Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Somebody get Peter King and His Followers a WHAAAAA-mbulance

What is this with the victim-hood being played up by King and his minions?
"I have a lot of money and I'm covering all the bases," King said, insisting he isn't worried about coming up short on Election Day. "Quite frankly, I don't know what you guys at Newsday are going to do."
"On all of the gut issues today, I'm on the other side of the media," said King, who dismissed Mejias as "not making that much of a difference" in this contest. "It's much more of a open war with the media."
Mike Barry in the Anton Newspapers chimes in "Newsday even took a shot at Rep. King last week in its online 'Spin Cycle' political column, saying that he (Rep. King), "seems to be basing his campaign on the theory that Long Island is the jihadi center of the western hemisphere ready to be overrun for terrorists but for him."
Just out of curiosity, I entered into the 'Spin Cycle' search database the names of Reps. Bishop, Israel, McCarthy and Ackerman. Not one of them had been mentioned in Newsday's online political column since the summer."

King cries like a baby that Newsday is out to get him but uses positive Newsday quotes in his mailings and has been ENDORSED by Newsday the last few times.

And the big-bad LIBERAL!!!!!!!!!! New York Times endorsed Mejias this year but endorsed King in the past.

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