Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Have a safe and Happy New Year.

King Watch will be back in a few days.

Monday, December 11, 2006

How Much Did King Spend to Win?

Now the number is very high but King did spend some cash on non-campaign items like his car payments.
But for an incumbant in a "safe" district gerrymandered for him, this is alot of money to spend.
According to Open Secrets from a 11/27/06 FEC filing,
King raised $1,478,660 this election cycle.
King spent $2,055,507.
Cash on hand right now is $316,990.
Not being in the majority or a commitee chairman will certainly affect him raising the same cash he has been.
King was so scared, in the last month of the campaign he spent $316,726 on printing alone.
How much did he spend to air tv and radio ads? $1,260,579.
Again, for a "safe" seat King spent more than he has in previous elections combined.
King paid Warfield & Company of Delaplane, VA $24,646 for the production of his ads.
If you saw the ads, you know he over-paid.

More financials as we get them....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another Letter to King from the 80 Year Old Constituent

We posted a letter sent to King back in October. Here is a follow-up letter.
Apparantly the writer did get a response from King and I'm working on getting a copy of that.

Enjoy the letter.. I'm sure King didn't.

Dear Congressman King:
You stated that you found my October 23rd letter “reassuring.” I assume you meant that to be humorous. If so, please know that you succeeded, earning you, in my judgment, a comic rating somewhere between John Kerry and George Allen.
But now… let’s see where we are, with the election behind us and your fifteen minutes of - what has it been, fame, notoriety, hype? - running out. We’re back to approaching irrelevancy, aren’t we, Congressman? A condition more likely to be achieved by virtue of approaching minority status.
One nice thing (for the officeholder) about being a member of Congress - you can be irrelevant and still draw your paycheck.
How do you figure you got back in? I mean, realistically. Lest you have other illusions, I think it can be safely said that you won your narrowest election in years against an able but much less well known opposition candidate, thanks to:
The almost unbeatable advantage of incumbency in a gerrymandered district where ability doesn’t seem to enjoy the highest priority
The help of a still creaking Gulotta-Mondello political machine
Greatly outspending your opponent
Misrepresenting your opponent’s support
Assuming the mantle of a tough guy without ever having to prove it
Avoiding calling attention to your theretofore very public support of the misadventure in Iraq
Not dealing with such issues as the economy, taxes or health care
A mandate to stay the course? Don’t think so.
Let me, in retrospect and fairness, credit you with two acts of decency in your Congressional career: not joining in the chorus to impeach Bill Clinton and not letting Tom DeLay escape ethical scrutiny (not that the House Ethics Committee has any teeth or guts to be concerned about).
Other than that, what have you contributed to the country in these dangerous times? Let us count the ways.
You have posed endlessly for photos (how you have helped Louisiana since you went down there and had your picture taken isn’t clear but I assume you’ll let us know), given interviews while attacking the media, sounded off about terrorists (both real and imagined), identified yourself gratuitously with our fighting forces (without calling for any sacrifice on the part of the country to help support them) and made a whipping boy of immigrants – all very jingoistic and obviously appealing to enough people to reelect you.

You have supported the speciously titled Patriot Act, approved the wiretapping of phone calls to American citizens and called for “tough” CIA interrogation of those you believe to be terrorists, without finding it necessary to distinguish between toughness and torture. Or would that be too wimpish a difference from where you safely sit?

A lot of flagwaving from someone who apparently has never had to face a real enemy (unless Newsday counts). But with little substance and no discernible legislative effect.

You’re aware, of course, that a Vatican cardinal, speaking for Pope Benedict has decried the building of the Bush- and King-championed wall along the Mexican border, as have the American Catholic bishops. Evidently, they haven’t seen the wisdom of your pet project or recognized its moral justification. Clergy can be pesky sometimes, can’t they, Congressman? All caught up in ideology. But no matter. When you’re right, you’re right.

But have you noticed a problem? Congress hasn’t actually appropriated the money to build the wall, has it? Did you fail also to convince your colleagues of its merits or was it all for show? Truthfully, we know the wall won’t be built, don’t we?

Let’s face it. Your soon to end service as Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee has accomplished exactly what? The peril of terrorism is as great as, if not greater, than ever. The country is grievously unprotected. You preemptively got Dubai booted out of port management, embarrassing the White House and State Department, while New York (your home base) got short shrift in security funding. There is precious little to prevent a 9/11-type air attack on any of our ports, transit systems or exposed nuclear energy facilities. We have more lethal enemies who hate us than we had before and alerts have become a fact of life.
Meanwhile, Iraq is in shambles and getting more chaotic and murderous each day, our troops continue being killed and wounded, additional billions of dollars are going down the drain (you’ll soon be approving more and adding to the deficit), the Taliban is thriving in Afghanistan and we are facing ominous threats in Iran and North Korea.

And what is your and Bush’s solution? More of the same? Let someone else’s sons and daughters pay the price for this tragic folly?

Henry Kissinger says we can’t achieve a military victory in Iraq. He’s not my favorite statesman but at least he fought in a war. But is anyone listening? If you and our non-battle tested CIC have a new plan to accomplish the “mission,” tell us what it is. Throw in more troops? (If so, where will they come from – National Guard, reserves, re-recycled units, high school seniors?) Start moving troops to Kuwait? Train more Iraqi militia so they can kidnap and kill more Iraqis? Establish “benchmarks?” God forbid, set a timetable.

You have been uncharacteristically silent on the war lately. And for a good reason. You have nothing to say.

Yes, getting rid of Rumsfeld was a start but more - a lot more - change is needed.

Since posturing and preening don’t seem to help, how about a suggestion as to what you, as a patriot, can do?

Seriously consider whether now may be a good time for you to cut and run, to resign your congressional seat for the larger good. Such an act wouldn’t cause much of a blip on the national screen but it could set an example and help continue the momentum for further change. Some people might even consider it noble. What more could you ask as a legacy?

Think about it. Your contribution could be to give up the burdens of public office and the irritation of unappreciative critics. You could treat yourself to a farewell party (make sure the caterer’s help are all documented) and take your plaques home. Let someone else (almost anyone) take over while you look around for another job with free health care, expense account and pension.

You must at some point have thought about joining some of your well-connected cronies to become a post-Congress lobbyist, right? If you act soon, I’m sure the Defense Secretary (you’d better hurry), Majority Leader (ditto) and Ed Koch (take your time) will give you good references. You could ask the Vice President, too, if you can find him. I don’t know about the President; I think you may have alienated him, although publicly, he’d probably say you did a heck of a job.
You could still hang around Washington, go home on weekends and attend an American Legion meeting or two. You could continue to take trips, maybe not to the Green Zone, but to, say, Mexico.
And you’d have time to visit some of the sick and injured in Walter Reed and veterans’ hospitals.
I bet if you put your mind to it, you could come up with a friend or a family member on K Street to put in a good word for you. As a last resort, you could always hit up Al D’Amato.
What do you think?


Monday, November 27, 2006

What Happend to KingPAC?

Remember the political action committee King started called KingPAC also known as "Know-How and Integrity for Our National Government"?
What did the PAC do this election cycle?
Here are the numbers from Open Secrets
Total Receipts - $41,225
Total Spent - $40,759

End Cash on Hand - $463
Debts - $2,500

Where did the money go?
Nassau County Republican Club - $5950 for "event tickets"
3 Dog Consulting LTD - $20,427 for "Fundraising Consultant Fees"
So half the money that came in went to pay the firm that raised the money.
Bobby Van's - $748 for "catering"
That's Kings favorite steakhouse where he spends alot of his campaign funds.
FDNY Emerald Society - $750 for a "donation"
If King wants to donate, why doesn't he do it out of his own pocket? The Emerald Society isn't a political group.
CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY/VICTORY 2006 - $1,200 for "contribution"
Seaford Republican Club - $4000 for "donation"
Long Beach Chamber of Commerce - $2500 for "donation"
Political Compliance Services - $2500 for "Accounting & Compliance Fees"

So more that half of what was raised went to the running of the PAC.

Next up.. Who gave to the PAC

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

As we count all the things we are thankful for, lets rememer those who are just thankful for thier next meal or a roof over thier heads.

Please give if you can...

