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The Curious Case of Sean King and Homeland Security Contracts Part 1

Part 1 in an eye-opening multiple series from guest blogger JH

As Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Peter King has tremendous influence over legislation related to Homeland Security, appropriations related to Homeland Security, and the decisions made by the Department of Homeland Security.

Peter King’s son, Sean King is a vice-president at Park Strategies, a New York and Washington based lobby firm that has recently become influential in the defense and homeland security business in Washington, D.C. Sean King is not a registered lobbyist, which complicates the relationship between Sean King, his responsibilities at Park Strategies, and his familial relationship with the Chairman of the Homeland Security committee.

The House Committee on Government Reform in July 2006 released a report that chronicled billions of dollars in homeland security contracts riddled with waste, abuse and mismanagement. In addition, a multitude of news reports have, for the past three years, enumerated a pattern questionable relationships between the Homeland Security/Defense industry and Bush administration officials in the Department of Homeland Security.

A federal investigation of Sean King, Park Strategies clients and Homeland Security contractors should be conducted to determine the legality of these myriad relationships and the billions of dollars in government contracts that have been funneled to well connected corporations.

D’Amato is “Go-To Guy” for Defense and Homeland Security Contracts
Park Strategies Focused On Defense and Homeland Security Contracts

“Former Sen. Alfonse D'Amato has made himself the go-to guy for defense and security business in Washington, D.C. - using his Senate clout and gold-plated connections to bring in fees of more than $800,000 to his lobbying firm, The Post has learned. "Senator Pothole" has shifted his sights from local "pork" projects to multimillion-dollar high-tech surveillance and aerospace clients, as Washington doles out megabucks security contracts in the war on terror, records show.

The businesses hired D'Amato's firm to help influence key defense and security congressmen and agencies who hand out billions in taxpayer dollars. Among D'Amato's new clients are Lockheed Martin, which makes the F-16 fighter jet, and General Atomics, which makes the unmanned Predator aircraft. Lockheed paid D'Amato's firm $94,000 last year, while General Atomics paid $120,000, according to lobbying-disclosure reports.” (The New York Post, D'AMATO RAKES IN SPOILS OF WAR BIZ, March 27, 2006)

Peter King’s son, Sean King is Vice President At Park Strategies

Between 2005 and 2006, Sean King left the US Department of Commerce and joined the lobby firm Park Strategies. Park Strategies was created by former Senator Alfonse D’Amato in 1999. It does not appear that Sean King is a registered lobbyist. A Taiwanese web site lists, Sean King as a Vice President as Park Strategies. (

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Sean King joined Park Strategies in February 2006.

“Sean King, 36, joined Park Strategies in February 2006, a strategic advisory firm run by former U.S. Senator Alfonse M. D’Amato of New York. Mr. King heads up the firm’s burgeoning Asia-Pacific business.” (6TH Annual Chicago Asia-Pacific Business Conference 2006,
Sean King is Peter T. King’s Son, Who is Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee

Sean King’s resume indicated that he lived at: 2475 Virginia Avenue, NW, Apt. 811, Washington, DC 2003. (

Peter T. King has two listed addresses: 2475 Virginia Avenue, Washington, DC 20037-2639 and 1442 Roth Rd, Seaford, NY 11783-1826.
Park Strategies Has Numerous Clients with Homeland Security Contracts

Company Park Strategy Contract
General Atomics $120,000
Alaska Structures $240,000
Lockheed Martin $33,500
L-3 Communications **

** Park Strategies did not represent L-3 Communications in 2005.
More Than Half of D’Amato’s $2.4M In Lobby Fees Have Been Collected in The Last Year

“D'Amato's firm has earned $2.4 million in federal lobbying fees since 2000. More than half of that, records show, is from jobs collected in the past year….Two years ago,
D'Amato opened up a Washington-based branch of his lobbying firm, calling it Park Strategies Washington Group. It is managed by Kraig M. Siracuse, a former D'Amato aide who most recently worked for Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska). Siracuse helped secure the News Corp. contract through his contacts with its Washington-based executive vice president of government relations Michael Regan, another former Capitol Hill aide.” (Newsday, D’Amato spreading the News Corp., May 30, 2006)
Peter King Received Campaign Contributions from Park Strategies Clients

L-3 Communications Contributions to King - $5,000
10/25/2005 L-3 Communications Corporation PAC - $2,000
1/11/2006 L-3 Communications Corporation PAC - $1,000
6/6/2006 L-3 Communications Corporation PAC- $2,000

General Atomics Contributions To King’s Campaign - $1,000

5/1/2006 General Atomics PAC- $1,000

Lockheed Martin Contributions To King - $13,000
11/8/1995 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $500
3/7/1996 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $500
8/8/1996 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $1,000
9/20/1996 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $1,000
3/7/1997 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $500
6/9/1998 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $4,500
2/4/1999 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $500
4/21/1999 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $500
6/24/1999 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $500
12/15/1999 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC- $1,000
6/28/2000 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $1,000
9/8/2000 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $500
5/12/2004 Lockheed Martin Employees PAC - $1,000

President of Blu-Med (a.k.a. Alaska Structures) Donated to King’s Campaign - $500

Gerrit Boyle, of Lynden, Washington, donated $500 to King’s Congressional campaign on 2/15/2006.

Top Ten Homeland Security Contractors Have Won $65 Billion in Private Contracts Since 9/11

“Since Sept. 11, 2001, the department and its agencies have paid private contractors at least $130 billion, an analysis of federal databases shows. The top ten contractors won at least $65 billion, or roughly half, of that. General Electric's InVision heads the list, with at least $15 billion in contract revenue, followed by the likes of IBM, L-3 Communications and Honeywell, according to a computer analysis of federal contract awards and actions.” (, Big Time Security, August 3, 2006)

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Googled Peter King and this blog link was six or seventh on the list, an obvious product of the "Google bomb" technique that Dems are using as reported this week by the New York Times. Very interesting article.

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The "google bomb" links to a newsday article.