Tuesday, October 24, 2006

King on Illegal Immigration

On the Long Island website The Schwartz Report, King had this to say about immigration "I am a supporter of legal immigration. Prior to 9/11/01 it's not the issue it is today. I am opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty to illegal immigrants.... Illegal immigrants that are captured need to be returned to their country and we must penalize employers that hire illegals."

See how slick that was?
King throws in "Prior to 9/11/01 it's not the issue it is today."
He uses that to absolve himself from his previous postion of trying to help legalize illegal Irish immigrants.

We posted about this back in July -
"During the 80's and 90's, King was involved with the Irish Immigration Reform Movement (IIRM) which among other things concerned itself with helping legalize Irish immigrants. Fast-forward to today and the current incarnation of the IIRM, Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR) went to Washington to lobby Congress on the immigration reform bill last week and King who would in the past bend over backward for the Irish was a no-show.
According to the Irish Echo, when a large group from the ILIR including prominent Irish politicans went to DC on June 28th, "ILIR chairman, Niall O'Dowd, also criticized Rep. King. Meetings with 87 legislators had been arranged in advance of the morning's lobbying effort, he said. The only one who hadn't turned up, he said, was Congressman King."
King's new take on legalizing the Irish is far from where he was before. King says now "If it's wrong for a Muslim to be living illegally on Atlantic Avenue, you can't make a distinction between that and an Irish person."
In the past, King fully supported and did all he could to help illegal Irish immigrants. But we all know he is willing to throw anyone under the bus to help himself.
Kelly Fincham, director of ILIR tells the Rockland Journal News "There's still room for him to be a friend of the Irish,"
He will be a friend of the Irish again when he needs them politically.

See what he had to say about the Irish and George Bush "I don't buy that it's just anti-Bush. There's a certain unpleasant trait that the Irish have, and it's begrudgery ... and resentment towards the Americans,"

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