Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Spanish Appeasement or is King an Idiot?

King is an idiot. Plain and simple. King tells NRO "The defeat of Aznar's Popular party was a clear victory for the terrorists. Unfortunately, in the face of attack, the Spanish electorate opted for appeasement."
That FACT is that unlike King, Spaniards know the difference between a war on terror and the Bush-Iraq War. The Spanish people support the war on terrorism but they do not support the Bush-Iraq War with polling showing 90% against the Bush-Iraq War. The Aznar government was on shaky ground back in March of 2003 and the election this year bore out the opposition to Spanish involvement in the Bush-Iraq war.
When it comes to an actual war on terror, a war Spain has been fighting for over 40 years with ETA, the new Prime Minister has committed to doubling their forces in Afghanistan.
What exaserbated the voters anger at Aznar was his governments insistance against all availbale evidence that the Madrid train bombings (M-11) were planned and executed by ETA.
King's lack of basic knowledge of world affairs is frightening and sad because too often he is called by news organizations to comment on things he simply does not know about.

Why now Peter?

It's intersting that the only times King has spoken about the muslim threat in local mosques has been in reference to his book. There are no House floor speeches nor any press interviews that make mention of this troubling finding he made.
Back on November 9th, just over a month before the release of his latest snooze-fest, King was on with Gabe Pressman on WNBC and only got to the threat when Pressman asked about his book. If this was such an important matter why does King wait until after he wrote a book and starts a press tour to let us know there is a problem?
Simple: King just wants to sell books.

The exchange started like this
"PRESSMAN: What about the book that you had just published or are about to publish? What's it called?

Rep. KING: Oh, book coming out in January called "Veil of Tears." It's a novel based on a terrorist attack in New York in the next several years, and it goes back and forth between the future and September 11th. "

And after a little banter:

Rep. KING: Well, it's one of those things. Actually, what I am trying to show in the book, to make a long story short, the--that there is a threat, I believe, in our country from Islamic fundamentalism which because of political correctness we're not addressing. And you can talk to police, FBI--they will tell you they're getting very little cooperation from the Muslim community in this country. And I think this is something that's a time bomb that's ready--it's going to go off someday.

PRESSMAN: You mean, there are Muslims with American citizenship who are going to blow up the country?

Rep. KING: Oh, there's no doubt there are fifth columns in this country, there are sleeper cells in this country. And we're not getting a level of cooperation that we should be getting from the Muslim community. And I can--you can ask any police chief, police commissioner--they'll tell you the same thing. I think it's something that we should address. Not that they would be supporting us, but they're willing to look the other way. They're just not cooperating with the police. Listen, let's--we know that there are sleeper cells. We know that, for instance, the first World Trade Center--there were people in--you know, from New York involved in it and New Jersey. And there's--it's something we really have to be concerned about.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Opportunist pt. 2

King's claim to fame as in "independent" is his vote against President Bill Clintons impeachment. Now why would a hard-core, right-wing republican do such a thing? Because he stuck his finger in the air, checked the way the wind was blowing and made his decision. Plus King needed Clinton for his pet project: Ireland.
In 1996 Bill Clinton won the 3rd congressional district with 52% of the vote. Even going into the impeachment in 1998, Bill Clinton topped out with a 72% approval rating. To curry favor with President Clinton, King even called Newt Gingrich "... roadkill on the highway of American politics."
It's all about what is best for Peter King and how can Peter King get what he wants. King came out in support of local muslims but when it is time to sell his book, he turns on them.

Up next: Election 2000

No one trusts Peter King:
"Pete King has a reputation as making things up, and this is no different."- Republican leaderTom Delay

Monday, March 08, 2004

A letter in the Long Island Press

This was published one year ago about King and his hatred of France. Pete was upset that France was not doing what the Bush wanted and King made his displeasure known. Pete cancelled his trip to Paris and took pot-shots at "old Europe" every chance he got.

We are also transcribing a hilarious BBC Radio interview with King to be posted shortly.

Long Island Press
March 7, 2003

C'est What?

George W. Bush suffered another blow against his war when Turkey
could not be bought and they voted against being the second front.
This slap in the face is similar to the one delivered by France and
Germany. Rep. Peter King along with local and national patriots have
taught France and Germany a lesson by slapping them back. . The
unstoppable Mr. King took a stand and will not grace the City of
Lights with his presence. France has been downgraded from 2nd to 3rd
rate nation. French wine? Make mine Night Train sez the flag-draped
Mr. King. He'll have Freedom Fries with his hamburger... oops Patriot
Patty. Only Silver Dollar Pancakes at IHOP, none of that French
Appeasement Toast. Mr. King will no longer watch his Special Edition
DVD of Grease in a boycott of Frenchy (Didi Conn unavailable for
comment.) Now it is Turkey's turn. It'll be All-American Ham (not the
Black Forest kind) USAHeroes hold the dijon mustard and add extra
mayo. Thanksgiving 2003 will have Patriot Poultry or Fore-Fathers Fowl
as it's main course. The bird whose claim to fame is a chopping block
every november will suffer unspeakably. Good Ally Australian Lamb can
take your place, Mr. Gobble. A word to the wise from Peter King; you
better watch out Chile, get on his wrong side and no more baby back,
baby back ribs.

John Rennhack

Monday, March 01, 2004

King on Bush

George W. Bush "showed a willingness to take any road to the White House.'' AP report 02/20/2000

George W. Bush "probably thinks New York is another foreign country he needs to learn about." USAToday

"Combine that with the fact that last year, Bush said he wasn't certain whether Jews could get into heaven,... The fact Bush said that as part of an intellectual debate scared me -- and I'm not Jewish. If Jews can't get into heaven, who's next?" The Jewish Journal February 25, 2000