Sunday, October 08, 2006

Leaders of All Faith Gather to Point Out King Lies

We weren't able to make the press conference this evening but we will have more information soon...

"Join a diverse group of religious and civic leaders atICLI on Sunday Oct 8th to hear what they have to sayregarding Cong. King’s allegations.
This press conference is being held during the second joint Sukkoth-Ramadhan celebration sponsored by the American Muslims and Jews in Dialogue-AMJID.
The AMJID is a joint initiative between Temple Beth Elin Great Neck and ICLI and is now in it’s 16th year.
We invite you to report on the Sukkoth being held inan Islamic Center—1st time in America and maybe theworld and hear from Rabbi’s, Priests and others who will share there first hand impressions regarding ICLI and it’s programs.
Program Outline: 5pm –6 pm: Sukkoth—Ramadan—Meaningand why the joint celebration particularly in anIslamic Center—Imam Ibrahim Nagm and Rabbi ReneeAltman
6pm to 6:30 pm---Comments from Rabbi’s, Priests, andothers regarding Cong. King’s allegations.
6:30—8:00 pm—Break the Ramadan fast, observe Maghribprayer and share a meal.


Anonymous said...

Another extremist group not representative of the voters in the 3rd CD.

Anonymous said...

Temple Beth Elin is an "extrmist group?"
Looks like the anonymous coward from massapequa has spent too much time at the Forest Inn knocking beers back with Peter Schmitt.
Whats funny is the King supporters pop in and leave a messge devoid of facts and with nothing to do with the original post.
Is Rabbi Michael Kramer, of Temple Judea in Massapequa a "extremist" too? He condemned Kings mailings too.
I guess to the anonymous poster from massapequa, the only non-extremist is the only person with real connections to a terrorist organization. that would be Peter King.