Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Two-Fer - This Blog Mentioned in the Media

We made an appearance in Newsday "In the online universe, the Peter King-Dave Mejias race is red-hot, and it's mostly a one-sided affair.
From satirical parodies on YouTube and MySpace to liberal blogs like, Mejias and his supporters are delivering King a drubbing. One of the more whimsical screeds is a music video that features King's head dancing to an up-tempo jazz beat called, "Have You Had Enough of Peter King?"

Wanna see the video?

Our reporting on New York State Senator John Flanagan's ad taking a cheap shot at Democratic opponent Brooke Ellison on Nassau Gop Watch got a mention in the New York Times "The problems presented by a campaign involving a disabled candidate were underscored when some Ellison supporters took offense at a 30-second Flanagan commercial they called insensitive and gratuitous. In the ad, an unnamed “Democrat for Flanagan” describes herself as a teacher, mother and golfer, then adds: “Huge — I have a huge handicap.”
On a blog,, Democrats complained that the ad was “vile and reprehensible” and “in bad taste.”
Mr. Flanagan defended the ad, saying it was simply one of several unscripted testimonials from supporters in the district. Neither the candidate nor his campaign manager could explain why a comment about a golf handicap would be chosen for inclusion in a campaign commercial. They also declined to identify the woman in the ad.
Last week Mr. Flanagan introduced a new ad that praises Ms. Ellison as courageous and inspirational, even while questioning her credentials by describing her as “young” and “inexperienced.” (Mr. Flanagan, 45, was first elected to the Legislature at 25 — younger than Ms. Ellison.)"


Fixer said...

Congreats. I caught your mention in the Newsday article.

Anonymous said...

Peter Peter Peter - so, finally found a reason to spend your $1.6 million? Got a real challenger, eh? Thinking about life as "ex congressman" King????? Sounds like you are sweating this one. Good luck, you're gonna need it! Guess one constituent too many got one too many of your abusive nasty letters! You have a real challenger with a real shot at winning. Can't wait for November 7.

By the way - love the lyrics!!!! Tells the story.