Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Video: King Still Says Iraq is 95% SAFE

Yup, at the debate on tuesday, King stood by his claim that 95% of Iraq is safe.
Now he is technically correct because if you look at a map of Iraq, a good 90-95% of the country IS EMPTY LAND.
Of course the empty parts are safe, it's just the 5% that has inhabitants that is NOT safe.
And as King spoke of how "safe" Iraq is on tuesday night, 10 US Soldiers were killed. The death toll for US Soldiers in October so far is 70. Add that to the civilian deaths numbering in the hundreds and Iraq is no where near safe.
Also keep in mind that when King was in Iraq, he stayed in the "Green Zone" in Baghdad which is a fortified and well-protected part of the city. King did make the 70mph dash to Baghdad Airport on the deadliest highway in the city. That shows how unsafe it is if the road to the airport can't be secured.
King said before that Baghdad is just like Manhattan. As if road side bombs explode and sniper attacks occur on the Van Wyck Expressway headed to JFK.
In the video King talks about the "dichotomy" of Iraq using as an example that a roadside bomb went off on the road he was on and they diverted into the city and nothing happend there. King says in the video that this shows "how dangerous it is and how stable it is."
That statement actually gave me a headache.
The word for what he is saying is "UNSTABLE!"
If the danger is fluid then that means there is no control and the situation is UNSTABLE!!!!!
King is delusional.

Anyway, here is the video.

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