Monday, October 09, 2006

King Mailing Pt.1

We have a copy of Kings full-color mailing and will be dissecting it.
First up is a curious addition at the end of the mailing - King uses quotes from Newsday to build himself up.
It is curious because King tends to attack Newsday every chance he gets. Here are some examples...
"Newsday's editorial diatribe is bereft of reason and establishes you as an apologist for radical Islam."
"If Newsday had any sense of integrity or basic morality, it would have denounced the leaders of the Islamic Center five years ago for their disgraceful conduct. Instead, Newsday now accuses me of "prejudice" for denouncing bigotry and hate. Newsday has made its bed. Knowing its editors, I'm sure they're happy." Newsday 9/27/06

"Newsday is becoming less coherent and increasingly vacuous as it careens from issue to issue."
"As to Newsday's continued distortion of the immigration bill, let me say it again for the slow learners on your editorial board ..."
"Maybe Newsday could start by telling the truth, at least some of the time." Newsday 5/23/06

"The debate over illegal immigration - including border control and legal guest workers - warrants a serious and thoughtful debate. Thus far, Newsday has shown itself intellectually incapable of joining in that debate."
"Most ridiculously, Newsday - out of malice or ignorance..."
Newsday 1/24/06

If King feels this way about Newsday and wonders if they could tell the truth "at least some of the time," why would he use Newsday quotes in his mailing?

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I guess King feels Newsday is telling the truth when they praise him?


Anonymous said...

C'mon you know the reason King put that in there. It shows that Newsday, a paper that criticizes King at every opportunity they get, has praised him and his efforts in Washington.

Anonymous said...

So King is a hypocrite.
But we already knew that.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the quote make Newsday the hypocrite?

politics64 said...

Mejias/King in a deadheat! Crossposted from the NY and LI Progressive Political Post via MYDD!

BREAKING--New House polls will show looming Democratic landslide
by Chris Bowers, Thu Oct 12, 2006 at 02:35:07 PM EST

I usually despise blog posts with the word "BREAKING" in the title, in all caps, but in this rare case I actually am the person breaking the story, so I think it is justiifed.

The new Majority Watch from Constituent Dynamics will be released in a few minutes. Based on 63 polls of 48 districts of 1,000 likely voters each, they will show Democrats currently ahead in the House by 19 seats, 224-205, or the exact, 19-seat margin of the Republican Majority after the 2002 elections. It is also a significant increase from the 219-214 seat lead for Democrats found in the Majority Watch polling from late August and early September.

This 19-seat lead will not even include seven competitive, Republican-held districts that are currently being polled, and six districts that are currently tied. In fact, perhaps most stunningly, the districts with "safe" leads outside the margins of error break 217-198 in favor of Democrats. The previous set of polls actually showed Republicans ahead on safe seats, 205-199. Further, since TX-22 was not polled, that means Democrats already have the magic 218, outside the margin of error, with between 19 and 26 more races in the "toss-up" category. This is a looming landslide.

I will have the complete, district-by-district results in this post once they are available. These polls include the first independent results for a number of districts, including many on the netroots page (MN-06, NC-08, ID-01, NY-29 and many more). This is by far the strongest evidence yet of a looming Democratic landslide, and is worth more than every generic ballot released this cycle. This is as close as you can come to actual proof that Democrats are on the brink of winning the House.

Update: Here are the results (PDF). I'll keep adding more as fast as I can. Polls showing Democratic pickups are in bold:
NY-26: Davis (D) 56%--40% Reynolds (R)
OH-15: Kilroy (D) 53%--41% Pryce (R)
NY-24: Arcuri (D) 53%--42% Mieir (R)
OH-18: Space (D) 51%--42% Padgett (R)
PA-07: Sestak (D) 52%--44% Weldon (R)
NM-01: Madrid (R) 52%--44% Wilson (R)
NC-11: Shuler (D) 51%--43% Taylor (R)
NC-08: Kissel (D) 51%--44% Hayes (R)
PA-06: Murphy (D) 52%--46% Gerlach (R)
MN-06: Wetterling (D) 50%--45% Bachmann (R)
IN-02: Donnelly (D) 50%--46% Chocola (R)
AZ-01: Simon (D) 50%--46% Renzi (R)
OH-02: Wulsin (D) 48%--45% Schmidt (R)
FL-13: Jennings (D) 47%--44% Buchannan (R)
WI-08: Kagen (D) 48%--46% Gard (R)
IA-02: Loebsack (D) 48%--47% Leach (R)
KY-03: Yarmuth (D) 48%--48% Northup (R)
IL-06: Duckworth (D) 47%--47% Roskam (R)
CO-07: Perlmutter (D) 47%--47% O'Donell (R)
MN-01: Gutknecht (R) 48%--47% Walz (D)
VA-02: Drake (R) 48%--46% Kellam (D)
NJ-07: Ferguson (R) 48%--46% Stender (D)
NY-03: King (R) 48%--46% Mejas (D)
WA-08: Reichert (R) 48%--45% Burner (D)
KY-04: Davis (R) 49%--46% Lucas (D)
VA-10: Wolf (R) 47%--42% Feder (D)
ID-01: Sali (R) 49%--43% Grant (D)
CT-05: Johnson (R) 52%--46% Murphy (D)
CA-04: Doolittle (R) 52%--44% Brown (D)
IL-14: Hastert (R) 52%--42% Leasch (D)
IL-19: Shimkus (R) 53%--36% Stover (D)
Every seat I have listed is held by a Republican and was polled from October 8-10. One Democratic district, TX-17, was also polled. It showed Edwards (D) 55%--38% Taylor (R).

Update 2: That's all of the new ones. Ten more next week, including seven from Republican-held districts (mainly in New York). I am struck by how well netroots candidates are doing. Kissel and Sestak are ahead, outsid the MoE. Walz, Burner and Stender are behind, but within the MoE. Grant is only down six in one of the most Republican districts in the nation. Help them all out.