Security.

A federal investigation of Sean King, Park Strategies clients and Homeland Security contractors should be conducted to determine the legality of these myriad relationships and the billions of dollars in government contracts that have been funneled to well connected corporations.

D’Amato is “Go-To Guy” for Defense and Homeland Security Contracts
Park Strategies Focused On Defense and Homeland Security Contracts

“Former Sen. Alfonse D'Amato has made himself the go-to guy for defense and security business in Washington, D.C. - using his Senate clout and gold-plated connections to bring in fees of more than $800,000 to his lobbying firm, The Post has learned. "Senator Pothole" has shifted his sights from local "pork" projects to multimillion-dollar high-tech surveillance and aerospace clients, as Washington doles out megabucks security contracts in the war on terror, records show.

The businesses hired D'Amato's firm to help influence key defense and security congressmen and agencies who hand out billions in taxpayer dollars. Among D'Amato's new clients are Lockheed Martin, which makes the F-16 fighter jet, and General Atomics, which makes the unmanned Predator aircraft. Lockheed paid D'Amato's firm $94,000 last year, while General Atomics paid $120,000, according to lobbying-disclosure reports.” (The New York Post, D'AMATO RAKES IN SPOILS OF WAR BIZ, March 27, 2006)

Peter King’s son, Sean King is Vice President At Park Strategies

Between 2005 and 2006, Sean King left the US Department of Commerce and joined the lobby firm Park Strategies. Park Strategies was created by former Senator Alfonse D’Amato in 1999. It does not appear that Sean King is a registered lobbyist. A Taiwanese web site lists, Sean King as a Vice President as Park Strategies. (http://www.taiwanus.net/investintaiwan/index.htm)

Video Link: http://www.taiwanus.net/investintaiwan/wmv.php?id=http://www.taiwanus.us/media/2006091508

Sean King joined Park Strategies in February 2006.

“Sean King, 36, joined Park Strategies in February 2006, a strategic advisory firm run by former U.S. Senator Alfonse M. D’Amato of New York. Mr. King heads up the firm’s burgeoning Asia-Pacific business.” (6TH Annual Chicago Asia-Pacific Business Conference 2006, http://student.chicagogsb.edu/group/capg/asiabus2006/panelA.htm)
Sean King is Peter T. King’s Son, Who is Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee

Sean King’s resume indicated that he lived at: 2475 Virginia Avenue, NW, Apt. 811, Washington, DC 2003. (http://www.marketingpower.com/content/Sean%20King%20-%20CV%20Oct%202004.doc)

Peter T. King has two listed addresses: 2475 Virginia Avenue, Washington, DC 20037-2639 and 1442 Roth Rd, Seaford, NY 11783-1826.
Park Strategies Has Numerous Clients with Homeland Security Contracts

Company Park Strategy Contract
General Atomics $120,000
Alaska Structures $240,000
Lockheed Martin $33,500
L-3 Communications **

** Park Strategies did not represent L-3 Communications in 2005.
More Than Half of D’Amato’s $2.4M In Lobby Fees Have Been Collected in The Last Year

“D'Amato's firm has earned $2.4 million in federal lobbying fees since 2000. More than half of that, records show, is from jobs collected in the past year….Two years ago,
D'Amato opened up a Washington-based branch of his lobbying firm, calling it Park Strategies Washington Group. It is managed by Kraig M. Siracuse, a former D'Amato aide who most recently worked for Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska). Siracuse helped secure the News Corp. contract through his contacts with its Washington-based executive vice president of government relations Michael Regan, another former Capitol Hill aide.” (Newsday, D’Amato spreading the News Corp., May 30, 2006)
Peter King Received Campaign Contributions from Park Strategies Clients

L-3 Communications Contributions to King - $5,000
10/25/2005 L-3 Communications Corporation PAC - $2,000
1/11/2006 L-3 Communications Corporation PAC - $1,000
6/6/2006 L-3 Communications Corporation PAC- $2,000

General Atomics Contributions To King’s Campaign - $1,000

5/1/2006 General Atomics PAC- $1,000

Lockheed Martin Contributions To King - $13,000
11/8/1995 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $500
3/7/1996 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $500
8/8/1996 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $1,000
9/20/1996 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $1,000
3/7/1997 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $500
6/9/1998 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $4,500
2/4/1999 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $500
4/21/1999 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $500
6/24/1999 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $500
12/15/1999 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $1,000
6/28/2000 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $1,000
9/8/2000 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $500
5/12/2004 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $1,000

President of Blu-Med (a.k.a. Alaska Structures) Donated to King’s Campaign - $500

Gerrit Boyle, of Lynden, Washington, donated $500 to King’s Congressional campaign on 2/15/2006.

