Monday, October 09, 2006

Update: Leaders of All Faiths Gather to Point Out Kings Lies

Newsday did a story (Leaders support mosque) on page A54 about the press conference we mentioned yesterday.
Some of the comments from speakers..
"We will not be fooled by fearmongering and appeals to bigotry," the Rev. Mark Lukens, pastor of Bethany Congregational Church in East Rockaway, said at a news conference yesterday. "We stand with you proudly, shoulder to shoulder."

"We who know Dr. Khan and the Islamic Center of Long Island and call them our friends ... [We] will not allow their reputation to be soiled," said Rabbi Renni Altman of Temple Beth-El."

What did King have to say?

"Reached by phone, King said he was "terribly disappointed" by the clerics' comments. "As religious leaders, they all should realize that there's more to interfaith dialogue than just holding hands and feeling good about yourself."
"King criticized Faroque Khan, chairman of the center's board of directors, for not publicly condemning those statements. By supporting Khan and the center, religious leaders at yesterday's event had made a "terrible mistake," King said."

So King is saying that both christians and jews would ignore some blatant anti-semitism that King sees and break bread with those same anti-semites in the name of goodwill?
Looks like King is really stretching here.
The people who spoke know the Islamic Center better than King does.

Oh and do we have to say once again that King took campaign contributions from Dr. Khan as late as 2005?
If Dr. Khan is so bad, why does King take the money?

To quote Sen. John McCain, "...there is little in Mr. King’s singularly unimpressive legislative record to suggest that he is motivated by anything other than a compulsion to utter provocative sound bites."


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Anonymous said...

Just over 4 weeks until Election Day, anyone want to make predictions on Congressman King's margin of victory? I am going to say 12 points.

Have any of those polls yet Johnny?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it will be 12 points, but that is still less than the 30 points of two years ago.

Paco in Glen Cove

Anonymous said...

Thirty points against a no name candidate with no money or support from the DCC or Nassau Dem Party. Mejias shits all over his own party for personal gain, has received campaign money from local and national organizations, is running in a great year for Democrat challengers and still loses by double digits. Is that really a gain??

Anonymous said...

I don't really care what the margin is, King is an entrenched incumbent and that certainly makes things difficult. regardless, the guy is an incompetant, he's made that perfectly clear himself. he contents himself on being a lapdog for george bush, i.e. selling his constituents down the river for the super-rich, of which he isn't even a part. he's a 'waterboy for the rich' as sherrod brown would say.
I don't care whether Mejias wins or not, King deserves to perish with the rest of the corrupt, pedophile-shielding bunch that is the GOP of THE MOFREAKING USA

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

You really don't think losing one in five voters, in an off year election, is reason to worry??
That is a major sign that if Mr. King doesn't change, he could be considered a "Lame Duck", just like Mr. Bush will be on Nov. 8th.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the facts. There is a poll that says 46% would want a democrat in this distrct as opposed to 33% for a republican. The trouble is a lot of people look at this asshole King as chairman of the Homeland Insecurity Committee (Peter - change your mind about inspecting cargo containers in our ports yet?). Get it through your head if you are going to vote King - no matter what you think this guy has done for our district, it is INEXCUSABLE for anyone to attack first amendment rights, not solve the right problems as they pertain to homeland security given his position in congress, support the most corrupt president in our history, and frankly treat his constituents like total crap when they have the nerve to write letters in disagreement! And where the hell is he on Hastert - a man who is covering up for a drunken pedofile serving in congress!!!!???? So you know what - screw the polls - its about getting the vote out, and its about those of you who are still enamored with King and need to think about where this country is going. Think about that if you pull the lever for King and not Mejias. The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

By the way - one other thing to add. For those of you who think that a vote for King is better for us simply because he is chairman of committees such as "Homeland Insecurity" - well, that will go out the window when the democrats take back control of the house. There is no excuse - you really think this guy King is a "Statesman" acting on our behalf? Dont make me laugh. Listen, Mejias is not perfect(none of us are), but we need a fresh start. And he has had the guts to stand up on issues even against his own party. And he is making a difference in our community. And he does stand up for what is right - just as I will admit King used to, but does not anymore, which is why he has to go. A vote for King is a vote of confidence for a corrupt administration taking this country in a very frightening direction - any of you like the idea of no more habeas corpus and elimination of many other rights and freedoms we cherish? Again, when you go to the voting booth November 7, think about that - we need Dave Mejias, and King HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!