Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Letter in New York Times

To the Editor:
Robin Finn seems amused in describing Jewish-Muslim comity at the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury (“
Terrorist Nest? Or an Oasis of Tolerance?,” The Island column, Oct. 15), while quoting Representative Peter T. King’s view that the joint Sukkot-Ramadan celebration was “a great inter-religious con-game.”
Mr. King has been making the same tired “extremist” charges about the Islamic Center since early 2004, but has never produced one shred of substantive evidence to support them.
Nevertheless, his ferocious charges, and echoes of anti-Muslim sentiment in some local media, led one Muslim friend to tell me she fears worshipping at the Islamic Center because of potential violence or persecution against its members.
The New York Times is supposed to be a great investigative newspaper. When a prominent New York congressman states that Long Island’s pre-eminent mosque is a hotbed of potential terrorism in our midst, what will it take for The Times to investigate whether what he says is true or not?
Frederick A. Smith

Garden City

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Anonymous said...

PETE KING, The garbage congressmona of NY 3rd District is a racist and don’t like any one else other than his self.

He Hates, Muslims, Black and Hispanic, Not sure why would some one vote for the grabage repblican hate monger, Now he says Michael Jackson is a bad guy..