Sunday, October 29, 2006

Video: Dave Mejias on WABC


LonewackoDotCom said...

Regarding immigration, he says he'd give citizenship to illegal aliens who've been here for five years.

Five years? Not even Teddy Kennedy wants to go that quickly.

Let's assume that he just wants to put illegal aliens on the "path to citizenship" as long as they've been here for five years.

That will lead to people coming here illegally or overstaying visas knowing that all they need to do is keep their heads down for five years, and they'll be started on the "path to citizenship" by Mejias. And, it will also lead to illegal aliens getting fake documents showing they've been here for five years.

But, it may all be moot because the Senate immigration bill lets "guest" workers stay here at least three and as much as six years, and they can start on the "path to citizenship" after four years. Not really what most people would call "guests".

And, Mejias says those illegal aliens should pay back taxes. In fact, the Senate bill forgives 2 out 5 tax years, and in any case many of them will end up receiving a tax refund because of the EITC.

And, Mejias says those illegal aliens should go to the back of the line. That's also highly misleading. The Senate bill allows them to continue to stay in the U.S. *and* puts them ahead of those in other countries who've been patiently - and legally - waiting for their chance at citizenship.

And, here's an interesting photo:

Last year, Mexican consul Arturo Sarukhan called Ramirez "a friend", and their he is with Mejias. This is a very strained link, but an indirect link nonetheless. Is Mejias also a friend of Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Mejias' answer on Iraq is confusing also. He says we need to redeploy the troops to different areas, including our borders, but then he says you can't abandon Iraq because of a possible civil war. So how many does he want to redeploy? Does he feel that lowering troop levels in Iraq will keep it stable?

Mejias also said he would listen to the Generals, but when the interviewer said that a General recently said the US needed to increase troop levels, Mejias said we shouldn't do that. So not even 1 minute after he said he would listen to the Generals, he disagreed with one.

When Mejias finally gives you his opinion on an issue there are lots of holes.

TimJ said...

Mejias's plan on immigration is similar to the Senate Plan. The plan that makes, sense and actually deals with those already here instead of putting them more into the underground.

As far as Iraq, their have been MANY Generals (those who have served in Iraq) that have stated we need a new strategy in Iraq, we need to being redeployment, that was what Mejias was referring to. Take the opinions of ALL the Generals into consideration, Not just the ones that spout off what bush and King want.

Fixer said...

What TimJ said.