Long Island Cares - The Harry Chapin Food Bank

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

United Way of Long Island

Society of St. Vincent DePaul

Salvation Army

Monday, November 20, 2006

Fossella Misses "Chairman" King, Others Not So Much

From the Staten Island Advance story 'Fossella slams shift at Homeland SecurityFears hard times for N.Y. with agency's Dem boss; others see improvement'

"That hurts New York," Fossella (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) told the Advance. "There was no better champion on these issues than Peter," he said. "That in itself is a loss. He's a hometown guy."

The loss was actually 40% of funding while King was the "champion."

"Fossella said he was concerned that Thompson might not be as open to arguments, put forth by New York lawmakers, that homeland security money should be allocated based on the degree of threat.
"I'm not making any projections," said Fossella. "But I don't know how sympathetic someone from Mississippi is going to be to New York City."

From the same article further down
"Thompson and King locked horns earlier this year when Thompson said King prevented Democratic committee members from adding amendments to restore funding for rail and bus protection to a House port-security bill.The committee also voted down Thompson's proposal to increase funding to the federal Department of Homeland Security by $6 billion above what was requested by the White House. King at the time said Thompson's figure was unrealistic."

So, King was against increased funding... I see....

How do other New York officials see the change?
Mayor Bloomberg says "It was helpful that Peter was there... but now we've got to make the case to the next head."
"City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan) called King "a pit bull" who'd fought hard for homeland security dollars. "No one in either party can fault Congress member King for his efforts on that," she said.
However, Ms. Quinn added, "The sad truth was, the fact that he was a Republican didn't get us any more resources. Sadly, having a New Yorker in that position didn't make any difference."

Saturday, November 18, 2006

They Write Letters

This is from the November 14th Newsday letters section.. "King re-elected despite NewsdayI have to give Newsday credit for candidly reporting U.S. Rep. Peter King's critical, unflattering comments about Long Island's leading newspaper ["King stays on the job," News, Nov. 8]. King has said that he was the victim of Newsday's selective news coverage and slanted editorials.
King, a registered Republican, won election by almost 20 percent against a Democratic political tide that washed across New York and the nation. King's criticism of Newsday resonates with Long Islanders of all political persuasions.
Michael P. Mulhall
The writer was a Republican and Conservative candidate for the Nassau County Legislature in 2001."

Mulhall picks up on Kings "Newsday Hates Me" theme and 6 days after the election (okay it was probably written 1 or 2 days after the election) says King won by "almost 20 percent."
Is 12 almost 20?

We're going to have more on Kings Newsday fight this week.

More Comedy Gold from King

What world is King living in?
King has been going after Newsday saying that they were his "real opponent" in the race and in the NY Observer "said the reports of his fund-raising were greatly downplayed in the paper while the reports of money raised by his opponent, Dave Mejias, were inflated."
Seems King can't get facts straight.... or he's just lying as usual.
Newsday always reported King fundraising especially when he became chairman last year. Jioni Palmer reported back in December 2005 in the story 'King cashes in with new post', "There were no door prizes, 50-50 raffles or entertainment of any sort.Nonetheless, the recent reception at the Phoenix Park Hotel near Capitol Hill was brimming with lobbyists, lawyers, former lawmakers, industry representatives and other deep-pocketed donors with interests before Congress.
"There were probably three or four times more people there than at any other fundraiser I had," King said of the Dec. 7 event, which raised between $70,000 and $75,000 from individuals and political action committees."

Or how about recent reports "Last week, King went on network television with a purported $450,000 media buy -- a bold and normally cost-prohibitive move in New York, the nation's most expensive and saturated media market. Such as ad blitz is generally reserved for the most competitive races, and the clearest sign that Mejias' challenge is gaining steam, said political professionals from both parties.
Beyond saturating the airwaves with at least three different spots, King said he intended to swamp voters with 10 or 11 pieces of mail, which would mean one piece every other day.
'I have a lot of money and I'm covering all the bases,' King said, insisting he isn't worried about coming up short on Election Day. 'Quite frankly, I don't know what you guys at Newsday are going to do.'"

Whenever Newsday reported on the money in th erace, they always emphaszied that King had alot more that Mejias.
Newsday reported the facts about fundraising for the race and King has a problem with that "While King has a war chest of $1.59 million, half of it - $796,779 - was carried over from his last campaign. Based on what each candidate has raised during the current election cycle, Mejias has collected $103,602 more than King.

How Does King Stand on Darfur?

King gets a 'C' for his efforts to help the people in the Darfur region of Sudan suffering genocidal attacks. says "Rep. King co-signed a letter urging Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo to exert his influence to change the AMIS mandate.
He co-signed a letter urging Secretary General Annan to return to Darfur and demand the UN Security Council pass a strong resolution against the Sudanese government.
Contact Peter King
Peter King has received a “C” for not actively supporting Darfur-related legislation and failing to consistently champion the cause. Co-sponsoring one or two resolutions or providing a few favorable votes is not enough. Elected officials must continually support efforts to end the genocide in Darfur."

Darfur Peace and Accountability Act Voted For
Funding Amendment for Protection Voted Against
Funding Amendment for Humanitarian Aid Voted Against
NATO Bridging Force Voted For
Presidential Special Envoy Voted For"

For more info on what is happening in Darfur, visit this page.

Pure Comedy Gold from Peter King

King tells the NYPost "It would be better for New York if I were chairman, but I'm not, so that's that,"


With King as Chairman, NY lost 40% of its funding!
How can that be better???

The Post continues "King used his post to try to squeeze more homeland funds out of Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff after the department announced a shocking 40 percent cut in the city's anti-terror funds this spring."

NY did get a few more scraps but during his tenure as Chairman, King just couldn't deliver for NY.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, the newly minted Majority Leader in the House "pledged that if Democrats win control of the House his party will get the funding formula changed to reflect the greater risks big cities like New York face.
A Democratic House would take the homeland security chairman's gavel from King and give it to Rep. Bennie Thompson, of Mississippi, but Hoyer said that still would be better for New York.
"You need to put (the money) where the risk is occurring," Hoyer said. "That argument is going to be made by a rural representative from Mississippi. Frankly, he may be better able to do that."

Monday, November 13, 2006

NYTimes 'G.O.P. Worries About Effects of State Losses'

'G.O.P. Worries About Effects of State Losses'
“This was a rough year to be a Republican,” said Representative Peter T. King, who fended off a formidable Democratic challenge on Long Island. “But I’m just wondering if the demographics have changed so much. There is no Republican base anymore.”

Peter King on His Loss

From the NYTimes article 'Democratic Broom Doesn’t Sweep Clean'
"Mr. King — Long Island’s only Republican congressman — beat back a challenge from David Mejias, a Democratic Nassau County legislator. Mr. King had 56 percent of the vote, down from 63 percent two years ago.
But his victory was bittersweet. Because his party lost control of the House, Mr. King forfeits his coveted post as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee. “It’s better to be in the majority,” he said."

From AP: King wins race but loses Homeland Security post

King wins race but loses Homeland Security post
Rep. Peter King, who won his race Tuesday but lost his powerful Homeland Security chairmanship, said yesterday he had reached out to his Democratic successor.
King (R-Seaford) defeated Democratic challenger David Mejias 97,279 to 76,943 votes - 56% to 44% - but had to give up the leadership of the committee as his party lost control of the House.
King had been the chairman of the committee for more than a year. In January, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) is expected to take it over.
King acknowledged that his party took a beating nationwide in large part because of unhappiness over the Iraq war.
He said he already had called Thompson, and insisted that as the ranking minority Republican on the committee, he will still be in a position to help New York, even if it is in regional disputes against members of his own party on issues such as security funding for cities.
"As a Republican, I'll be able to deal with the administration. I can help with that, and also quite frankly against people in my own party, some of whom know the price of everything and the value of nothing," King said.

Kings View on Hillary Clinton

From the NY Daily News story 'The Hillary Factor'
"I've seen her walk into a room full of firemen on Long Island who really had no use for her, and by the end they're asking her for pictures with their children," said Long Island GOP Rep. Pete King."Probably a lot of Republicans would want Hillary, but I think they'd be making a mistake," he said, pointing out that Democrats licked their chops over Ronald Reagan in 1980.
"The Clintons have the best political team in the country - they're like the government in exile," King said."

