Tuesday, October 03, 2006

King Almost Joins Mejias in Calling for Hastert to Step Down

On Sunday, Mejias called for Speaker Denny "I Know NOTHING!" Hastert to resign for his mishandling and cover-up of the Foley Under-age Sex Scandal.
Today on FOX News King said, "I'm saying the Republican leaders have to come out with everything within the next 72, 96 hours to get it all out there...If anyone in the leadership knew anything about it, they should be gone."
This is going a little further than his first statement "That's why I'm saying let's do a full investigation. If it turns out anything was done wrong I'll be the first to take action. But we're talking about a young man, we're talking about someone here who was violated. I think it's wrong for anyone to take political advantage of that."

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The New York Times-King supports Hassert-