Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Call from Peter King

The phone rings, waking the newborn from his slumber and on the phone is the voice of Peter King. My firs thought was "why waste the money to call my number?" (and also Dave Mejias' mothers number) to ask for my vote.
Not only did he ask for my vote, he made sure I knew he was at the fore-front on the fight against "ISLAMIC TERRORISM." Not just any terrorism, but ISLAMIC TERRORISM.
We'll have more on the "Islamic Terrorism" code King is using in another post.
King then said that if I had any comments or questions I could call his campaign office.
I appreciate the invitation.
Did I forget to mention the number to call is 516-557-2065?
Anyway, since I was invited to call, I did.
I'm not sure who answered the phone but she did have a pleasent voice.
Because I'm not doing this under the cloak of darkness I did give my name, and heck, if King wants to call me, my phone number. (He has it already but he has never called me back.)
I first asked about "Islamic terrorism" and I was told that King is concerned about all terrorism.
Fair enough.
Then I asked about the man who crashed his car into what he thought was a clinic that provides abortion and if that too is terrorism.
The woman wasn't sure if that was terrorism.
I then asked about King and his support of terrorism.
She said "He doesn't support terrorism."
I said "He supported IRA terrorists."
There was a pause.
Then she repeated that he doesn't support terrorism.
I then said, "Yes he does because the IRA are responsible for many civilian deaths."
She clearly didn't want to be on the phone any longer and started to refer to me as "Johnny" and "John-boy" in some weird and sad attempt to denegrate me by belittling my first name.
Oh well.

If you too would like to ask King a question or leave a comment, please call 516-557-2065.
Keep it clean and don't threaten or use foul language. Leave that to King in his letters to constituents.

I have to say that Mejias must be making an impact on the race because this is the most I've ever seen a campaign office of Kings open.
I've also never seen this many King lawn signs either.
This is really cutting into Kings campaign fund which normally pays for his personal expenses like car payments and steakhouse tabs.

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King's clearly getting worried; as well he should be. Here's a poll for all the GOP hack trolls out there:

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