A View from Connecticut

From the NY Daily News
Bringing up the rear
East Haven, Conn.: Rep. Peter King suggested during his campaign we might be in Iraq 10 or 15 years and reminded the voters that we've been in South Korea for more than 50. A little history lesson, congressman: Our troops in South Korea are facing north, toward a possible security threat to an ally. They're not looking over their shoulders at the threat from the population they're protecting. Feel free to debate our role in Iraq, but don't confuse apples and oranges.
Raymond D. Dunn Jr

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Analysis from Guest Blogger E Part 2

1. 31,758 more people voted in the 3rd CD than in the 2nd CD. The reason for that would seem to be that people in the 3rd CD, whether Democrat or Republican, viewed the race as being close, whereas Israel was seen as a lock in the 2nd. And again, more than half of that difference came from the Suffolk portion of the 3rd.
2. Steve Israel won the Nassau portion of the 2nd CD that was formerly part of the 3rd by a margin of 78% to 22%. As I know many people who live in that part of the district who normally vote straight D down the line, it can be assumed that Dave would have won that area by the same margin.
3. Clearly this is speculation, but if you take the 36,506 people who voted in the Suffolk portion of the 3rd CD and assign that number to the Nassau portion of the 2nd CD, and project the vote at the 78-22 that it came out for Israel/Bugler to Mejias/King, and add the totals to the 3rd CD race minus the Suffolk portion, Dave wins 89,703 to 84,519. Maybe this would not have happened, but the bottom line is that it shows that if the 3rd CD was reconfigured to its pre-2002 lines, it is at least a competitive district for a Democrat, whereas now it is not unless that Democrat was already known and popular throughout the district (remember, when the race started, 60% of the people in the district had never heard of Dave).
4. By the way, when doing this switch and adding back the Suffolk portion for the 2nd, Israel still wins 63%-37%. Not quite 70%-30%, but still very convincing, and evidence that he does not need the Nassau portion.


For all those that Served and are Serving in our Armed Force.
Your sacrifice should never be forgotten or taken for granted.

Analysis from Guest Blogger E

I believe that the race turned on one thing, which was given a cursory mention on your this blog, but a major mention in articles in Newsday and the New York Times, and that is the gerrymandering that occurred in 2002. In fact, in a Times article that was posted a couple of weeks ago, a Democratic strategist said that there was no way that King could lose because the district was carved out to guarantee him a win. I don't care what idiot King or the moron on Mejias Watch says, but it is aggravating that they think that King had a decisive win when the facts don't bear it out. And when you figure in the gerrymandering, it was an even closer race. I ran the numbers, and this is what I found:

Put the Nassau portion of Israel's district back in King's, and the Suffolk portion of King's district back in Israel's, and you get a 52-48 win for King. However, there is more to it than that. In the Nassau portion of Israel's district, only about 15,000 people voted, probably because the area is so heavily Democratic that the outcome was a foregone conclusion (it is so strong that Israel did barely any campaigning in the area).
In the Suffolk portion of King's district, about 36,000 people voted, probably because the race was viewed as being close, so all of the Republicans came out to vote. This is obviously only speculation, but I am betting that if the Nassau portion of Israel's district was back in King's, with the election being tight, and with Dave's tremendous GOTV effort, many more people would have turned out to vote for Dave, and we may have had a Congressman Mejias today.

For a comparison, just look at Ed Dane's race for District Court Judge. He had all of Oyster Bay and Glen Cove, and lost 52-48, with the Indy line making the difference. He became the first Democratic Judicial candidate in TOB to get more votes straight Democrat versus Republican lines. So, if you factor in those numbers with Long Beach, it is quite conceivable that Dave wins. Thus, when comparing Dave's numbers versus those of the past, it is even more impressive.
It is just unfortunate that the Democrats may be to blame for costing Dave the seat. Steve Israel, who is an excellent Congressman, was looking to shore up his seat, and made the deal with King, giving the Republicans a much smaller edge in registration. But, due to increased Democratic voter registration his district now has more registered Democrats than Republicans, which was clearly reflected in him garnering 70% of the vote.
It is therefore quite clear that he gained something that he really didn't need as I am sure he would have won easily without the Nassau portion (maybe 65%?), and it potentially cost the Democrats another House seat.
I know that there will be some gerrymandering with the Democrats in charge. Let's just hope that they have the sense to give the area back to King, but I have a feeling that they won't.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Kings Fall from Power Started on Bill O'Reilly

Last night King was on O'Reilly to talk about Rumsfeld.
Usually the graphic under King says "Chairman, Homeland Security Committee."
Last night it just said "Member of International Relations Committee."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day One

So here is Day One of the 2008 Congressional Race.
This website isn't going away.
There is still alot of stuff we didn't have time to get to and more is being planned.

Want to get e-mail alerts of updates?
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On January 1st, King returns to the minority and loses his chairmanship.
Not only that, his benefactor Dennis Hastert is on his way out from the leadership so there is no guarantee King will be the Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Committee or even a member.
The Republican Leadership elections will be coming up soon and this will tell us where King stands with the new leaders.

This election has taken the adjectives "moderate" and "powerful" away from King.

Looking at the preliminary numbers, King has lost votes in the district. for a non-presidential election year.
In 2002 King got 116,931 to Finz's 44,289.
This year King got 97,279 to Mejias' 76,943.
King LOST 19,652 votes in off-year elections and Mejias/Opponent GAINED 32,654 votes.
The tide didn't turn this time, but it is turning.

My Friend Dave Mejias

I am proud to have supported Dave Mejias for Congress.
Dave might have lost tonight but he fought the good fight and did what no other candidate running against King has done - scare the crap out of him.
Dave Mejias officially entered the race in June... a very late start for a campaign. He raised a record amount of money in a short period of time and built his name recognition by meeting the people of the 3rd Congressional District face to face.
In a district that was gerrymandered for Peter King, Dave did a great job. It's easy to claim victory if the voter registration numbers favor you 2-1. But that's like saying you hit a triple even though you were born on third base.

A shout-out to the men and women who helped Dave... Premo, Brendan, Gina, Gabby, Jason, Matt, and all the people down on Main Street. This race was something to be proud of.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Unofficial Numbers

King: 97,279 - 56%
Mejias: 76,943 - 44%
100% Precincts Reporting

The certified vote will take a few day or more since the paper/absentee ballots were impounded by the state.

We'll have what each candidate spent soon.

Here are historical numbers:
King ..... 65%
Langberg ..... 35%

2000 (Presidential election year)
King ..... 135,328.... 60%
Lamagna ..... 90,290.... 40%

King..... 116,931....72%
Finz ..... 44,289 .... 27%

2004 (Presidential election year)
King ..... 167,008 .... 63%
Mathies ..... 97,534 .... 37%

King..... 97,279 ... 56%
Mejias..... 76,943 ... 44%

This year is the worst return for King since his first election when he got 51% of the vote.
While all other incumbent candidates on Long Island and the NYC area (save Fosella in Staten Iland) easily passed 60%, King didn't get close.

We'll Have the Numbers in a Few Hours

When 100% of the precincts are in, we'll have the numbers.

King Projected Winner

No longer a chairman.

Our job isn't done yet.

Votes Still Being Counted

Still no result.

With the impounded paper ballots, this might be a long night.

Democrats Control House, King OUT as Chairman

Whatever happens in the local race, King is now out as chairman.

Democrats List of Top Races to Watch

Race Hasn't Been Called

No one is calling the race as of 9:45 for Mejias or King.

Too close to call so far.

Impounded ballot Update

Rick Brand reports in Newsday "Because of a statewide court order obtained by the leaders of both major parties impounding all paper ballots, unofficial results tonight will not include more than 24,000 absentee votes in Nassau and Suffolk that are ordinarily counted at the polls on Election night.
Those impounded ballots could mean that the outcome in tight contests will not be known until the absentees are counted in the recanvassing of machine and paper ballots that is routinely done in the week or two after election.
In the Third Congressional District where Republican Rep. Peter King is being challenged by Democratic Naassau Legis. David Mejias, there are 5,436 absentee ballots."

Mejias v. King Polls First Numbers

In Suffolk
King 53
Mejias 46

4% of Election Districts reporting

Mejias v. King Polls closed

9pm Polls closed.....
Nothing yet...

Election Night Update #5

With the paper ballots/absentee ballots impounded and a tight race, we may not know the final numbers tonight.

Dems picked up 1 House seat with 14 more for control.
Dems picked up 2 senate seats and held New Jersey.

Election Night Update #4

The republicans in the 3rd CD got a suprise when Democratic lawyers showed up to make sure the voting is all above-board.
No chance for King and his cronies to "Do all the counting."