Top Ten Homeland Security Contractors Have Won $65 Billion in Private Contracts Since 9/11

“Since Sept. 11, 2001, the department and its agencies have paid private contractors at least $130 billion, an analysis of federal databases shows. The top ten contractors won at least $65 billion, or roughly half, of that. General Electric's InVision heads the list, with at least $15 billion in contract revenue, followed by the likes of IBM, L-3 Communications and Honeywell, according to a computer analysis of federal contract awards and actions.” (Forbes.com, Big Time Security, August 3, 2006)

On to Part 2 HERE

Video: Have You Had Enough of Peter King?


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Living Like a King UPDATE

We said yesterday that King might have a Pete McGowan problem.
Looking at King expenditures, many of them seem to fall outside the allowable expenditures set by the FEC.
His car payments, cable bill, and many meals don't seem to fit within the FEC guidelines.

"Using campaign funds for personal use is prohibited. The regulations provide a test to differentiate legitimate campaign and officeholder expenses from personal expenses, and the regulations include a list of specific expenses that are considered personal use. (Candidates and officeholders should also consult the House or Senate Ethics Rules.)

Campaign/Officeholder Expenses vs. Personal Expenses

In determining whether expenses are for personal use or are legitimate campaign/officeholder expenses, the Commission uses the “Irrespective Test” discussed below.

The Irrespective Test

Personal use is any use of funds in a campaign account of a candidate (or former candidate) to fulfill a commitment, obligation or expense of any person that would exist irrespective of the candidate’s campaign or responsibilities as a federal officeholder. 113.1(g). More simply put, if the expense would exist even in the absence of the candidacy or even if the officeholder were not in office, then the personal use ban applies.

Conversely, any expense that results from campaign or officeholder activity falls outside the personal use ban.
EXAMPLE: A candidate may not pay for his or her personal household expenses with campaign funds because those costs would be incurred even if he or she were not running for federal office.

Case-by-Case Determination of Personal Use
For other expenses not mentioned above, theCommission will determine, on a case-by-casebasis, whether the expense is one that would existirrespective of the candidate’s campaign or duties as a federal officeholder and would be considered a personal use expense. For example, the Commission will address payments for meals, travel,vehicles, mixed-use and legal expenses on a case-by-case basis. 113.1(g)(1)(ii).

Meal Expenses
Campaign funds may be used to pay for meals during face-to-face fundraising events. By contrast, a candidate may not use campaign funds to take his or her family out to dinner.113.1(g)(1)(ii)(B)"

Vehicle Expenses
Campaign funds cannot be used to pay for expenses relating to the personal use of a campaignvehicle unless those expenses are de minimis, thatis, unless they are insignificant in relation to the overall vehicle use. 113.1(g)(1)(ii)(D)"

And there is a question about what King charged for $70,000 on his credit cards that is not itemized.

"Credit Card Transactions
For credit card transactions, the committee must retain:
• A monthly billing statement; or
• The customer receipt for each transaction; and
• The canceled check used to pay the credit card account.102.9(b)(2)(ii)."

How Did King Lose Power in One Month?

Earlier this month we posted congressional rankings that had King at #66 out of the 223 Republicans and #83 in the entire House.
Today there is a new ranking (Hat Tip to a reader) that puts King at #101 out of 223 in the republican party and #123 in the House. According to Congress.org, King "since Last Rankings
Dropped 40 in Power Rank"

Last time King was #7 in the state, now he is #8.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Does King have a Pete McGowan Problem?

The more you look at Kings "campaign" expenditures for his car and phone and other items the more it resembles former Islip Town Supervisor Pete McGowan and his problems, "Newsday reported that McGowan's campaign records showed he used the fund to pay for $64,500 in expenses, including a lease on an $80,000 Mercedes-Benz and $28,500 in restaurant tabs."

Take a look at some of Kings expenditures...Living Like a King

King Gets a C+ from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

For such a rah-rah war supporter, King comes up a little short on actual needs of soldiers and vets.

See the ranking page here.

