Friday, October 13, 2006

King Loses Another Voter

From the Glen Cove Record-Pilot...

"Two Words for Mr. King: No Vote
I have for years voted to send Representative Peter King back to Congress. This year, he's not getting my vote. Instead, I'll vote for his opponent. The reason why I won't vote for Mr. King can be summed up in two words: "Mark Foley."
Mr. King is an important cog in the Republican wheel that has driven this country into an incredibly stupid war that has no acceptable outcome, managed by a bunch of incompetents, while they have hidden the truth about it all during the entire time they've been in charge.
We have recently learned that Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State from Mr. King's political party, was warned before 9/11 that 9/11 was coming, but she ignored it. Like the other leaders of Mr. King's party, she also lied about what she knew and when she knew it. Despite their chest thumping declarations over the past several years that only the Republicans can keep us safe, we find out that Mr. King and his party are abject liars about their ability to protect this country. The truth appears to be emerging that the reason we haven't been attacked since 9/11 is because they've been lucky, not truthful.
And now America discovers that the leaders of Mr. King's party - the family values folks - have not only covered up the truth about a child sexual predator amongst them, they are continuing to lie about what and when they knew about Mark Foley's abuse of a teenage Congressional page because they didn't want to lose their grip on our government. And in their desperate, pathetic attempt to save themselves, they attempt to blame the media, the Democrats, the voters who elected Mr. Foley or anyone else who isn't them for their own failure to rid our national government of a pedophile. In short, they assume we have remained the same idiots who sent them to Washington in the first place. I, for one, don't think Americans are as dumb as our politicians think we are.
No, I'm not going to vote for Peter King because if I do, I will run the risk that Mr. King's re-election could turn out to be the single reason that his party remains the majority in the House of Representatives. And if that happens because we've been foolish enough to send Mr. King back, I will feel personally responsible for enabling these arrogant, overly pompous prevaricators to remain in charge of the store, and the world and this country will be less safe and less secure because of it.
For all I know, Mr. King actually believes he means well. But this time, he's just on the wrong team. He's a key player in the crowd that has justifiably lost every right to govern this nation, and that's why sending him back to Washington is just too dangerous. The fact is that Mr. King and his colleagues are no longer part of any solution.
Oh, one last thing. Voters shouldn't forget that when we learned in The New York Times about the Bush administration's attempt to spy on Americans through our telephone records, it was Mr. King - hardly a Constitutional scholar - who demanded criminal prosecution of the press.
When I go into the voting booth in November, I will follow a simple, single principle in exercising my vote: anybody but the current gang.
Michael A. Levy"


Anonymous said...

Assine that you wont vote form Pete King because of Foley.

Anonymous said...

If that were the only reason not to vote for King, it would be "assine". But there is a whole laundry list of reasons why voting for King would be ASININE. Not just because he is from the party that protects pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

you mean drunken pedofiles