Last year during Mejias' re-election, there were some oddities in the vote count. A recanvas for a few election districts were needed finding that Mejias votes were undercounted.

And here is King spouting off on the Nassau races....

Election Night Update #3

Absentee ballots impounded.
No count on those ballots.

Election Night Update #2 - Fraud in NYS

New York State congressional race fraud!!!
Check out Buffalo Geek for details on robo-calls

And in Cayuga County, voters getting calls telling voters to go to wrong polling place. From "Cayuga County polling places remain unchanged, despite mysterious phone calls
About a dozen Cayuga County voters received automated telephone calls over the weekend, wrongly telling them them their polling place for Tuesday's election has changed, giving a specific wrong voting location.Elections officials stress that all polling places are the same as for the Sept. 12 primary.
One call was traced to an area code in California."

Election Night Update #1

Peter King seen tooling around in his Grand Marquis headed to his campaign office.
King had only one public appearance last night at a GOP party event.

Turnout seems to be steady.

King lit drop in Bellmore covered one republican heavy block.

Wide-spread fraud in races reported around the country.
GOP Distributing false sample ballots in Maryland
GOP fraudulent "robo-calls" in Nebraska are actually using the Dem candidate's voice!
FBI investigating GOP voter intimidation in Virginia
NY Times reports on the GOP harassing robo-calls
Right-wing radio host tells listeners to flood Democratic Party election day hotline


Today is the day to make YOUR voice heard.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Poll Shows Close Race

The New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) not only endorses Mejias but their publication 'New York Teacher' reports on a poll conducted by the union showing the race is neck and neck.
Being under 50% as an incumbant going into an election where you have a "safe" seat doesn't look good.
I'll have more on the poll as soon as I get it.

Check out Our Archives

Still wondering about Peter King?
Check out our archives or do a search of the blog with the search function at the top of the page.

King and 9/11: Setting the Record Straight

For all of Kings talk about 9/11 and Homeland Security, he joined with fellow republicans in OPPOSING the creation of an independent 9/11 Commission.
After the 9/11 Commission was formed, King joined with Bush in OPPOSING Bush Administration officials from having to testify under oath.
King didn't want Condi Rice under oath.
King didn't want Bush or Cheney under oath.
King saw no reason to get to the bottom of why the attacks on 9/11 happend other than terrorists attacked us.
THAT is Kings legacy.

FYI: Local Voters Guides

Here are some Voters Guides to read before election day...

Long Island Press

Newsday Scroll down to list of races from sunday

League of Women Voters for Nassau County
For all of New York scroll down

An Election Incident at Waldbaums

On saturday, King, Faso (candidiate for governor) and Joe Saladino (local Assemblyman) went campaigning at the Waldbaums on Hicksville Road in Massapequa.
A posse of 30 people plus a limo set up shop so that the three candidates could press soem flesh.
The problem was that with such a large group, it was difficult for shoppers to navigate the entance and exit to the parking lot.
A store manager came out and asked the group to move along.
Saladino didn't like being told what to do but decided to relent when the manager said he would call the police.

Newsday's Spincycle on Kings Ad Spending

"GOP bucks in the city
Rep. Peter King has invested $1.5 million in expensive New York City television ads for his re-election. We know from the ads that former New York Mayor Ed Koch loves King - but Koch can't vote for him. Quipped Richard Schaffer, Suffolk Democratic boss: "The last time Republicans went on New York TV it was for Felix Grucci, and we know what happened to him," a reference to the incumbent Republican who lost four years ago. - Rick Brand on Long Island"

Belfast Telegraph Newspaper Reports on Tight Race

Big changes predicted at US polls

"Congressman Peter King, perhaps the most sympathetic member to Irish republicanism in the House of Representatives, is battling it out in his Long Island district, down from 72% at his last election to 47% now, compared to 45% for his opponent."

Mejias at Penn Station Tonight

Dave Mejias is an incredible campaigner.
Mejias spent this morning meeting voters headed to work and this evening he is at Penn Station as they go home.
Dave Mejias is greeting voters right now with the assist of his mother and brother.
Look for Dave near the big board.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mejias v. King Race Gets Notice in Florida as a Close Race

From the South Florida Sun-Sentinal

Democrats have excellent prospects for winning the 15 seats they need to take majority control of the House. Here are some key races.

NEW YORK, District 3
In a late surprise, Republican Rep. Peter King may be in trouble in this Long Island district."

King Not the Fundraising Powerhouse He is Portrayed

Mejias closing the money gap
J. Jioni Palmer
Nassau Legis. David Mejias (D-North Massapequa) is quickly closing the money gap between him and Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford), portending an even tighter electoral skirmish in the closing days of the campaign.Mejias's campaign manager, Michael Premo, said Friday that his candidate has taken in $903,368 and could have close to $1 million by Election Day.
"Every time I turn around, there is another check coming in," said Premo, who added that the infusion of funds will enable Mejias to match King's media ad blitz. Mejias' haul is greater than the total amount King's three previous challengers took in by more than $300,000.
While King has a war chest of $1.59 million, half of it - $796,779 - was carried over from his last campaign. Based on what each candidate has raised during the current election cycle, Mejias has collected $103,602 more than King.

Mejias Gets Long Island Herald Newspapers Endorsement

Cast your ballot for Mejias in 3rd C.D.
Nassau County Legislator Dave Mejias, a Democrat from North Massapequa who is seeking to unseat U.S. Rep. Peter King in the 3rd Congressional District, lashed out this week at King, charging that he was abusing his chairmanship of the House Homeland Security Committee.
Mejias noted that King's son, Sean, is vice president of Park Strategies, which has "lucrative contracts with many big businesses to lobby on defense and homeland security spending." Park Strategies' clients include Lockheed Martin and L-3 Communications, according to Mejias, who believes there is a clear conflict of interest here. King says his office does not deal with his son's company.
Mejias raises a fair and important question.
Sadly, the entrenched politicians who now rule Washington too often believe that they can take advantage of the system with no repercussions. It's high time for change. And that, in part, is why the Herald endorses Mejias in the 3rd District.
Mejias is the first credible Democratic challenger that King has faced in his 12 years in Congress. Mejias is smart, forthright and uncorrupted by the millions of lobbying dollars flowing through the nation's capital.
The son of Cuban immigrants who were persecuted under the Castro regime, Mejias understands what it is to live in poverty, and he wants to make sure that all Americans receive the government protections that they deserve. As one example, he opposes President Bush's reckless plan to privatize Social Security.
Not surprisingly, Mejias believes the Iraq war is being mismanaged, and favors a swift withdrawal from the ravaged nation. He wants U.S. troops redeployed to Afghanistan in 12 to 18 months to fight the Taliban, which is making something of a comeback.
With sectarian violence growing by the day in Iraq and American forces coming under increasingly heavy fire (October was the deadliest month for our troops there in a year), the U.S. has no easy way to extricate itself from this chaotic country, which might soon erupt in civil war. A year to a year and a half may be an unrealistic timetable for withdrawal, but at the very least, Mejias is thinking about leaving Iraq, rather than simply "staying the course" indefinitely, no matter the price, monetarily and, worse, in human lives.
King has shown himself to be a rubber stamp for Bush's failed policies. He actively lobbied for the Iraq invasion without asking the kinds of tough questions that our lawmakers should in order to check presidential power.
On the environment, King has among the worst voting records in Congress, according to the League of Conservation Voters. Mejias, on the other hand, has a proven track record of supporting environmental causes in the Nassau County Legislature.
On immigration, King supported a measure that would have made it a crime to house and feed illegal immigrants, even if they were homeless and starving. We found the bill repulsive and antithetical to America's spirit of giving. The measure also put King at odds with the Catholic Church, which he was all too willing to spar with.
King has made much of being named House Homeland Security Committee chairman. But when New York lost $80 million in homeland security funding, the congressman was powerless to get the money back. He is hardly the omnipotent political leader that he would have us believe he is.
The 3rd Congressional District needs a new voice and new thinking in Washington.
The Herald endorses Dave Mejias.

Counting Chickens

King likes to tout his position as Homeland Security Committee Chairman and the "clout" that it brings. The first problem is that whil ehe has been chairman, New York had its Homeland Security funding cut by 40%. So much for Kings "clout."
And now the second problem is that after this tuesday no matter what happens in the King v. Mejias race, King will no longer be the chairman. All signs are pointing to a Democratic majority which mean if King can win on tuesday, he will lose his chairmanship.
King would return to the position if back-bencher.

Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer came to Long Island to stump for Dave Mejias, "Hoyer pledged that if Democrats win control of the House his party will get the funding formula changed to reflect the greater risks big cities like New York face. A Democratic House would take the homeland security chairman's gavel from King and give it to Rep. Bennie Thompson, of Mississippi, but Hoyer said that still would be better for New York. "You need to put (the money) where the risk is occurring," Hoyer said. "That argument is going to be made by a rural representative from Mississippi. Frankly, he may be better able to do that."

King tried to retort but fell flat "I'm more than willing to let the people of Long Island decide whether they want someone from rural Mississippi trying to get money for New York or whether they want someone from Long Island with a proven record who's been endorsed by every police and firefighter organization in the city and state,"

Did he say "proven track record"?????
The track record that King has is one of embarrassment.
Under his "leadership" New York LOST money.
Does King think voters in his district are that stupid that can't see he has been a miserable failure?

Mejias responds to King "Quite frankly, we couldn't do any worse,"


Sen. Schumer Endorses Mejias and Sets Record Straight

"After Republican incumbent Peter King attempted to mislead voters in a recent campaign mailer, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) set the record straight today by making his support of Nassau County Legislator Dave Mejias, the Democratic candidate for Congress in New York’s Third Congressional district, loud and clear. By using misleading photos and quotes, Peter King is trying to associate himself with popular New York Democrats in a desperate attempt to distance himself from President Bush and the failed policies he rubber stamped.

“Peter King’s effort to mislead voters into believing he has the endorsement of Democratic elected officials is a pathetic attempt to hide his allegiance to President Bush and the failed Republican policies,” said Mejias. “King can use all the unapproved photos and quotes he wants, but he can’t hide from his record of being a reliable rubber stamp for the Bush administration. This is one more example of a Republican working hard to keep his job, instead of actually doing his job. The voters of Long Island want change, they are sick of Peter King and the culture of corruption in Washington , and all the deceptive mail pieces in the world won’t change that.”

A recent independent poll by Constituent Dynamics has the race between Dave Mejias and Peter King in a statistical dead heat among certain voters with Mejias at 48% and King at 49%. As Election Day draws near Dave Mejias does not need to trick the voters about his support. In addition to the endorsements of the State AFL-CIO, the entire Long Island environmental community, the National Jewish Democratic Council PAC, Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice New York, Mejias also earned the endorsement of The New York Times, Newsday, and the Long Island Herald Newspapers.

“I whole heartedly support Dave Mejias for Congress in New York ’s Third Congressional District,” said Senator Charles Schumer. “Our country is going in the wrong direction and new leadership in Washington starts with new representation at home on Long Island . Dave Mejias has proven himself an independent voice in the Nassau County Legislature and has always delivered for Long Island . We can reclaim American dream, receive our fair share of Homeland Security funding, and put America back on track with new leadership in Congress.”

Kinda Weird Story About a Flyer

A flier was left at a Bellmore office. Newsday reports "What attorney David Weiss, the Bellmore GOP executive leader, first saw when he picked up the flyer was a bold message saying "KILL KING" with an international road-sign ban symbol with a diagonal line over a photograph of U.S. Rep. Peter King. On closer inspection, Weiss saw in small print, "Please don't" in front of the bold message, followed by more small letters saying "at the polls."

So the entire message was "Please Don't Kill King at the polls."

Seems like it a a badly made pro-King flyer.

The story continues "A security camera on a neighboring Bedford Avenue jewelry store, run by Hempstead Town Board Member Gary Hudes, videotaped a man delivering the flyer at 8:43 p.m. Thursday but Weiss said he didn't recognize him.
King's campaign was notified and the campaign called the police.
Weiss said he's seen all sorts of campaign literature since he's been involved in politics, "But this was above and beyond ... It's a pretty repulsive piece."

Not sure why the King campaign would call the police over what reads like a pro-King flyer.
Had is just said "Kill King" then I would whole-heartily agree that it is repulsive and whoever made it should be arrested for making threats.

Who would make a flyer that says "Please Don't Kill King at the polls" and leave it at the door of the Bellmore Executive GOP Leader of all people?

Saturday, November 04, 2006


via Daily Gotham

"As The New York Times reported today, Congressional republicans are responsible for the online publication of a how-to manual for building nukes. The manual in question dates from 1991, and was compiled by the Iraqi nuclear weapons program, which then fell prey to sanctions after the first Gulf War.
So what are they doing now?
The 'latest news' link on the
web site of the House Homeland Security Committee, chaired by our very own Peter King, leads with an item from October 18th. The newest release on King's own web site is dated September 2006.
As of this writing,
Technorati has 95 links to the NYT article. There seems to be some concern afoot in the land. However, citizens turning to Congress' Homeland Security committee won't see a reflection of that in the actions of their republican government or of Peter King, NY-03."

From the NY Times story....

"Last March, the federal government set up a Web site to make public a vast archive of Iraqi documents captured during the war. The Bush administration did so under pressure from Congressional Republicans who had said they hoped to “leverage the Internet” to find new evidence of the prewar dangers posed by Saddam Hussein"
"The documents, roughly a dozen in number, contain charts, diagrams, equations and lengthy narratives about bomb building that nuclear experts who have viewed them say go beyond what is available elsewhere on the Internet and in other public forums. For instance, the papers give detailed information on how to build nuclear firing circuits and triggering explosives, as well as the radioactive cores of atom bombs."

Our Temple, the Congressman and the Mosque - Temple Beth-El Newsletter

From Rabbi Jerome K. Davidson

Our Temple, the Congressman and the Mosque
A number of articles and letters have appeared in the press, secular and Jewish, criticizing Temple Beth-El and its rabbis for engaging in joint activities with the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury. The source of the criticism clearly is a Long Island congressman, who, in interviews on television and with newspaper journalists, has charged that 85% of America’s mosques are controlled by extremists and that the Westbury Mosque is a prime example. Substantial evidence for these charges is never presented.
To exacerbate the situation, this congressman sent a letter, along with an inflammatory article from the New York Post, to his Jewish constituents in which he accuses of extremism, Dr. Faroque Khan, Chair of the ICLI Board and leader of the dialogue activities with us and other Christian and Jewish organizations.
Assertions are made that these interfaith activities are a mask to obscure the “Islamic threat” Dr. Khan and others represent to our country. Faroque Khan is one of the most respected moderate Islamic voices in America today. Worthy of note is the interreligious visit to Israel he led last spring with two rabbis, two Catholic priests and a group of young people. If the charges against him were not so absurd and defamatory, they would be laughable. I also regard them as utterly irresponsible.
As you know, fifteen years ago Temple Beth-El initiated a dialogue program with the Islamic Center that continues to this day. The members of the dialogue began to teach each other about their respective religions, preparing presentations on customs, beliefs, holidays, the Bible and the Koran, the role of women, the Muslim and Jewish family, with new themes emerging all the time.
Open sessions were held in the Mosque and the Temple for the two communities. They came to us in large numbers to discuss Islam in America. We brought members of our congregation to speak to their community on the challenges of being a minority; on another occasion we spoke on civil rights issues, especially the church-state concerns that both communities face.
Our religious school children meet with Muslim youngsters a couple of times a year in both our Temple and the Mosque. Two weeks ago we celebrated Sukkot and Islam’s Ramadan at the Mosque and built a Sukkah there, perhaps the first in a Mosque ever.
As for discussions regarding the Middle East, differing points of view are, of course, expressed within both communities and when we come together. All share, however, the hope for peace and security among Jews and Muslims everywhere.
These are not, as the congressman charges, “benign interfaith programs” that mask extremism. They represent the best of America: tolerance, respect and the freedom that allows different peoples to sit down together in peace.
Clearly, Islamic militants are a grave concern both here and abroad. Nonetheless, I am most distressed by fear-inducing demagogic appeals employed at election time. And I am also angered by McCarthy-like tactics of character assassination and guilt by association. They not only victimize decent Americans but, as well, frighten people away from outreach to others. I hope Temple Beth-El will never withdraw from dialogue with other Americans who came here for the same reasons as did our families, for freedom from fear, for acceptance and equality.