And this is how they came up with the rankings "Each IAVA Congressional Rating is based on a given legislator's voting history on issues that affect US Troops, Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans and military families.
To calculate the Ratings, IAVA reviewed all legislation voted on in the Congress since September 11, 2001. For each piece of legislation that affected troops, veterans or military families, IAVA took a position either in support of, or in opposition to its passage. The letter grades were derived, using the scales below, from the percentage of times that each legislator's vote matched the official IAVA stance."

King on Illegal Immigration

On the Long Island website The Schwartz Report, King had this to say about immigration "I am a supporter of legal immigration. Prior to 9/11/01 it's not the issue it is today. I am opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty to illegal immigrants.... Illegal immigrants that are captured need to be returned to their country and we must penalize employers that hire illegals."

See how slick that was?
King throws in "Prior to 9/11/01 it's not the issue it is today."
He uses that to absolve himself from his previous postion of trying to help legalize illegal Irish immigrants.

We posted about this back in July -
"During the 80's and 90's, King was involved with the Irish Immigration Reform Movement (IIRM) which among other things concerned itself with helping legalize Irish immigrants. Fast-forward to today and the current incarnation of the IIRM, Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) went to Washington to lobby Congress on the immigration reform bill last week and King who would in the past bend over backward for the Irish was a no-show.
According to the Irish Echo, when a large group from the ILIR including prominent Irish politicans went to DC on June 28th, "ILIR chairman, Niall O'Dowd, also criticized Rep. King. Meetings with 87 legislators had been arranged in advance of the morning's lobbying effort, he said. The only one who hadn't turned up, he said, was Congressman King."
King's new take on legalizing the Irish is far from where he was before. King says now "If it's wrong for a Muslim to be living illegally on Atlantic Avenue, you can't make a distinction between that and an Irish person."
In the past, King fully supported and did all he could to help illegal Irish immigrants. But we all know he is willing to throw anyone under the bus to help himself.
Kelly Fincham, director of ILIR tells the Rockland Journal News "There's still room for him to be a friend of the Irish,"
He will be a friend of the Irish again when he needs them politically.

See what he had to say about the Irish and George Bush "I don't buy that it's just anti-Bush. There's a certain unpleasant trait that the Irish have, and it's begrudgery ... and resentment towards the Americans,"

Living Like a King

Campaign funds should be used for campaigning, right?
Peter King has a campaign fund that hovers around $1.6 million cumulative this election cycle.
Dave Mejias has made an issue of congress continually voting itself pay raises and pointed out that King has voted 9 times to increase his own salary.
One wonders why King would need a salary increase when his campaign fund provides so much for him.

This is for the 2005-2006 cycle...

His campiagn fund pays for his car -
Ford Motor Credit - $8156

And apparantly a new car this year -
Hassett Lincoln Mercury - $1534
and an after-market item from
Car Tunes - $533

Of course you need gas for a car -
BA Mobil - $271
Exxon Mobil - $973
Getty Gas - $934
And sometimes repairs
Rudy's A-1 Auto Shop - $500

The man has to yet some good food at
Bobby Vans Steakhouse - $4152
Morton's Steakhouse - $1380
Tarallo's Pizza - $1108
The Caucus Room - $3776
The Dubliner - $2425

And he needs a place to sleep
Phoenix Park Hotel, Washington, DC - $13,284

He needs his FOX News, cable bill from
Cablevision - $1202
Cablevision contributed $2000 to King. Why don't they just credit his cable bill and call it even?
And his cell phone to call right-wing talk radio shows
Island Cellular - $232
And pay
Verizon Wireless - $6602
Verizon - $1232
Verizon gave King $6000 and that went right back to them.

King apparantly likes to read,
Amazon.com - $925
Barnes and Noble - $545

Non-itemized expenditures on credit cards
Chase Mastercard - $530
Chase Visa - $370
American Express - $69,047
What did he charge $70,000 for in a single year? That's more than the average salary of his constituents.

In the 2003-2004 cycle, King spent $6093 at Bobby Vans Steak House, $1936 on Cable, $3030 for his car payments and alot more non-campaign items.

You can check 2001-2002 here, 1999-2000 here, 1997-1998 here, and 1995-1996 here.

King sure does love his steakhouse dinners.

And If you contribute to King, next time you see him ask for a ride in his car... you are paying for it.

King Refused to Allow Committee Democrats to Offer Amendments

From Congress Daily via Govexec.com...

