Saturday, October 21, 2006

Peter King's Ego

He has got to be kidding... or delusional.
In Newsday, King says he runs his own race, "I do most of it myself," he said. "I'm the smartest guy around. Why should I pay someone else? Would Thomas Jefferson hire a consultant? Unlike my opponent you won't find my ads being replicated all over the country."

He's the "smartest guy around?"
Is that why he picked Ed Koch who hasn't held office since 1987 and that was not even in the congressional district but in NYC to star in his first radio and TV ads?
Of course no one else would "replicate his ads" anywhere else.
Then King puts out a second ad with a 9/11 family member talking about terrorism and immigration. Gee, an ad from a republican jumping on terrorism and immigration. That isn't being done anywhere else. (Note: Please read that last sentence with heavy sarcasm.)

And King compares himself to Jefferson?
Let's see how close they are...

- Jefferson helped create the Bill Of Rights, the first ten amendments of the US Constitution. Jefferson insisted upon those rights and especially the freedom of speech, assembly and practice of religion.
- King has supported the Bush administrations destruction of the Bill of Rights with illegal wire-taps and the recent vote which would do away with due process.
King also has a problem with muslims being politically active.

- Jefferson "
In an effort to minimize the influence of the central government, he reduced the number of government employees, slashed Army enlistments, and cut the national debt."
- King has voted to give more powers to the federal government, and with the republican majority on congress, supports the stop-gap which keeps soldiers in the military even after they served their time, increased the number of federal employees and increased the national debt by trillions of dollars.

- Jefferson "... studied law, and by the time he was admitted to the Virginia bar in April 1767, many considered him to have one of the nation's best legal minds."
- King has a very weak grasp of the law and a disdain for the constitution.

- Jefferson "was actively involved in organizing opposition to British rule,"

- King opposed British rule too, but in Ireland. King supported the terrorist IRA which killed innocent civilians.

Jefferson "was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence. This document is a brilliant assertion of fundamental human rights and also serves as America's most succinct statement of its philosophy of government."
- King, according to Senator John McCain "...there is little in Mr. King’s singularly unimpressive legislative record to suggest that he is motivated by anything other than a compulsion to utter provocative sound bites."

Sure looks like King is Thomas Jefferson reincarnate. Not.

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