Friday, November 03, 2006

NY Sun Newspaper Story of Kings Unheard of Defensive Spending

With a tip of the hat to Blue Spot.

The NY Sun story '
Once-Secure Republicans Spend Thousands To Stem Tide of Democrats' leads with "Reps. Peter King and Vito Fossella, once thought two of the most secure Republicans in the House, are emptying their war chests of hundreds of thousands of dollars to stem the tide of Democratic candidates riding the coattails of Senator Clinton and gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer, who are expected to win by a landslide...."

and continue with

"In the 3rd Congressional District on Long Island, Mr. King, the chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, is facing a well-financed Democratic candidate, David Mejias, a first-generation Cuban-American and Nassau County legislator.

While the two candidates disagree over the accuracy of a recent poll that shows them in a dead heat, the race is close enough to encourage Democratic supporters to reach into their pocketbooks. Mr. Mejias has raised more than $650,000, with roughly 75% coming from individuals.

The DCCC has taken note, adding Mr. Mejias to its Red to Blue program, which introduces congressional candidates to Democratic donors across the country.

A Democratic political consultant, Hank Sheinkopf, said both the Republican and Democratic parties view congressional races as investments. They will throw their support behind a candidate when polling numbers look favorable and when a particular candidate has shown an ability to raise money, he said.

Mr. Mejias said the support of the DCCC has opened up new fund-raising sources for the home stretch. (A spokeswoman for the DCCC would not comment on why Mr. Harrison's race was not added to the online fund-raising push.)

Mr. King, meanwhile, has raised more than twice as much money as he did in 2004 — nearly $1.4 million — and has engaged in a vigorous campaign to highlight his accomplishments, including his stand against Mr. Bush over the Dubai Ports World deal earlier this year and his role in helping protect New York.

"King is trying to educate voters and emphasize his conservative stances," a professor of political science at Hunter College, Ken Sherrill, said. He added that voters often know less about a Congress member's achievements than what their political party has, or has not, done.

This has led Mr. Mejias to make frequent mention of political contributions Mr. King has received from Homeland Security interests and his consistent support for the war in Iraq.

On the campaign trail, Mr. Mejias has often repeated what Mr. King wrote to a constituent who in 2005 asked him to censure Mr. Bush: "I thank God every night that he [Bush] is our president."

The King campaign did not respond to repeated requests for comment on the race."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Newsday Endorses Mejias

After years of endorsing King, Newsday sees the light....

NEWSDAY ENDORSES: In 3rd C.D., it's time for a change

Challenger offers pragmatic approach

November 1, 2006

Newsday's editorial board has a complicated relationship with Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford). We disagree on virtually every important issue and he uses Newsday as a foil, often campaigning as if the newspaper is his opponent. Despite those mutual differences, Newsday has repeatedly endorsed King for Congress.

We've admired his independence, his willingness to stand up against political correctness and to speak his mind. He also has had the good luck to run mostly against weak opponents. This year is different. Democrat David Mejias, 35, is a strong candidate making a spirited run for the job.

King, 62, has become increasingly strident and divisive, for instance launching a blistering, broad-brush attack on local Islamic leaders whom he judged insufficiently vocal in disavowing 9/11 conspiracy theories. And although he became chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee this year - which should have been good for New York - he failed to prevent a 40-percent cut in federal anti-terror dollars to the state.

He also has unalterably supported President George W. Bush's troubled policy in Iraq and his dangerous, go-it-alone approach to governing, which would deny Congress and the courts their proper roles as checks on abuses of presidential power. When King did part company with Bush on illegal immigration, it was King who chose the wrong course: His divisive, enforcement-only approach won't solve the problem.

Mejias supports a more pragmatic policy that would include tougher border security and employer sanctions, a guest-worker program and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the country. Mejias is the son of Hispanic immigrants. He overcame economic hardship to become a lawyer and a Nassau County legislator. He's been effective, for instance, by passing a tough county registration-and-notification law for sex offenders and a domestic worker bill of rights.

Mejias promises pragmatic solutions to the nation's problems, a refreshing change. Newsday endorses Mejias.

All in the Family

From Newsday:

" Not only does Rep. Peter King's son Sean work for former Sen. Alfonse D'Amato's influential lobbying firm Park Strategies, but King's daughter and sister also work in lobbying.

Daughter Erin King Sweeney manages government affairs, which oversees lobbying operations, for Swiss International Air Lines, in Uniondale.

And his sister, Barbara King, is a registered lobbyist for Continuum Health Partners Inc., which operates Beth Israel Medical Center, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Long Island College Hospital.

King's challenger in next week's election, Democratic Nassau Legis. David Mejias, has made an issue of Sean King's job at Park Strategies because it lobbies King and the Homeland Security Committee he chairs.

Sean King said he has never worked as a lobbyist, though he was listed on a New York State lobby registration.

King's opponents point out that other family members are involved in lobbying. Records bear them out.

Not only is Barbara King a lobbyist, but she is also treasurer of the High-Need Hospital PAC, which gave Peter King's campaign fund $5,650 from 1999 to 2004.

On the issues on which she lobbies, her brother has been a leader, according to the Greater New York Hospital Association. It has praised him for taking the lead in efforts to preserve Medicaid and Medicare payments for hospitals - an action often at odds with the House GOP leadership.

When asked about her relationship with her brother, Barbara King hung up the phone. Erin Sweeney did not respond to a phone call or to e-mail.

Peter King called with a terse statement that said he told his family not to answer questions and accused Newsday of a "smear" for disclosing family lobbying jobs.

"Neither my daughter or my sister has ever lobbied me or my committee," he said."

Mejias Watch Watch Up and Running

Because I don't want to waste space here, head on over to Mejias Watch Watch and see how easy it is to refute King followers.
The first post is about the Mejias Watch writer attempting to make some sort of point but fails miserably because that person lacks simple research skills.

More to come later tonight.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How Does King Vote on Issues for Disabled Veterans?

Peter King has a 25% score from the Disabled American Veterans.

Letter in New York Times

To the Editor:
Robin Finn seems amused in describing Jewish-Muslim comity at the Islamic Center of Long Island in Westbury (“
Terrorist Nest? Or an Oasis of Tolerance?,” The Island column, Oct. 15), while quoting Representative Peter T. King’s view that the joint Sukkot-Ramadan celebration was “a great inter-religious con-game.”
Mr. King has been making the same tired “extremist” charges about the Islamic Center since early 2004, but has never produced one shred of substantive evidence to support them.
Nevertheless, his ferocious charges, and echoes of anti-Muslim sentiment in some local media, led one Muslim friend to tell me she fears worshipping at the Islamic Center because of potential violence or persecution against its members.
The New York Times is supposed to be a great investigative newspaper. When a prominent New York congressman states that Long Island’s pre-eminent mosque is a hotbed of potential terrorism in our midst, what will it take for The Times to investigate whether what he says is true or not?
Frederick A. Smith

Garden City

Happy Halloween

Keep your kids safe today.

And if you want a real scare, check out the picture of King the NYPost used today.

King Ad Uses Article by Fake Terrorism Expert

In Kings ad, he uses a graphic from the NYPost article 'THE JIHAD ON KING' by Steven Emerson.
Emerson is a self-styled "expert" who in 1995 immediatley following e Oklahoma City bombing proclaimed on CBS News "This was done with the intent to inflict as many casualties as possible. That is a Middle Eastern trait."
And that the first WTC bombing in 1993 was carried out by "bomber or bombers may be from one of the former Yugoslav republics."

Somebody get Peter King and His Followers a WHAAAAA-mbulance

What is this with the victim-hood being played up by King and his minions?
"I have a lot of money and I'm covering all the bases," King said, insisting he isn't worried about coming up short on Election Day. "Quite frankly, I don't know what you guys at Newsday are going to do."
"On all of the gut issues today, I'm on the other side of the media," said King, who dismissed Mejias as "not making that much of a difference" in this contest. "It's much more of a open war with the media."
Mike Barry in the Anton Newspapers chimes in "Newsday even took a shot at Rep. King last week in its online 'Spin Cycle' political column, saying that he (Rep. King), "seems to be basing his campaign on the theory that Long Island is the jihadi center of the western hemisphere ready to be overrun for terrorists but for him."
Just out of curiosity, I entered into the 'Spin Cycle' search database the names of Reps. Bishop, Israel, McCarthy and Ackerman. Not one of them had been mentioned in Newsday's online political column since the summer."

