Thursday, October 26, 2006

October Surprises

From Guest Blogger Paco in Glen Cove

So far as October surprises are concerned, we should not be surprised that once again the Republicans have trotted out Osama Bin Laden to grab a little more spotlight that they haven't yet given him. (SEE VIDEO)
Watch that commercial very carefully, and what do you notice? I notice that out of five quotes attributed to the terrorists, four of those statements were uttered AFTER 9/11. Now, bringing up 80% of Osama and Al-Zawahiri's post 9/11 speeches, isn't exactly something to brag about, in fact it reeks of failure. After all, these people who masterminded the mass murder of Americans, have put out more videos than Britany Spears in the past five years.
I know that is acceptable to Peter King but it should always be remembered that a choice was made in 2001-02. A choice between going after the terrorists or overthrowing Saddam and we all know which choice was made. The fact is that today they have drug us into an unnecessary war in Iraq with no end in sight, when we had bin Laden cornered in Afghanistan... And let him go.
Sadly, the tactic of this video will work for some voters. The only way that it can happen at this point, is if we the people allow ourselves to be so frightened to vote for or against a particular candidate. So as a matter of fairness, we should also point out the Democrat video that was actually made a couple of months ago quoting "The Decider" saying “I truly am not that concerned about him.[Bin Laden]” (
Isn't it funny that Peter King and his Republican Party are only concerned about Bin Laden around election time?

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