Monday, October 02, 2006

Sexual Predator in the Capitol

If you haven't read or seen already, Rep. MArk Foley (R-FL) has resigned after e-mails and IM's have come to light where he is having very inappropriate (read illegal) conversations with a minor.
You can catch up with all the latest over at Americablog.
To his credit, King has joined the House Democrats in calling for an investigation.
"We should be rushing to get all the facts out," said Rep. Peter King (N.Y.) "Certainly anyone in the Republican leadership, any member of the Congress who knew anything about this should tell exactly what they knew and when they knew it."
"If it were my child or grandchild and I heard it happened, I'd be absolutely furious," said Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.). "I'm sure the American people are reacting the same way."

Yes there is an outrage as the evidence is mounting that the republican leadership from Speaker Hastert on down knew about Foley and did nothing about it.
National Republican Campaign Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (R-NY) kept a lid on it too.
According to new reports, the republican leadership knew about Foley's underage page problem for 5 years.
What is wrong with these people?
I don't think King goes far enough.
The republican leadership should just tell the truth about what they knew and when they knew it and take responsibility for thier inaction.

Dave Mejias has it right...


Hastert Knew Mark Foley Was A Sexual Predator And Failed To Act

FARMINGDALE – Nassau County Legislator Dave Mejias , Democratic candidate for Congress in New York ’s 3rd Congressional District, today called on House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois) to resign as Speaker of the House of Representatives in light of news reports that Hastert failed to act when informed of the inappropriate actions of former Congressman Mark Foley (R-Florida).

“Speaker Hastert was told last year that Mark Foley was preying on underage Congressional staff and did nothing,” said Mejias. “Hastert should have informed the police immediately and cooperated in a full investigation of Foley’s criminal acts. Instead, the Speaker did nothing, and Foley was allowed to continue to use his position in Congress to commit crimes against these children. Hastert has dishonored the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives, abandoned his oath of office and quite possibly broken the law. He must step down immediately.”

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