Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Does King have a Pete McGowan Problem?

The more you look at Kings "campaign" expenditures for his car and phone and other items the more it resembles former Islip Town Supervisor Pete McGowan and his problems, "Newsday reported that McGowan's campaign records showed he used the fund to pay for $64,500 in expenses, including a lease on an $80,000 Mercedes-Benz and $28,500 in restaurant tabs."

Take a look at some of Kings expenditures...Living Like a King


MejiasWatch said...

There are different regulations between what the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and local board of elections allows the political committees to pay for. I suggest you read what's acceptable on the FEC's website.

TimJ said...

To the above poster, I tried to post this on your board, but since I am not a team meber ( I guess you do that, so unlike this board who posts responses critical of the site, and pro-King, you don't want anything to be critical of King on your site (much the way king refuses to meet with those who disagree with him)

Anyway here is my response to a post on your blog

Regarding the pay raise issue. Bottom line when the dust stteled it was Mejias who voted against the raise, not Denenberg.

The Dubai Ports Deal, King was 4th in line to criticize it, after Schumer, after CLinton, after Menendez, and when he did he tried to direct the blame AWAY from Bush and towards the mdiddle men. And once all the microphones and televison cameras went away, he joined up with Bush again, in voting against a bill that would have put more $$ in order to inspect more Cargo OVERSEAS, instead of just at our ports like King wants. You know if someone had a nuclear device or a powerful bomb, it doesn't do much good if we find it when we inspect it on OUR soil, because it goes off well we are screwed.

Immigration oh yeah this is a brilliant one. the one ssue Bush even has a remote clue about (that its a two pronged issue, and you need to secure the border and do something about those already here) so we know, who they are, yet King chooses to side with the hard right yet again on this issue, by picking the dangerous option, the one in which makes us no nothing about who is already here, and drives them even further into the underground.

When it comes down to it, King has voted more than 85% of the time with bush, 90% of the time GOP party line, 92% with one of the hardest core right wing nuts in Congress (Tom Delay). that is nothing moderate, that is nothing Independent, its a rubber stamp and hard core right wing extremism.