Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Krazy Komment of the Day

We get stuff in the comments section and the mailbag (or rather e-mail inbox) all the time. We've hesitated putting a post up refering to them and just leave others to use the comments section for reply. This one today is priceless and asked for a response.

From blogger JJK...
"I am astonished that such an irresponsible, intellectually-absent, and inaccurate partisan blog such as this can exist."

Sounds like this guy is channeling Peter King. Name-calling with a lack of facts. You will notice that JJK will not point out what is "inaccurate" anywhere in his comment.
And how is publishing FACTS about Peter King "irresponsible?"
And "Intellectually-absent?" Just read more of what JJK writes...

"This is perhaps because blogspot is a free service, so anyone with at least two fingers can have a blog... apparently you don't even need a brain."

Wow. What a wordsmith.
Once again we see a cheap attempt at an insult with nothing to back it up.

"I'll refer you to any number of sources for a reality check on Peter King's upcoming victory:"

Oh, this is going to be good...

"1. Real Clear Politics: click here: to see that Mejias does not make the top 50 most likely House party switches in this race."

Yes, and?
The facts on the ground in the district are that Mejias is the one with the momentum. This has been a sleeper race with the assumption that King will win. Too bad King has been on the defensive since Mejias entered the race. Want an example? The Ed Koch commercial. That is desperation.

"2. King has more money, and money talks. Voters will essentially say "Mejias who?", if not because of King's notable record in the House or as Chairman of Homeland Security, then as result of his $2.5 million war chest ("

Oh where to start... King has NO "notable record" in the house. Sen John McCain has said "...there is little in Mr. King’s singularly unimpressive legislative record to suggest that he is motivated by anything other than a compulsion to utter provocative sound bites."
And as Chairman of the Homeland Security Commitee, King has been quite powerless to deliver for this region.
And the war chest..
King has alot of money left over from the last 4 races where he barely spent any money. He does not however have "$2.5million." Maybe JKK should revisit the link he provided and engage in some reading comprehension. Or better yet, go to a page that does not reflect "carreer contributions" but this election cycle and "cash on hand." Here is the link JKK should have been looking at
So it looks like JKK is "irresponsible" and "inaccurate" and "intellectually absent."

"3. You are all idiots."

And you smell. Glad you are so intellectually superior.

"Just because scandals occur in other parts of the country, or perhaps because you just hate a Republican in power in Nassau County, does not necessitate a "watch-blog".

Didn't read the website before posting did you?
Please feel free to debate what is on the site. Challenge the facts that are presented. Short of that, you are just another hack... most likely King office assistant, that doesn't know what he is talking about and can't handle the reality based community.

"You are better off focusing your energies on your careers and families."
Thank you Dr. Phil.

UPDATE: Here is JJK fawning over King on a blog...
"Today Excelsior highlights the efforts of Rep. Peter King from New York.
King represents the third district of New York which makes up the south shore of Nassau County, Long Island. He was elected in 1992, a notable time of Republican takeover of the House under Newt Gingrich. He is up for re-election for what will be his eighth term as a member of Congress.
Straight-talking is King’s strength. A native of Queens, NY, many observers note that he “tells it like it is,” in true New York fashion. Calling Rep. King a “profile in courage”, the Long Island newspaper, Newsday, has said “King’s outspoken integrity sets him apart... He says what he means and means what he says - a rare trait in Washington.”
Oh and by the way, he also serves as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in the House. When he is not doing the work of the American people, you might find King writing novels. He’s written three published books based on his political experiences, Terrible Beauty, Deliver Us From Evil and Vale of Tears."

Just for JJK's info, the Newt Gingrich "revolution" happend in 1994, not 1992.

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