Tuesday, October 31, 2006

King Running Scared Pt. 2

King says his internal polling has him up 23 points and that has been consistant for 7 months.
So what candidate up 23 points in a district gerrymandered for republicans drops half a million dollars on advertising the last two weeks of the campaign?
A candidate who is not confident that the 23 points is a real number.


Anonymous said...

From Mejias Watch (John I figured this would brighten your day):

Our friend over at KingWatch is quick to yell and scream "King is running scared!" because Rep. King, for the first time ever, is actually spending what he's raised. Fact of that amtter is, EVERY incumbent, regardless of Republican or Democrat, especially if they're popular, empties their coffers because they know that they can raise it all again in just one year if need be. KingWatch remidns me of Mejias a lot, misinformed and has no idea how Congressional campaigns work. But then again, KW endorsed Blair Mathies, someone who didn't even get endorsed by the ultra-liberal Times and Newsday. To prove my point with regards to King's fellow comrades' spending in election cycles, here are some examples:

Rep. Pelosi (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1.67M so far this year.
Rep. Israel (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1M so far this year.
Rep. McCarthy (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1M so far this year.
Rep. Rangel (Safe Democratic) - Spent $1.7M so far this year.
Rep. Maloney (Safe Democratic) - Spent $800,000 so far this year.

These are just some examples of Safe Democratic Congressional candidates who are spending millions for their re-election. While King's prior campaigns never needed to spend money, every candidate this year is. That's Congressional politics. It's obvious that some are worried that King's immense coffers, when emptied, will kill Mejias's chances of breaking the 40% barrier next Tuesday. I give them credit however. They know that if Mejias does not break 40% in 7 days, he's damaged goods for next year's re-election campaign. We can always look back to 1998 when Bruce Blakeman unsuccessfully ran for State Comptroller. He lost badly then and lost in 1999 for re-election.

J said...

My day is brightened because this just illustrates how clueless King supporters can be.
Please see www.mejiaswatchwatch.blogspot.com