King cries like a baby that Newsday is out to get him but uses positive Newsday quotes in his mailings and has been ENDORSED by Newsday the last few times.

And the big-bad LIBERAL!!!!!!!!!! New York Times endorsed Mejias this year but endorsed King in the past.

King Running Scared Pt. 2

King says his internal polling has him up 23 points and that has been consistant for 7 months.
So what candidate up 23 points in a district gerrymandered for republicans drops half a million dollars on advertising the last two weeks of the campaign?
A candidate who is not confident that the 23 points is a real number.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stolen Signs

From the front lawn of my house.

And it wasn't the wind.

Republicans are real classy.

King Running Scared

We knew about the half million dollar ad buy by King this past week and Newsday is reporting on it.

"A closer look at King's campaign apparatus belies the congressman's professed confidence. As chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, he has access to a reservoir of political donations from lobbyists. He is expected to share those with other Republican candidates. But in a year in which the GOP is playing defense across the country in a desperate attempt to hold on to their majority in Congress, King plans to spend what is left of his $1.59-million war chest on his own bid.
Last week, King went on network television with a purported $450,000 media buy - a bold and normally cost-prohibitive move in New York, the nation's most expensive and saturated media market. Such as ad blitz is generally reserved for the most competitive races, and the clearest sign that Mejias' challenge is gaining steam, said political professionals from both parties.
Beyond saturating the airwaves with at least three different spots, King said he intended to swamp voters with 10 or 11 pieces of mail, which would mean one piece every other day.
"I have a lot of money and I'm covering all the bases," King said, insisting he isn't worried about coming up short on Election Day. "Quite frankly, I don't know what you guys at Newsday are going to do."

King has NEVER spent money like this. He doesn't even campaign but this year he is going out shaking hands at supermarkets. "Basically, you don't do this for votes - mainly for intelligence-gathering to pick up what people are saying," King said as he campaigned outside the Super Stop & Shop on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown Wednesday. "You do it to get a sense of whether things are starting to go against you."
King doesn't hold townhall meetings, avoids any real interaction with constituents and would rather spend his time speeaking to groups that would endorse him and/or give him money.

The long and short is that King has to do what he hasn't done before because Mejias is running an effective campaign.

The question we have is how will King pay his car payments, cell phone bills and steak dinners if he empties his campaign fund?

Video: Dave Mejias on WABC

Baghdad is JUST Like Manhattan

Via Atrios...

Over there:

* FALLUJA - Police found four bodies bearing signs of torture and bullet wounds in a deserted area near Falluja, 50 km (32 miles) west of Baghdad, police said. The bullet-riddled body of a kidnapped policeman was found, dumped in the town.

BAGHDAD - Police found 25 bodies with signs of torture and bullet wounds in different parts of Baghdad over the last 24 hours, Interior Ministry sources said.

BAGHDAD - A sports presenter at the state television station Iraqiya was killed with her driver in Baghdad, police said. The bodies were among six found in different parts of the city.

BAGHDAD - A bodyguard of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was shot and wounded in a government car on Saturday in Baghdad, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said. Maliki was absent. Gunmen in a car also killed two policemen in central Baghdad.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Peter King Gets an 'F' on Middle Class Issues

King likes to tout himself as a middle/working-class hero. The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy graded the House and Senate members on their 2005 votes.
King gets a big fat 'F'

On every issue that would affect the middle class, King voted against the middle class.
This shouldn't come as a suprise to anyone. King gets a 35% lifetime rating with the AFL-CIO.
King is weak on issues that affect the people he represents.

Check the chart and the votes here.

Kings Inch Deep Union Support

Trying to get the video of an interesting incident at the Mejias v. King debate. A reporter was asking a union member why he was there to support King and the union members response was "Because I was told to."

King has the support of Union official, not the rank and file membership. When it came to a floor vote at the AFL-CIO, Mejias won and King lost.

Mejias Added to Democratic Party 'Red to Blue' List

Red to Blue Page

Red to Blue Fundraising Page for Dave Mejias

An 80 Year Old Constiuent Sent This Letter to King

I had to post the whole thing....
here's the link to the original

A Letter To Congressman Peter King

October 23, 2006

Hon. Peter T. King
Member of Congress
1003 Park Boulevard
Massapequa Park, New York 11762

Dear Congressman King:

I've received two recorded telephone calls from your campaign in recent days. One was from Ed Koch, who urged me to vote for you ("I love the guy!" he said). Why you thought that such words of endearment from a blowhard like Koch would influence my vote, I have no idea. But one has to assume it reflects your opinion of the intellectual level of the people in your district. Me included, I guess.

The other was your taped voice, informing me I should vote for you because you are "leading the fight in Washington to protect us from Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration."

You added, so that I would understand how patriotic you are and how vigorously you are watching out for my security, that you support profiling for Muslim terrorists at our airports and making English our official language.

You invited me - and presumably all the others who received your unsolicited and intrusive calls - to submit any ideas or suggestions to your office.

O.K., here's one.

Next time, save the money and effort.

Perhaps you could donate any savings, not to your Gulotta-inspired political machine, but to your bosom, Air Force One sharing friend whose occupancy of the White House you have said helps you sleep at night, and suggest that it be earmarked (forgive the expression) to help reduce our national debt or buy body armor.

There is as much chance of this constituent voting for you as there is for you to fly to Louisiana or Baghdad or Mosul or anywhere, with or without flight suit, absent a photographer on hand to take pictures of you "meeting with" the local luminaries, presumably earning your soon-to-be-increased Congressional salary.

Not that you'll miss my vote. Ed Koch's sincerity-dripping blessing will surely sway at least two heretofore uncertain voters to more than make up for it.

And if that doesn't work, certainly you should gain some mileage from the endorsement, if one can call it that, of the mother of a 9/11 victim - she says she's your neighbor - who thinks you did something heroic after that event. What, I'm not sure and she doesn't tell us. But I do know your literature includes a photo of you at Ground Zero after 9/11, holding a cell phone to your ear, looking for all the world as if you were doing something other than avoiding getting in the way of people who were actually working at the site.

Apparently, anything in politics goes, Congressman, no matter how tasteless or exploitative. Shame is for wimps.

I have one or two more ideas, as long as you've asked. But first, a question.

Why is your campaign for reelection suddenly silent on the carnage in Iraq?

Wasn't that one of your signature issues? No recent pictures of you "conferring" with military leaders or hobnobbing with your acquired National Guard buddies on your junkets to Iraq? Wasn't this what you said it was all about - our need to invade a country where Islamic terrorism was being nurtured, where at Qaeda held sway and all those weapons of mass destruction were hidden, the deadly weapons aimed at the United States that somehow clever Hussein was able to make disappear?

What happened? Doesn't Iraq count anymore? Aren't our men and women still fighting there? Or is it that the mounting toll of dead and wounded has, at long last, gotten too embarrassing?

Could it be that you realize - and would just as soon others not realize - that you have no solution to the mess created by the lies and incompetence of your cowboy buddy in the White House and his tough talking compadres, Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rove, that you actually have no clue as to how to extricate our unprotected and targeted military personnel, no alternative to the continued killing and maiming other than more floundering and suffering in what is now a civil war? It's easy to say that we should "stay the course," so long as you're not the one being shot at.

Now that we can't use "Mission Accomplished" anymore, how do you suggest we identify the victory we've been promised? And when do we start celebrating?

Wasn't it three years ago this fall that you reported that "95% of Iraq is stable and secure," that "every school and hospital is open, electricity and power are at higher levels than before the war" and that "tens of thousands of Iraqis have been trained as police and soldiers and are working closely with American forces..."? So why are we still there and our men and women being killed?

I can sympathize, Congressman. If I were you, I'd probably be tempted to cover up this expanding chink in my armor, too. Well, not exactly armor - more like a battle jacket kept in the car for such a purpose, complete with American flag pin, that I'd sport ostentatiously to give people the idea I was a rugged, ready to fight, Oliver North-type guy. Nothing like being tough - or posing as tough to inflate one's ego and impress the voters back home. That's what photo ops are for, right?

When was the last time you saw active duty in a war zone?

Let's not forget Afghanistan where we continue to be bogged down, struggling to cope with the resurgence of the Taliban, the internecine killings and the bumper crops of poppies - or Osama bin Laden, dead or alive or, what's the word now, degraded? Wherever he and his video tape recorder are.