"The top Democrat on the House Homeland Security Committee says bipartisan relations on his panel have been damaged from the experience of pushing through a port security bill during last month's rush to recess for the fall elections.
House Homeland Security ranking member Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., told CongressDaily "there's no question" that the process of finishing the bill strained bipartisan relationships on the committee, mainly because Democrats were not allowed to offer amendments during final conference negotiations."

"Thompson said he feels that King lied to him. "When a person tells you to your face that you will have an opportunity to offer an amendment and then just absolutely ignores his word, that damages all the good will that has gone before in the committee," Thompson said. "Most of us come to conference with only our word, and when you violate your word to another member that damages relationships."
When asked for a response, a spokesman for King said only, "These comments don't warrant a response."
Democrats intended to offer amendments to the bill that would have boosted funding for rail and transit security and lifted the cap on the number of passenger and baggage screeners that the Transportation Security Administration can employ.
"All Chairman King had to do was give us an opportunity to present our amendments, and if we lost, then so be it," Thompson said."

This is a follow-up to what we posed back in september about King just plain lying about what is going on in his committee.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Video: Peter King and His Terrorists

King proclaims he is a leader in the war on "Islamic" Terrorism....
What about other terrorism?

Peter King Thanks God This Man is President

A Liar.

(Hat Tip Crooks and Liars)

Peter King Prepared to Spend his $1.5million War Chest?

More on King running scared.....

According to the NYPost, "Powerful Long Island Republican Rep. Peter King says he plans to empty his $1.6 million campaign war chest by Election Day - a sign that the senior lawmaker is sweating his race in a dicey year for the GOP.
"No sense having money in the bank," King told The Post. "I take every race seriously, because you never know what's going to happen."
King, 62, is facing an aggressive challenge from 35-year-old Nassau County Democratic legislator Dave Mejias.
Mejias touts a recent independent poll that had King up by only 2 points.
Aides say King's own polling had him up 30 points a few weeks ago.
But that was before the Mark Foley House page scandal, further casualties in Iraq and President Bush's low approval ratings threatened to create an environment dangerous GOP incumbents.
King admits he faces a "national mood" that could work against him.
"This really has nothing to do with my opponent," he said of his busy campaign schedule and pricey TV ads. "It's [to] make sure that I'm running strongly against the national climate."

Early on in the race, King dismissed Mejias as being the "third choice" to run against him.
I guess the "third choice" is turning out to be the first choice for voters.
Also, if King took "every race seriously," he wouldn't have a million dollar campaign fund.
He never spent like this in past races.

Peter King, The Empty Suit

Here is a look back at King sponsered legislation this congress. He doesn't get much passed and when he does, it's not that important.
Note: The SAFE Port act which passed was "sponsered" by King only because his committee wrote it.

As John McCain said.... "..there is little in Mr. King’s singularly unimpressive legislative record to suggest that he is motivated by anything other than a compulsion to utter provocative sound bites."

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House committee

H.R.6061 - Description: To establish operational control over the international land and maritime borders of the United States.
Cleared for White House

H.RES.994 - Description: Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks launched against the United States on September 11, 2001.
Passed/agreed to in House

House committee/subcommittee actions

H.R.5664 Description: To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 110 Cooper Street in Babylon, New York, as the Jacob Samuel Fletcher Post Office Building.
Became Public Law No: 109-315

H.AMDT.788 Description: Managers amendment consists of the text of the amendment contained in House Report 109-450 and printed on pages H2134-H2135 in the Congressional Record for May 4, 2006.
House amendment agreed to

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House subcommittee

Placed on the Union Calendar, Calendar No

Referred to House committee

H.R.3934 Description: To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 80 Killian Road in Massapequa, New York, as the Gerard A. Fiorenza Post Office Building.
Became Public Law No: 109-255

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House committee

H.AMDT.294 Description: Amendment requires the President to direct the U.S. Permanent Representative to the U.N. to use the voice, vote, and influence of the U.S. to ensure the Secretary General exercises the right and duty to waive immunity of any U.N. official in any case in which such immunity would impede the course of justice.
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Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House subcommittee

H.J.RES.38 Description: Recognizing Commodore John Barry as the first flag officer of the United States Navy.
Became Public Law No: 109-142

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House subcommittee

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Referred to House committee

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House committee

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House committee

Referred to House subcommittee

Referred to House committee

Referred to House committee

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