Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More on Baghdad Just Like Manhattan

King has been spouting the same stuff since November of 2003.
On Gabe Pressman's WNBC Show News Forum, King had this exchange...

"KING: Also, if--if I could make a point. After we diverted into the center of the city, and this is part of the criticism I have of the media of not showing the whole picture, is that if you focus on a bomb on the highway, it looks terrible. But then we went through the center of the city, it was like being in midtown Manhattan. I mean, traffic jams. You had almost centuries of commerce going on. You had guys selling rugs, you had Internet cafes. It was absolutely mobbed with people. No hostility toward us whatsoever. So that was like the good side, the functioning part of Baghdad, the functioning part of Iraq.

PRESSMAN: Do you think that--do you think that we, the media--I hate that word--but do you think that we tend to emphasize the negative?

Rep. KING: I think it gets sensationalized, especially when you hear, like, someone say that Iraq's in chaos or it's out of control. It's not; it's dangerous, and there's certain parts of the country are dangerous. But for the most part, the country is functioning. And you do have these terrorists that are attacking, but you know, you have times here in New York where you were having five or six people murdered a night, going back 10, 15 years ago. We had 5,000 or 6,000 bombings here in this country alone back in 1970."

Baghdad alone is seeing 40-60 murders a night, mostly beheadings and executions. It's just like Manhattan 10-15 years ago.


JJK said...

I have never seen such a hateful and skewed blog as I see on 'Peter King Watch'.

Listen J, you may have to (gasp!) take Peter King at his word when it comes to the state of Baghdad. As a Congressman, he has been there and has access to information that you do not, and I'm probably right in assuming your knowledge stems mainly from

You may also want to accept his expertise in the realm of homeland security -- the House of Representatives sure has. King has a commanding knowledge base which comes from Ireland's spotted terrorist past and his involvement in diffusing tension in that region.

Anonymous said...

One might accept King's word if it weren't for the fact that the man is an out and out liar. And where has his expertise in homeland security gotten us? A 40% reduction in New York's HS funding, and an NIE report stating that the Iraq war has made us less safe, not more.

Are you actually going to use Ireland to defend King? The man supported a known terrorist organization. In 1982, while speaking at a pro-Irish Republican Army rally he said "We must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who at this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry." And in 1984 he referred to the IRA as “a legitimate guerilla army", and "the legitimate voice of occupied Ireland". Due to his ardent support for the IRA, his name was even included on a Secret Service terror threat list during a 1984 visit by President Reagan to Nassau County.

This is the man you want us to trust to fight terrorism? A man who actually supports terrorism? Oh that's right, he only supports white terrorists, not brown ones.

Throw the bumb out on his butt. He has to go.

Joshua Trupin said...

I love the random attack on that well-known liberal outlet, CNN. Home of Glenn Beck. Surprised the post stopped short of calling for the NY Times to be hanged for treason as well.

I wonder if King's "commanding knowledge base" includes the fact that the IRA invented the tactic of car bombings that was later exported to places like Iraq.

Jim A said...

King should own up to the fact that he supports terrorism. You never hear anyone calling him on that fact.