No, it is far easier, Congressman - and a hell of a lot safer - to rail against all the homegrown Muslims who threaten downtown Massapequa Park. Never mind that your facts are wrong. Throw out the idea that Islamic mosques are disguised breeding grounds for terrorists and that "Middle Eastern and South Asian" people need to be profiled at airports and bingo, a few more votes! We can relax. Except, perhaps, for the nagging thought that the real threat is coming from those ready-to-die terrorists throughout the world whose hatred we've managed to inflame, the conversion of our country into a new home front, polarized and perpetually on color-coded alert, the expenditure of billions of dollars on war and more useless arms, the loss of life and the uncertainty of our children's future. Other than those irritations, we should be able to sleep well, too.

Samuel Johnson wrote, " That man is little to be envied whose patriotism would not gain force upon the plain of Marathon..."

Translation: put your money where your militaristic mouth is.

Johnson, as you recall, was also the one who observed that "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." But maybe we'd better not go there... right, Congressman?

So... we're safer because we're going after all those homegrown Muslim terrorists who, while they're pretending to pray, may really be plotting to blow up strategic targets on Park Boulevard. (Now maybe it's understandable that you had your sign removed from the building directory (perhaps the only member of Congress in the country to do so) - to throw them off track and keep your photo file safe?)

But wait, as the infomercials urge, there's more.

We have also the threat to our national security from illegal immigrants, don't we? Solution: keep the bomb carrying wetbacks out by building a 700-mile fence to cover a 2,000 mile border. (That figures, doesn't it?) It'll cost only a little over a billion dollars - mere pocket change in Congressional spending. If we keep the soccer playing invaders out and send the 11 million already here illegally back to Mexico (perhaps you'll tell us how), it should cut down on the noise pollution from all those leaf blowers, open up the space in front of the 7-11's and prevent all that money earned here from being sent home to feed the workers' families.

But let's see. Congress appropriated only enough money to construct half the fence, didn't it? And there's no indication as to when or whether more money will be forthcoming to build the rest. Could we be missing something? (Perhaps the failure, also, to seal the porous, twice as long border to the north?)

Never mind that on these two issues alone - our reckless, unilateral, self-serving invasion of Iraq (Pope John Paul called it "an unjust" war) and immigration - your position is contrary to that of your church, as I understand your allegiance. (Want other examples?) That's your business, of course. Like the rest of us, you can pick and choose what you want to believe and ignore the rest. There's no need to be consistent. (Or should we expect a difference between politics and religion?)

And last, let's not fail to note that most potent weapon in our armament against those who would threaten our national security, governmental stability, economic vitality, educational progress and cultural values - the once and for all, courageous designation, preferably by Constitutional amendment (yes, that Constitution, the same one that we thought guaranteed the right of habeas corpus) of... (ready?) English as our official language, a plan you have long espoused. How's that for being bold and creative? We do have a good, solid reason (read wedge issue) to send a hardworking Congressman back to Washington and his free medical care after all, don't we? Chavez and the folks in Farmingville should be thrilled.

Now for a couple of suggestions. (Remember, this was your idea.)

Tomorrow morning, after your good night's sleep (you are still sleeping soundly, aren't you?) stand in front of the bathroom mirror and say to yourself, "Pete, let's face it, posing for pictures and all that has been fun, but I really don't belong in Washington - not as a Congressman, anyway. Nobody ever pointed out that the job called for vision, insight, judgment, ability to work with others and a readiness to serve the interests of all the people, that it was more than acting tough and pandering to the xenophobes."

But then your reflection will complain, "But I don't know anything else to do, I've been on a government payroll too long. I really don't want to be a Congressional page (not under the circumstances and I'm too old, anyway) or a tour guide," and your answer will be, "Not to worry. You can always work one of the corners at Golden Gloves bouts or write more racy potboilers, get them to put Ann Coulter on the cover and hope they sell. Or, since all the landscapers will soon be gone, you can hire yourself out to do yard work. God knows, you're fit enough. If all else fails, you can become a lobbyist, like the others. Why not? You've deserved it.

But just in case you waver in your determination to hang up your gloves, so to speak, let me make another suggestion that might reinforce the wisdom of leaving your day job.

Make a "I was wrong (what was I thinking?)" list, tape it to the front of the bathroom mirror and look at it every morning and evening.

Need help? Sure. How about...

I was wrong not to acknowledge at some point, even when the reality should have been obvious to a six-year old, that the Administration's deceptions and ambitions have grounded us in a senseless war that has already cost us almost 2,800 American lives, and God knows how many physically and emotionally wounded, caused the death of anywhere from (pick a number) 30,000 to 600,000 plus Iraqis, and alienated and isolated us from half the world.

I was wrong to covet and eagerly seize the job of Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee when, now that I have it (as I continually remind everybody), what has happened is that our country is less secure, billions of dollars (why is it always billions?) are being spent haphazardly and politically (check out "high risk" North Dakota and Indiana), while our airports, shipyards, chemical plants, industries, atomic energy installations, bridges and tunnels, transportation systems, schools and public gathering places remain tragically vulnerable to terrorist attack.

I was wrong to buy into the notion that bluster, slogans and sheer force are a "strategy" that can make and keep us secure and that ideas, negotiations and diplomacy are for "cut and run," white flag waving defeatists like Colin Powell and John Warner (with whom at one time I was glad to have my picture taken). Odd how those guys could actually have served in time of war and still feel this way.

I was wrong to be an enthusiastic supporter of an administration that has squandered an inherited surplus, increased our debt enormously, saddled our children and grandchildren with an astronomical deficit and placed us under obligation to unsavory nations that have bought our bonds and created a leverage that could spell economic disaster any time they might choose to pull out.

I was wrong to endorse a misdirected tax "reform" scheme that reduces the burden on the wealthy but leaves the folks in high tax Long Beach and Glen Cove to fend for themselves, wrong to sit by while good jobs escape overseas, to be replaced with Walmart-type jobs, and wrong to oppose an increase in the minimum wage, while quite happy to accept an increase for myself.

I was wrong, morally and scientifically, to oppose federally funding for embryonic stem cell research, wrong to appear to place a higher value on discarded cells than on the human lives that could be saved.

I was wrong not to express my outrage at the torture perpetrated at abu Ghraib and the deprivation of liberty and human rights of those held without trials or even charges at Guantanamo Bay. How I can continue to shut my eyes to these assaults upon our national honor and still maintain we are fighting for American values surprises even me.

I was wrong and am still wrong in my failure to give a high enough priority to curbing the poisoning of our environment, including the air breathed by children and older persons in Hicksville, Farmingdale and Babylon, and by my reluctance to challenge industrial interests by seriously reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. I don't know what happened to my tough, stand up for the little guy image.

I was wrong to back the President's plan (shelved conveniently until after the election) to privatize Social Security, risking the economic protection this most cost effective and successful government plan ever provides for the retired, disabled, widows and dependents, and, again catering to special interests, wrong to oppose competitive bidding for drugs under Medicare Part C, enabling the powerful pharmaceutical companies to make obscene amounts of money, while seniors pay higher drug costs than they should have to.

For that matter, I was and continue to be wrong in my opposition to a single payer health plan for all Americans, a plan that would save money and help meet urgent medical needs and even save lives among the 46,000,000 uninsured Americans, including many in the 3rd Congressional District.

But enough, Congressman.

There is much more to be said, as I suspect you, in your heart, know. But I hesitate to take up more time of whichever assistant or intern it is whose job is to read letters from your constituents and decide which ones to show you. I'm sure he or she realizes, especially at this late hour, that there are higher priorities for office staff.

Like sending out flyers.

But look, why not make it easy for everybody, including yourself? Take a break, Congressman. If the voters don't do it for you, resign. After - what is it, fourteen years? - in a dysfunctional House of Representatives, you're due a rest and the time to pull up crabgrass, like your Seaford neighbors. I'm sure you'll still be invited to Little League games and American Legion meetings and, with any luck, someone will still take your picture.

And your staff members, shouldn't they have the opportunity to find jobs they can be proud of? Think of the enriching experience they've had in Washington and Massapequa Park - loading film, handling calls from Dennis Hastert and watching their boss on Bill O'Reilly. You can send them off with reference letters written on your Congressional letterhead - while the supply and the franking privilege last.

I just hope they have health insurance. And no loved ones in Iraq.